Summer Fashions to Help You Beat the Heat

By Chanyn Kirtman
June 13, 2015

Tokyo’s humid season is upon us (for many of us, our hair is the first indicator), and while most welcome the summer sun with open arms, the hot weather also brings with it various wardrobe dilemmas. We’d much rather get on with our day than play musical shirts every morning, right? That’s why we put together a few easy tips to stay chic in the heat. With help from lightweight fabrics and loose-fitting silhouettes, these no-brainer styles will have you looking put-together and feeling less like a sidewalk scramble.

humidity 1

Loosen Up

Wearing tight clothing in summer is just begging for discomfort. Pieces with loose yet feminine silhouettes maximize airflow, prevent sweat stains, and conquer the battle of too much skin exposure. This Supima cotton jersey maxi dress by Splendid (now on sale for $119.56, or about ¥15,000) wonderfully combines a breathable fabric with a ladylike shape, and the light color brings additional cooling capabilities.

To avoid “sticky” situations, opt for billowy blouses, relaxed tops, and again, something that keeps the air flowing. This knit top from Zara (¥2,590) is an excellent option, and you won’t get your arms in a bind getting it on and off.

humidity 2 

Keep It Natural

In the midst of a sweltering heat wave, natural fabrics will be akin to your best friend. Heavy, synthetic fabrics trap in the warmth and sweat. Keep yourself cool with woven cotton, cotton jersey, linen and chambray. A comfortable fit, like that of these easy, pleated shorts in chambray ($128, or about ¥15,800), allows the heat to escape.

Steering clear of polyester and other synthetic fibers can be difficult when you need professional attire. This asymmetric jersey dress from Michael Kors (¥21,000) is light enough to cover with a blazer while in the office, without the risk of overheating that can be brought on by a heavy wool or synthetic blend suit.

humidity 3

Nightlife Cool Down

When the humid air extends into the evening, you’ll regret zipping into a body-hugging cocktail dress for date night or happy hour. A wide-legged trouser is a stylish alternative that will keep you looking glamorous without discomfort. These silk gauze pants by Just Cavalli (on sale for $409.50, or about ¥50,500) are an edgy substitute that will keep you cool.

If a dress is more in your comfort zone (or more event appropriate), a lightweight shift dress, like this Halston Heritage printed dress (on sale for $330.74, or about ¥40,800) will having you looking fabulous and forgetting the humidity.

humidity 4

Ease Up on Accessories

A heavy leather handbag will weigh you down, and although a woven tote is the quintessential summer carryall, a cloth shoulder bag might be an even “cooler” option, like this MM6 slouchy, printed tote ($245, or about ¥30,000).

Sneakers without socks and strappy sandals are both recipes for afternoon blisters. A stylish slip-on is a great choice to avoid destroying your feet while you walk through the heat. These satin flat sandals from Zara (¥8,990) are still comfortable, but not too casual like a flip-flop or Birkenstock.

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