Style for New Mamas

By Chanyn Kirtman
October 25, 2013
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Ok moms, your little bundle of joy is finally here. You’ve spent the last nine months in forgivable textiles and maternity clothes and can’t wait to restore a relationship with your pre-bump wardrobe. Except for one thing: you’re breastfeeding. You ask yourself, “What do I wear now? Do I spend a fortune on specifically designed nursing clothes?” Not quite. Savvy is here to guide you along your styling challenge by putting together a list of nursing-friendly fashion, including some pre-pregnancy pieces and a few basics that will keep your breastfeeding attire in the current closet and you out from under the hooter hider.

BFFashion 1

There is no need to forfeit your desire for style just because you are breastfeeding. The key is to be strategic with your outfit choices and keep one thing in mind: accessibility.

1. Say hello to the wrap dress. This chic garment is “user friendly” without sacrificing style; a one-piece wonder that can be recycled through all seasons (and shapes) and allows easy access with flexible fabric and a deep v-neck. Find different patterns and prints of the classic DVF dress on ($486.20, or about ¥47,500). It is best to choose a pattern over a solid fabric in this form fitting wrap dress to disguise potentially embarrassing leaks or stains.

2. The classic cardigan or sweater jacket is an everyday piece hanging in the closet, and cooler temperatures call for piling on the layers. However, instead of stiff blazers or bulky coats (that are burdensome when trying to have quick access), layer thin v-neck cottons under a cardigan like this open, draped sweater from Banana Republic (¥14,000). Once situated and feeding your little one, lift up the opposite side to use as a nursing cover.

3. Likely tucked away in your closet is a denim button down shirt: a no brainer, right? This staple piece displays its versatility as a breastfeeding mom’s go-to uniform. Opt for a style with snap fastenings, such as this chambray shirt from Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren ($195.78, or about ¥19,000), rather than one with buttons down the center to facilitate easier access for feeding. The heavy denim fabric shields the side views for extra coverage. Style over printed leggings or tuck it into an a-line skirt.

BFFashion 2


4. Cropped or loose knits in soft fabrics will be gentle to your baby’s skin and allow a simple lift of the top for breastfeeding. Wear a cropped sweater, like this one from Zara (¥10,990), over a basic camisole to avoid flashing your stomach and to conceal your breasts from the top.

5. Dust off your favorite pashmina or lightweight scarf to accompany any of your basic v-neck cotton tees or henleys. Use as a discreet nursing cover in public, or even as an impromptu baby blanket. J.Crew has a number of soft cashmere and silk blends (¥10,096), sure to be warm and cozy for your little one to snuggle up to.

6. All hail the Ergobaby carrier, the ultimate favorite for all walking city mothers. This carrier can double as a snack shack for feeding your baby. Wear tops like the ones mentioned above for easy breastfeeding on the go. Find the Ergobaby on Amazon Japan (prices vary); I promise it will change your world.

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7. Slip on shoes are a must. With a baby on your hip or in the carrier, it is difficult to buckle, lace or zip up your shoes. Bring out your favorite flats or invest in a new pair in a fun print such as these Hysteric Glamour leopard shoes (¥29,400), found at Zozotown.

8. In the days before breastfeeding, fun costume jewelry and chunky necklaces were an option, but now anything of the sort would be a major distraction for your baby, or even a hazard! Find a petite and delicate piece, like this heart necklace ($62, or about ¥6,000) from Nordstrom, to sport during your nursing months.

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