5 Recommended Nakameguro Foodie Spots

From BBQ to Bottle Shops: New Dining Destinations For Savvy Saveurs

By Lauren Shannon
March 13, 2017
Food & Drink

Forget about Ebisu and Shinjuku — Nakameguro Koukashita is now heating up the eating scene in the capital.

From Hikarie in Shibuya to Coredo in Nihonbashi and everything in between, Tokyo has seen hundreds of new shopping and dining remakes in recent years — with each earning it 15 minutes of fame on Japanese TV. Recently, however, with the appearance of Nakameguro Koukashita (“under the elevated tracks”) — the capital’s trendiest foodie paradise has shifted to the already popular hanami destination along the Meguro River and earning it more time in the spotlight. 

Anchored by the Tsutaya bookstore, the area seems like a cozy sibling to the trendy Daikanyama T-Site just up the hill, but with one huge difference: while T-Site is dominated by books, the new Nakameguro spot is all about food. Koukashita is a full range of dining and food shopping options that range from cheap and cheerful take out windows and baked goods to American-style barbecue, fresh sushi and seafood, as well as vintage wines and cheese.

The new Nakameguro spot is all about food.

It’s an arduous task to choose just one favorite dining spot among the over 20 located here, so here are five of our favorite eateries, each serving dishes that will make your mouth water.  

Booze & bread at City Bakery

Just behind the rear exit to Nakameguro station, you’ll find an outlet of popular coffee and bakery chain City Bakery. With a trendy, NYC-inspired interior, this is a must visit for lovers of all things buttery and baked. This City Bakery also comes with a full bar, lunch-time sandwiches, gourmet burgers — and craft beer. Take out or eat in, this spot is sure to be a favorite for anyone in love with freshly baked bread and working away from the office. With plenty of creatives and fashion designers who live and work in the area, this is an inspiring spot that’s better even than Google’s office. 

Address: 3-4-15 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku
Business hours: 7:30 a.m.-11 p.m.

BYOB at Vinos Yamazaki

Just next door to City Bakery you can find a bright and well-stocked bottle shop by veteran Tokyo wine company Vinos Yamazaki, which sells a wide range of award-winning wines from the U.S., Australia, France and other famous wine regions. Choose a bottle with help from the expert staff, then perfectly pair it with cheese from its selection and head to a party well prepared. Or just have a lovely evening at home — either way that wine is not to be wasted. 

Vinos Yamazaki has also partnered up with the bar section of City Bakery for a special offer: choose a bottle from its stock and you can BYOB (bring your own bottle) and back into the bakery’s dine-in area (for a mozzarella pie and wine date) for only ¥1,000 corkage fee. You’re free to grab a comfy couch seat and enjoy une bouteille de vin with your burger or dessert.

Address:  3-4-15 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku
Business hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

American grill with Brooklyn flair at Good Barbeque


Though the beef, beer and barbecue craze has touched the lives of most Tokyoites by now, true barbecue lovers have had relatively few choices. The Nakameguro Koukashita area now boasts a trendy and spacious joint called simply, Good Barbeque 

Complete with cool cow art, a DJ booth, leather chairs and mood lighting, this spot is mandatory for curious carnivores. If you’re visiting during the sakura season, opt for the outdoor seating along the river for the ultimate spring reservation. The interior is Brooklyn-inspired with a true Texas flavor. Try their barbecue plates, smoked burgers and even salads if you need a break from all that meat. Reservations recommended.

Address: 1-22-12 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku
Business hours: 11 a.m.-2 a.m. (weekdays & Saturdays), 11 a.m.-11:30 p.m. (Sundays) 

Bubbly & French toast at Lon Cafe Stand

Feeling more fancy and fashion forward? Step in Lon Cafe for some French toast, coffee or Champagne. The perfect spot with friends for a gal’s afternoon chatting over a wide selection of sweets, French toast and a few glasses of the divas’ favorite drink. This spot is small and lines are common, but the cute interior and cozy setting are something special.

Address: 1-22-12 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku
Business hours: 10 a.m.-11 p.m.

Healthy & heavenly options at Rooms

Though not directly under the tracks, this bright, recently-opened shop specializes in healthy smoothies and is just across the small alley that runs along the train tracks. Try one of the six smoothie options, including a detox power drink and a “wake up” smoothie. Whether stopping by on your way to work or after a run along the Nakameguro riverside, this venue is good (and healthy) enough to become one of your daily, quick stop ins. 

Address: 3-6-5 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku
Business hours: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.  

In addition to these fab five, at Nakameguro Koukashita you’ll  find more than a dozen additional new food spots all around the station, under the tracks and along the back alleys. To make your visit even more special, head there during the cherry blossom season (late March to early April) when the whole of Nakameguro will be blooming in its most beautiful colors!

The Nakameguro Koukashita area is accessible via the Hibiya line. Get off at Nakameguro station and walk under the elevated railway tracks between Daikanyama and Yutenji stations. For more information on all Nakameguro Koukashita stores visit its website

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