15 Podcasts About Japan

Learn, Relate And Enjoy

Whether you’re an aspiring tourist, long-term resident or just bored looking for something to do, these podcasts about Japan will provide you with knowledge, entertainment and discovery!

Want to learn more about Japan whilst being occupied with other tasks such as making dinner, working out, cleaning up or commuting on the train? Tune in to a podcast of your choice that discusses topics such as news, food, travel and culture. Listen to interviews with professionals or let the fun hosts talk about their own experiences in Japan.

15 Podcasts About Japan

The great thing about podcasts is that there are so many of them. They can vary in length to suit your attention span and come in a range of styles to meet your taste.

We’ve gathered a number of podcasts about Japan for almost every subject. Have a look through and see if there’s something for you!


Birth Stories of Japan

Host and mother Tiana interviews one mom per episode about their birthing journey in Japan. The episodes run through a variety of topics such as pregnancy symptoms to C-sections, home births, premature deliveries, positive experiences and postpartum depression. Aimed at other mothers and moms-to-be living away from home, listen in to find out about the unexpected cultural differences, tips for other English speakers and that “village” as a foreigner on this journey.

Average Episode Length: 40-50 minutes

A Japanese Girl Who Isn’t Japanese

Entrepreneur Natsumi Ito, who has lived a third of her life outside of her motherland Japan, discusses topics such as global news, climate change, gender equality, and her personal experiences. Her podcast is presented in both English and Japanese making it a great listen for those who want to learn Japanese or English in a very casual setting.

Average Episode Length: 15-30 minutes

Voices In Japan

Burke and Ben, based in Hokkaido, and their guests share their experiences on dating, marriage, working at Japanese companies, teaching at all education levels, traditions, martial arts, the struggles of life here in Japan and why it’s truly an amazing place to live.

Average Episode Length: 30-60 minutes

Tokyo In Motions

Aika and Peter who both live in Tokyo discuss a focus topic every episode, drinking culture, fashion, Covid in Japan and more, sometimes serious and sometimes a little off but always in good honest spirit.

Average Episode Length: 25-35 minutes


Tea In Tokyo

Saumya and Ellie from New Zealand discuss their new lives in Tokyo; the cultural differences, their travel journeys, and relatable everyday experiences.

Average Episode Length: 20-40 minutes

HI! Japan

HI! Japan is a podcast by Hostelling International Japan that can help make the most of traveling Japan whatever your budget. Each episode features interviews with a collection of budget travelers and aims to showcase the beauty, diversity, accessibility, and affordability of Japan.

Average Episode Length: 10-15 minutes

News & Careers

Japan On The Record

Japan On The Record by Tristan R. Grunow is a podcast where scholars and specialists of Japanese studies react to issues in the news and cover topics in current events.

Average Episode Length: 15-25 minutes

The Japanofiles Podcast

Long-time resident of Matsumoto, Dave Carlson, presents interviews that have been recorded in Japan. Most of the interviewees are native English-speaking foreign residents of Nagano Prefecture who live in the greater Matsumoto area. They share their stories about living and working in Japan.

Average Episode Length: 25-45 minutes

Disrupting Japan

Head of Google for Startups Japan, Tim Romero, speaks with CEOs about the country’s startup scene. Explore what it’s like to be an innovator in a culture that prizes conformity and be introduced to startups that will be household brands in a few years.

Average Episode Length: 30-40 minutes

Food & Drink

The Onigiri Chronicles

Author of La Fuji Mama, Rachael Hutchings, along with best friend Noriko, discuss Japanese food, cooking, and a few parenting adventures too.

Average Episode Length: 35-45 minutes

Sake on Air

Sake On Air realizes that sake and shochu’s lack of representation is a true injustice. The podcast explores the people and stories that are shaping the future of these traditional drinks.

Average Episode Length: 45-60 minutes

Japan Eats

Akiko Katayama, will introduce you to real Japanese food and food culture. Her guests will range from a sake producer whose family has centuries of sake-making history, to a great American chef who pushes the envelope of Japanese cuisine.

Average Episode Length: 45-60 minutes

Art & Culture

Uncanny Japan

Author and American expat, Thersa Matsuura, uses her fluency in Japanese to research into the unique parts of the culture that are little known to western audiences such as legends, folktales, and superstitions.

Average Episode Length: 10-20 minutes

Trash Taste

Top anime YouTubers, Joey from The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, and Connor from Cdawgva explore Japan’s anime, manga, and otaku culture with the occasional special guest.

Average Episode Length: 1-2 hours

Learn Japanese

The Tofugu Podcast

The Tofugu Podcast is a great way to learn the confusing nitty-gritty grammars within the Japanese language. The vibe of each episode is of both native speakers and language-learning friends obsessing over language, rather than a dry lecture.

Average Episode Length: 30-70 minutes

Learn Japanese Pod

The Learn Japanese Pod is a podcast dedicated to helping you speak Japanese more naturally and fluently. The four friendly hosts made up of both native English and Japanese speakers will take you through a variety of Japanese dialogues and give you fascinating explanations into the intricacies of natural native Japanese.

Average Episode Length: 30-50 minutes (Dialogues 1-2 minutes)

Do you have favorite podcasts about Japan? If you do, we’d love to hear it! Let us know in the comments below.

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