Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Color Trends This Spring 2024

Spring Into Style: Embrace The Vibrancy Of The Season

By Tabitha Wilders
March 27, 2024
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The moment has arrived to unveil this season’s trendy palette so you can welcome spring’s colorful awakening.

As we bid farewell to winter (hooray!) and stow away our dark-colored garments, we find ourselves eager to embrace vibrant Tokyo fashion this spring 2024 by reintroducing colors into our wardrobe.

Last spring, the focus was on pastel hues such as refreshing blues and soft lavenders. This preference is understandable, as many of us naturally seek solace and gravitate toward gentle tones amid life’s chaos. This spring, anticipate the resurgence of pastels, albeit with a hint of bluish undertones. Get ready to indulge in an abundance of spring fashion—from lively, vibrant shades to chic and elegant tones.

Explore our curated list of the top five Tokyo fashion color trends for spring 2024, featuring carefully selected wardrobe essentials. Don’t miss out on our savvy styling tips!

1. Peach Fuzz

Of the five colors, ‘Peach Fuzz’ is the most notable, named the ‘Color of the Year’ for 2024 by Pantone, which selects a new color annually. This hue can be described as a delicate blend of peach and orange tones, reminiscent of velvet.

Bolero Layered Lace Dress by Dolly Doll© Photo by Dolly Doll

Bolero Layered Lace Dress by Dolly Doll | ¥18,700

2 Way Openwork Knit Top by Ambre Neige© Photo by Ambre Neige

2 Way Openwork Knit Top by Ambre Neige | ¥3,995

Savvy Styling Tip:

The orange-flavored peach fuzz color is recommended for those with a yellow undertone. It blends seamlessly into the skin, imparting a warm and elegantly modern impression. To effortlessly incorporate this color into your everyday wardrobe, opt for a knit top paired with a tiered or flared skirt. Alternatively, it complements high-waisted bottoms or denim pants for a casually sweet ensemble. For a seasonal look, consider a delicate lace dress reminiscent of spring, suitable for any occasion. To maintain a sleek silhouette, wear a wireless bra or a strapless camisole underneath.

2. Sorbet Blue

In line with Pantone’s tradition, the Japan Trend Color Association has also unveiled the trend color for 2024: ‘Hello! Blue.’ This clean and refreshing hue was selected for its ability to ‘purify the chaos of the times and the dissatisfaction of the world, brightening the future and evoking a sense of positivity.

Sheer Washer Shirt by Re:EDIT© Photo by Re:EDIT

Sheer Washer Shirt by Re:EDIT | ¥3,698

Suspender Asimé Tuck Skirt by lieulien×Chika© Photo by lieulien×Chika

Suspender Asimé Tuck Skirt by lieulien×Chika | ¥6,490

Savvy Styling Tip: 

The soft blue tone lends itself well to various styles, appealing even to those who prefer a more mature aesthetic. Consider a shirt in this hue for a versatile yet sophisticated look. This item pairs effortlessly with other pieces or can be layered with a t-shirt. For a fresh and relaxed ensemble, try styling it with cami dresses or pleated pants. For a feminine spring look, opt for the two-way, high-waisted skirt. With removable suspenders, this piece exudes versatility and pairs beautifully with a simple white top and a white blazer for a touch of elegance.

3. Rouge Red

Red continues to dominate as a trending color following fall/winter 2023. From fiery scarlet to deep crimson, expect to encounter various bold shades of red prominently featured in Tokyo fashion collections, infusing looks with drama and sophistication this spring 2024.

Floral Print Ruffle Blouse by Ballsey© Photo by Ballsey

Floral Print Ruffle Blouse by Ballsey | ¥17,160 (40% off ¥28,600)

Volume Flare Skirt by Huit Bouquet© Photo by Huit Bouquet

Volume Flare Skirt by Huit Bouquet | ¥5,720

Savvy Styling Tip: 

Red is a color that commands attention. By boldly incorporating it into your ensemble, you can make a powerful impact while enhancing your femininity. To achieve this, it’s best to keep the other parts of your outfit minimal and neutral. Consider exploring romantic red floral patterns to add a touch of spring to your look. For a well-balanced ensemble, you can tuck in or leave out the blouse and pair it with mannish or wide-legged pants. Alternatively, a flared skirt pairs beautifully with a cute roll-neck top or cardigan. For a modern, sporty twist, accessorize with a hat and sneakers to complete a trendy casual outfit.

4. Vitamin Orange

We all know that Tokyo street fashion is known for its bold and vibrant colors. Vitamin Orange is said to make a statement in spring 2024, adding energy and excitement to outfits. From eye-catching tops to statement pants, embracing the vivid color orange will undoubtedly elevate any ensemble and turn heads on the streets of Tokyo.

High Neck Sheer Mesh Pullover by Select Moca© Photo by Select Moca

High Neck Sheer Mesh Pullover by Select Moca | ¥2,970

Easy Beauty Tapered Pants by Coen© Photo by Coen

Easy Beauty Tapered Pants by Coen | ¥4,400

Savvy Styling Tip:

This year’s trendy see-through high neck offers a mature look without being overly flashy. We recommend pairing it with a denim jumper skirt or wide-leg pants for a stylish ensemble. Complete the look with a pair of Gurkha sandals and you’ll be ready to hit the streets in style!

Colored pants are a must-have for a refreshing spring look. The smooth and slightly crisp material is perfect for both spring and summer. Versatile enough for various occasions, from daily life to commuting. And of course, you can never go wrong with a white top. Opt for a casual white t-shirt for an off-duty vibe, or a frilly white statement blouse for a chic day out.

5. Silver & Gold Metallics

Glaring gold and silver items are also trending. Metallics are versatile and can inject a touch of glamor into any outfit. Incorporating silver, gold and metallic accessories and footwear can elevate spring ensembles, offering a futuristic and edgy aesthetic.

Eyelet Belt Mary Jane by Mila Owen© Photo by Mila Owen

Eyelet Belt Mary Jane by Mila Owen | ¥12,100

Cushion Mobile Shoulder Strap by Lowrys Farm© Photo by Lowrys Farm

Cushion Mobile Shoulder Strap by Lowrys Farm | ¥2,200

Savvy Styling Tip: 

Add that ‘wow factor’ to your outfit by slipping into some glittery gold shoes to brighten up your feet. We suggest opting for a trendy Mary Jane style, featuring a rounded, gently squared toe that’s all the rage this season. These shoes not only look beautiful but also pair seamlessly with both smart dresses and casual trousers. For those seeking something truly unique, consider accessorizing with a sparkling silver smartphone case. Much like the one with a shoulder strap and a cute crumpled design for added flair. With its volume and eye-catching design, this accessory is sure to steal the spotlight as the focal point of any outfit.

Which Tokyo fashion color trend of spring 2024 is your favorite? Which colors from the list would you wear and which ones would you give a miss? Let us know in the comment section below!

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