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5 Japanese Skin Care Products for Summer 2023

Get the Gorgeous Glow

By Tabitha Wilders
July 5, 2023
Health & Beauty

A no-nonsense, fuss-free guide to keeping your skin summer fresh.

Tokyo certainly has a lot to offer during the summer be it special activities, cultural events, and fun festivals. It’s an exciting time of the year! But before you run off to have the time of your life, we need to remind ourselves that most of the fun takes place outdoors under the scorching sun. And if you’re not careful, all that outdoor summer fun can lead to seriously damaged skin. (Yikes! No thank you.)

When it comes to summer skincare, you’ll want to take it easy by opting for a few products that are simple, lightweight with no harsh ingredients. For the latest installment in the beauty cabinet, here are Savvy Tokyo’s five Japanese skincare products that should end up in your shopping basket this summer.

1. Attenir Skin Clear Cleansing Oil (Aroma Type)

5 Japanese Skin Care Products for Summer 2023

Skin Clear Cleansing Oil (Aroma Type) by Attenir | ¥1,870

Step one. Commit to cleansing with a quality cleansing oil. Right now, the Skin Clear Cleansing Oil by Attenir ranks top and we can see why. It has a relaxing aroma of natural essential oils including lemongrass and bergamot that will make your cleansing experience blissful. Plus, the combination of ingredients including coral grass oil, rose oil and argan oil means that this cleansing oil speedily melts off with water. That means, no double-cleansing needed. So, that’s one less step and product in your summer skincare routine already!

2. Kanebo Cream In Day

5 Japanese Skin Care Products for Summer 2023

Cream In Day by Kanebo | ¥8,800

We’ve heard many times that hydration is key. However, instead of a thick moisturizer we lean towards during the colder months, it’s time to swap that one out for a moisturizer that’s lightweight yet still equally hydrating. Enter: the Cream in Day by Kanebo. This popular morning cream containing SPF20/PA+++ will protect your skin from those harsh UV rays. It aims to keep your skin moisturized all day long, protects it from dryness and gives you a beautiful afterglow. 

3. Melano CC Medicated Anti-Blemish Premium Serum

5 Japanese Skin Care Products for Summer 2023

Medicated Anti-Blemish Premium Serum by Melano CC | ¥1,628

The next step is to incorporate a vitamin C serum into your skincare regime. The Melano CC Medicated Anti-Blemish Premium Serum is an all-time favorite for many and it contains three types of pure vitamin C and vitamin derivatives. The reason why we would all benefit from using serums with vitamin C (particularly during the summer) is that it suppresses melanin production and prevents dark spots and freckles often as a result of the sun. All we want is clear and glossy skin, please!

4. D Program Aller Barrier Mist N 

5 Japanese Skin Care Products for Summer 2023

Aller Barrier Mist N by D Program | ¥1,650

One thing that should be kept in your bag during the summer is a refreshing face mist. The Aller Barrier Mist N by d program is an absolute must-have item, especially for seasons when pollen and/or dryness is a concern. Equipped with Allergen Barrier Technology NEO, protect your delicate skin from pollen and dust, and lock in moisturize over your makeup during the day. It’s even suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

5. Transino Medicated Whitening Face Mask EX 

5 Japanese Skin Care Products for Summer 2023

Medicated Whitening Face Mask EX by Transino | ¥1,980

This summer, let’s stop struggling with aging spots and burned skin with the medicated whitening face mask ex. This powerful face pack brightens skin in under 10 minutes and soothes sunburned skin. Just by applying it once or twice a week, it promises to suppress melanin production and prevent spots and freckles. Ultra-soft and extremely nourishing, you’ll fall in love with this highly moisturizing face pack.  

And of course, no one should be forgetting to apply their sunscreen! What are some of your favorite Japanese skin care products for the summer? Let us know in the comments down below.

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