Unique Ways To Celebrate Strawberry Season in Tokyo 2024

Immerse Yourself In A Strawberry Extravaganza Like No Other

By The Savvy Team
February 21, 2024
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From unconventional afternoon teas and savory strawberry-infused dishes to indulgent dessert pizzas and beauty products infused with strawberry essence, Tokyoites and visitors alike can immerse themselves in the most unexpected ways to enjoy Japan’s strawberry season.

Japanese woman in kimono eating strawberry on shopping street© Photo by iStock: Satoshi-K

One thing that many people in Japan eagerly anticipate during the winter months is the arrival of ichigo (strawberry) season. These delightful berries are primarily cultivated within greenhouses, providing a controlled environment with carefully regulated temperatures that ensure exquisite taste and consistent quality. With over 300 varieties characterized by deep red color, sweetness and mild acidity, Japan leads global strawberry consumption. While you can enjoy Japanese strawberries by simply purchasing them from supermarkets, fruit shops or department stores, why not celebrate the strawberry season more uniquely this year in Tokyo?

Strawberry Chinese Afternoon Tea

Strawberry Chinese Afternoon Tea: Unique Strawberry Season in Tokyo© Photo by ANA InterContinental Tokyo

Strawberry afternoon tea is a trendy way to enjoy strawberries during the season in Japan but they usually don’t feature the culinary delights of Hong Kong! This Strawberry Chinese Afternoon Tea from ANA InterContinental Tokyo’s Karin Chinese Restaurant offers 10 savory and eight sweet dishes on the menu with strawberry-infused stand-out dim sum dishes. Paired with high-quality Chinese tea like Red Oolong and fragrant Lychee tea, make it an afternoon to remember! For those looking for a less unconventional option, ANA InterContinental Tokyo also offers a classical strawberry afternoon tea set that incorporates a variety of other berries too.

Strawberry Curry or Pasta

Strawberry Pasta© Photo by The Capitol Tokyu Hotel

The Capitol Tokyu Hotel’s Strawberry Fair 2024 offers a lineup of shakes, ice creams, parfaits, lunches, dinners and cocktails—all infused with the essence of strawberries. Among the highlights are unique strawberry lunch sets at Origami, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant. The two main dish options, pasta or curry, are served with strawberries in the mix. The pasta incorporates strawberries with prawns and the curry combines strawberries with seafood. The sets also come with a strawberry salad with lightly grilled scallops as well as a small strawberry parfait for dessert—the perfect choice for a memorable date or girls’ night.

Strawberry Pizza

strawberry pizza© Photo by Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Shinjuku

Following the theme above with strawberries being incorporated into typically savory foods, here’s another one that’s turned into a dessert. Strawberry pizza with a custard base! Although Japan is infamous for putting uncommon things on their pizza whether that be tuna, mayonnaise or corn, surprisingly dessert pizzas are still unique in Japan. Try this strawberry dessert pizza at the Pizza Salvatore Cuomo & Bar in Shinjuku! They’re currently running a 90-minute Winter Strawberry Buffet that comes with a variety of authentic Italian dishes as well as strawberry desserts with the strawberry custard pizza included!

Strawberry Bread, Butter and Tea

Start your day with a uniquely strawberry-filled breakfast or brunch featuring these three delectable items:

Boulangerie Maison Nobu’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread© Photo by Boulangerie Maison Nobu
This brioche is filled with cream cheese, infused with concentrated strawberry syrup and topped with sparkling strawberry confiture.

Boulangerie Maison Nobu’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread | ¥400

Seijo Ishii’s Strawberry Butter (270g)© Photo by Seijo Ishii, iStock: darina mamaeva (edited))
This Japanese spread combines a melting buttery texture with the refreshing acidity of fresh strawberries, offering a rich yet clean aftertaste.

Seijo Ishii’s Strawberry Butter (270g) | ¥980

Macure House’s Strawberry Tea: Unique Strawberry Season in Tokyo© Photo by Macure House
This strawberry tea, crafted solely from fresh domestic strawberries using a method that gently removes moisture to preserve flavor and aroma, is caffeine-free and suitable for all ages and times of day.

Macure House’s Strawberry Tea Made Only From Domestic Strawberries | ¥756

Strawberry Events

If one shop isn’t enough to satisfy your strawberry cravings, take a look at some of these Strawberry events that list a variety of shops selling strawberry products within a close range of each other. Make a day out of strawberry season in Tokyo with friends by walking around the particular areas and trying each of the strawberry picks from each store!

Tokyo Sky Tree Town’s Strawberry Fair© Photo by Tokyo Solamachi
Expect a range of strawberry-themed items, from desserts like parfaits and tarts to beverages like lassi and cocktails, along with cute accessories and workshops suitable for both kids and adults.

Tokyo Sky Tree Town’s Strawberry Fair | Until Thu, Feb. 29

Strawberry Festival in Tokyo Tower 2024© Photo by Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower’s front plaza in Shiba Park will feature an array of sweets and drinks made with lots of strawberries under the theme ‘Strawberry Picking at Tokyo Tower!’.

Strawberry Festival in Tokyo Tower 2024 | Until Sun, Mar. 3

Omotesando’s Ichigosandou© Photo by Saga
Popular shops, cafes and restaurants in Omotesando have teamed up with Saga’s ‘Ichigo-san’ brand strawberries for a limited-time collaboration, featuring exclusive menus crafted by each venue’s chefs and patissiers.

Ichigosandou | Until Sun, Mar. 31

Strawberry Beauty Products

Now that we’ve fully convinced you (we hope) of the excitingly unique ways strawberries can be consumed during the season, it’s time to explore our top picks for berrylicious beauty products that incorporate real strawberry essence.

Saborino Mezama Premium Sheet Mask SB23: Unique Strawberry Season in Tokyo© Photo by Saborino
This sheet mask, enriched with domestically sourced white strawberries, hydrates the skin without feeling greasy, promoting a soft, moisturized complexion with improved makeup application.

Saborino Mezama Sheet Premium Mask SB23 | ¥1,650

Duo The Cleansing Balm Amaou Strawberry: Unique Strawberry Season in Tokyo© Photo by Duo
This cleansing balm, enriched with Amaou strawberry extracts, gently exfoliates the skin, removing makeup thoroughly without the need for double cleansing, leaving the skin soft and moisturized.

Duo The Cleansing Balm Amaou Strawberry (90g) | ¥3,960

Every Nature Day’s Strawberry Shampoo© Photo by Every Nature Days
This shampoo provides moisture to the hair and scalp, while enhancing hair shine, volume and strength with Ebina strawberries.

Every Nature Days’ Strawberry Shampoo (500ml) | ¥2,200

If you’re interested in making a day out of indulging in the delight of plump Japanese strawberries more simply this season, there are numerous strawberry picking locations in and near Tokyo to visit this spring. Savor them on the spot or take some home to concoct a unique strawberry dish of your own making!

Are you an ichigo fan? What unique ways have you been enjoying strawberry season in Tokyo this year? Let us know your favorites!

Written by The Savvy Team, with contributions from Tabitha Wilders.

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