Uniqlo’s New DIY T-Shirt Service

By Chanyn Kirtman
May 19, 2014
Fashion, Lifestyle

In a world of fast fashion and designer spinoffs, original pieces seem obsolete. Well what if we told you that one-of-a-kind fashion is right at your fingertips, and with just a click, swipe or shake, you can be the designer of your own t-shirt via a smartphone or tablet?

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Japan’s own major retailer, Uniqlo, just launched its newest venture, called UTme. The service allows customers to design their own t-shirt on a whim by uploading photos, typing in slogans or even create their own “finger painting,” all with nothing more than a smartphone application. Let your creative juices flow. The app includes special effect components such as splashed paint, “glitches” in the image, and a dotted mosaic effect, which are applied with just a shake of the phone for additional personalization. Once you’ve channeled all your inspiration onto your masterpiece, the t-shirt order is placed through the app and delivered to your home. Currently the service is limited to those within Japan only.

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If you’re too anxious to wait for delivery, Uniqlo has temporarily set up a workshop on the fifth floor of its flagship store in Ginza. Customers are able to design their shirts using an iPad in the store and then watch the production process in action.

T-shirts are reasonably priced at ¥1,990 plus tax and delivery (shipping is ¥450, but free if you order three or more t-shirts at once).

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