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Spring Music and Art Festivals with Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo 2024

A Symphony of Sakura

As cherry blossoms unfurl, so do the hearts of artists.

Across Japan, the arrival of spring is celebrated through festivals, some of which feature grand performances and exhibitions that capture the season’s beauty. Here are a few music and art festivals in Tokyo where you can feel the creativity of spring blooming against a backdrop of soft pink sakura (cherry blossoms).

Spring Festival in Tokyo 2024

Opera, Ballet and Orchestra at The Spring Festival in Tokyo© Photo by Tokyo Harusai

The Spring Festival in Tokyo enchants audiences with classical music performances amidst the blooming cherry trees of Ueno. Maturing since 2005, this event has become one of Japan’s premier classical music festivals, presenting world-class performers such as Tokyo Ballet and Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. The festival stretches beyond concert halls, with music flowing through Ueno’s parks and streets via various programs, including “Music in the City of Cherry Blossoms” and “Museum Concerts.” Both children and adults can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of springtime with many “Concerts in Harmony with Cherry Blossoms.”

  • Dates: Fri, Mar. 15-Sun, Apr. 21, 2024
  • Location: Several places in Ueno Park
  • Entry: Ticket price varies by performance and seat choice (¥0 – ¥13,000)

The Spring Festival in MOMAT

Cherry Blossom Paintings at The Spring Festival in MOMAT© Photo by National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

As visitors wander through the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT) they’ll be greeted by Japanese paintings capturing the splendor of spring. Beginning in March, the Spring Festival at MOMAT will exhibit iconic cherry blossom paintings such as Kawai Gyokudo’s byobu, a pair of Japanese folding screens titled “Parting Spring.” This tranquil late-spring scene depicts cherry blossoms drifting down into a flowing river. The spring collection also includes Kikuchi Hobun’s “Fine Rain on Mt. Yoshino” as well as contemporary spring art by Kodama Yasue and Hidaka Rieko. Outside the museum, enjoy hanami (flower viewing) bento boxes and sparkling wine under magnificent cherry trees.

Koganei Cherry Blossom Festival

Song and Dance at Koganei Cherry Blossom Festival Spring Festivals in Tokyo© Photo by Koganei Kanko

Amidst 1,700 cherry trees, Koganei Park brings together flowers and music for its two-day Koganei Cherry Blossom Festival. This celebration spotlights a wide range of performers active in Koganei City and its surrounding areas. Dance troupes, singing groups and solo artists submit applications and are selected to present their talents. Off the main stage, there may be cultural experiences such as ikebana (flower arrangement) art displays and tea ceremonies. Once you’ve had your fill of performances, explore the gardens and find the perfect spot for a hanami picnic.

Sakura Festival Nihonbashi 2024

Sakura Festival Nihonbashi 2024© Photo by Sakura Festival Nihonbashi

The audio-visual “cherry avenue” leading to Fukutoku Shrine adds a contemporary twist to hanami. At the Nihonbashi Sakura Festival, the streets transform into a digital art playground with spring-themed sound and art installations. Popular displays over the years include the “Sakura Carpet,” an interactive floor projection mapping of sakura petals, and the “Tree of Light,” a cherry blossom tree made of 10,000 lights that shift between pink and purple hues. Despite the scarcity of cherry trees in Nihonbashi, this historic district turns into a fresh breath of spring with sakura-themed or flavored treats, foods and goods, as well as with illuminated landmarks like the Mitsui Building and Coredo Muromachi donning a pinky glow.

  • Dates: Fri, Mar. 15-Sun, Apr. 7, 2024
  • Location: Around Coredo Muromachi
  • Entry: Free!

Roppongi Hills Spring Festival

Roppongi Hills Spring Festivals in Tokyo© Photo by Roppongi Hills

With magic, music, dance and more, the Roppongi Hills Spring Festival has been honoring spring and breathing new life into traditional Japanese performing arts like tezuma. Tezuma, meaning “hands as fast as lightning,” is a magical practice from the Edo Period. Kyoto Takigi Noh, one of the oldest styles of Japanese theater characterized by narrative music, outdoor stages and actors in elaborate costumes and masks, has also been performed at this festival. Masters of kendama (a skill toy), the shamisen (a three-stringed instrument) and hanagasa (a flower hat dance) have also appeared, flowering Roppongi with arts, culture and sakura.

Naked Sakura Aquarium

Naked Sakura Aquarium© Photo by Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

A sea of cherry blossoms awaits at the Maxell Aqua Park in Shinagawa during spring. Bringing together marine life and digital cherry blossom art, the Naked Sakura Aquarium event creates a one-of-a-kind springtime experience. While not every room may be filled with art, you may find fish swimming along geometric designs or undulating flower petals, as well as halls glowing with sakura-pink lights. Walk through a digital garden or catch the “Sakura Story” dolphin show, activities that bring the essence of spring indoors until you step outside and enjoy a true hanami.

Sakura Festival in Ark Hills

Classical and Traditional Music at Sakura Festival in Ark Hills© Photo by Ark Hills

The cherry blossom-lined streets of Ark Hills have witnessed many musical performances during the spring season. Past performances incorporated thunderous taiko (Japanese drums), koto (a traditional 13-string instrument) and harmonies from piano and violin. Ark Hills’ Spain-zaka and Sakura-zaka streets come alive with a three-day Sakura Festival brimming with vibrant energy and Japanese culture. Explore food stands, musical performances and workshops where you can immerse yourself in the arts, guided by professionals. As day turns to night, the sakura is illuminated, casting a soft glow and perfect atmosphere for an evening stroll.

During spring, Tokyo is filled with hanami festivals aplenty. However, classical concerts, modern installations and traditional performances make spring festivals in Tokyo a can’t-miss for all who love the arts and sakura.

Which spring festivals in Tokyo would you like to attend this spring?

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