5 Japanese Fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2022

Aromatic Autumn, Whiff of Winter

If you’re in the market for a new fragrance for autumn/winter 2022, there’s no better place than to look at Savvy Tokyo’s round-up of favorites below. The enchanting fragrances are guaranteed to make you feel confident and smell fabulous.

Japan is a country known for both its beauty and skincare products. But we often forget that Japan also has a top spot in the perfume industry with famous brands like Kenzo, Shiseido and Issey Miyake. You may notice that a lot of Japanese perfume brands lean towards producing natural, smooth, flowery, subtle scents. This is what makes them have some of the best perfumes in the world.

Speaking of which, there is no better time than the autumn/winter season to test, try out and find that perfect scent just for you. Take a look at our exciting Japanese autumn/winter perfume picks that are definitely worth the splurge. 

1. Shiseido

5 Japanese Fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2022© Photo by Shiseido

Shiseido ZEN Eau de Parfum SP by Shiseido | ¥3,520 (30ml) ¥8,250 (50ml)

A timeless classic. This popular Shiseido perfume is both vibrant and sensual as it combines notes of zesty grapefruit with sweet bergamot, orange and pineapple wrapped in blue rose. If you like your perfume floral, woody and with a hint of musk, this is for you.

(Note: The Shiseido official online store has discontinued its handling of fragrance products. Find their fragrances at Shiseido in-store counters or other online stores.)

2. Issey Miyake

5 Japanese Fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2022© Photo by Issey Miyake

L’Eau d’Issey Rose & Rose Eau de Parfum Intense by Issey Miyake | ¥13,860 (50ml) ¥16,390 (90ml)

The sweetness of raspberry with hints of juicy pear is balanced by Bulgarian rose and ultra-smooth cashmere wood, creating a wearable balance that will turn heads wherever you go. A wonderful choice that will enchant you from the first spritz.

3. Kenzo

5 Japanese Fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2022© Photo by Kenzo

Flower by Kenzo L’Elixir by Kenzo | ¥11,413 (30ml)

Leave a seductive scent trail with this alluring perfume. Ideal for cooler months, it allows you to express your femininity during the day and its true colors shine at night. A delicious blend of raspberries, praline and vanilla combined with a floral note of hand-picked Damascena rose, this one lives up to its luxurious price tag—trust us.

4. Decorté 

5 Japanese Fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2022© Photo by Decorte

Decorté Kimon Rin Eau de Toilette by Decorté | ¥3,300 (15ml) ¥8,800 (50ml) 

Rin meaning “dignified” is based on the Japanese plum which is evocative of the harsh wintertime. It is both bright and sweet thanks to vanilla notes balanced out with plum blossom. The latter gives you a touch of forest and woody notes but in a lady-like, elegant way.

5. Shiro 

5 Japanese Fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2022© Photo by Shiro

Shiro Perfume Bon Wood by Shiro | ¥11,203 (50ml) ¥16,005 (100ml)

Bergamot, spice and cedarwood are what make this dramatic scent so popular. Blending distilled water of Ezo mugwort from Hokkaido, a little spritz of this perfume will sharpen your senses and clear your head. You’ll be hard pushed to find many people wearing this one due to its uniqueness. Ideal for those who don’t like sickly sweet perfumes.

Bonus: Jill Stuart  

5 Japanese Fragrances for Autumn/Winter 2022© Photo by JillStuart

Crystal Bloom Snow Eau de Parfum by Jill Stuart | ¥6,050 (30ml) ¥8,250 (50ml) 

Get ready to twirl and dazzle with this highly addictive scent. With an exquisite balance of floral sweet pea and snowdrop notes with a touch of powdery white musk, this perfume is practically a winter wonderland in a bottle.

When choosing an autumn/winter perfume, what kinds of scent do you lean towards? What’s your go-to perfume? We’d love to hear them in the comments down below!

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