Vegan Comfort Food at Hanada Rosso, Harajuku

By Sandra Mileo
January 16, 2015
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If you are into health food or “healthy junk food” and you happen to be around Harajuku or Omotesando, look no further. The light and relaxed atmosphere of Hanada Rosso makes a great place for work lunches and well-deserved breaks after some hectic shopping. Famous for one of Tokyo’s best-rated vegan burgers and even vegetarian steaks, the cafe offers a chilled and relaxed environment to escape that busy lifestyle.

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I first found out about Hanada Rosso while searching Japanese health food sites online for somewhere in Tokyo that could possibly fix my vegan burger cravings. The cafe serves desserts, lunch sets, bento boxes and some evening dinner options, but I usually go for the burger lunch plate. The daily recommendation written on the blackboard menu is good for those who can’t decide and almost always priced a little lower than the rest of the set menus. It’s usually a more Japanese style dish, noodle or brown rice based. With “healthy” junk food, as well as traditional Japanese macrobiotic dishes, Hanada Rosso’s food is delicious and nicely served from an English speaking staff. Prices range from ¥900 to ¥1,400 for the lunch sets.


Hanada Rosso aims to serve what may seem like two contradicting things: the healthiest food, all hand-made, and also the great tasting junk food in Tokyo. Vegan steaks and burgers? You can find them at Hanada Rosso, right in central Harajuku. The menu is 100 percent plant based, but the clientele includes anyone who wants a quick healthy lunch, those trying out a new diet but not wanting to give up their favorite foods, or just people looking to try something different.

The cafe has been a secret of sorts to many, as most people looking for plant based cuisine often tend to go to Omotesando’s popular, but often crowded, Pure Café. If you want to skip waiting in line for a table, or if you’re looking for a quieter atmosphere, then Hanada Rosso is a great alternative. It is owned by Tokyo celebrity restaurateur Minako Hanada, who has run successful restaurants in Shinjuku and Roppongi for years. She wanted to establish a place where one could take a break from Tokyo’s busy lifestyles and focus on giving the body healthy nutrition and attention while eating out. This means the dishes are not only plant based, but also include organic produce wherever possible and do not contain additives or refined sugars.


In addition to the “healthy” junk food and the traditional Japanese brown rice based dishes, Hanada Rosso also has a range of vegan cakes and treats. The beverages range from soy drinks to organic beers and wines, coffees and juices, and even vegan ice cream, which is popular with the kids. The sugar is often replaced by natural sweeteners like agave or stevia, and many desserts are made with kanten or tofu.

Hanada Rosso‘s relaxed atmosphere is great for small families with strollers, and fit for either lunch or dinner time. Located central in Harajuku, just four minutes from the station, it is a great option for someone wanting to try a new café or eat their burgers and cakes in the healthiest way possible.

The Deets

Address: 6-28-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6427-5525

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