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A Clean Home And Peace Of Mind

By Lauren Shannon
August 25, 2020
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From working moms to full-time moms, corporate career women to solopreneurs, everyone can use a bit of help and support to keep the home environment clean to focus, relax with family, and making it a cornerstone of your life balance. In these Coronavirus times where we are spending so much time at home, getting a little help can be more important than ever.

I had a chance to try out a very reputable cleaning and assistant service run by Sunny Maid Service and I can wholeheartedly recommend their team! Of course, they are excellent at making your home sparkle, and even at taking care of that persistent rainy and humid summer season mold that we all battle in Tokyo. But really, it was their attitude, attention to support systems, and clear explanations as well as a host of other extras that set them apart from other domestic helpers in the market. 

Simply register… And you’re good to go!

Sunny Maid Service has an easy and straightforward “How to get started” system. Just 5 steps and you are ready to begin working together. The steps are sensible and easy to manage: 

  1. Make an inquiry.
  2. Choose a date for a home visit.
  3. Meet the members of the team at home and explain the services you need, you can also discuss what they can offer and how it suits your needs.
  4. Fill in some simple documents and receive your quotation. 
  5. Start the service. 

Once the first booking is made and you are working with your team there are no more bureaucratic or troublesome hurdles. You will be all set to go and enjoy a clean home.

Sunny maid Services staff and manager

A Smooth and Flexible booking process

When you book with Sunny Maid Service, you can have a choice of flexible programs including spot cleaning service, or monthly plans. Decide the number of hours you want to contract and they can fit around your schedule. Morning and evening plans are also on offer to add more customization and flexibility!

After you decide the number of hours and if you would like a one-off “spot” service or an ongoing weekly/monthly schedule, you move into the starting phase which is designed to give you the best team and total peace of mind.

Sunny Maid staff speaks fluent English and unlike many services, once you find a team that works for you, you will be assigned the same staff each time: this saves time in explaining your expectations and the requirements for your home. On the first visit, a bilingual manager will come along and make sure the communication is smooth and the expectations are clear on all sides. After the first visit, you can have a manager come again if there are concerns or you can just proceed on with your new helpers!

Sunny Maid staff speak fluent English and unlike many services, once you find a team that works for you, you will be assigned the same staff each time

The right team for the right home

One of the best features of Sunny Maid Service is its team system: their cleaning service relies on a pair of staff, making their visit even more quick and efficient. The team that came to my home was great. Everything is explained clearly at the start to avoid any misunderstandings or disappointment later and you can request the jobs you need to be done, they will assess and make sure to match the amount of time and your expectations in order to meet your goals. The information packet makes it easy to see all the different types of tasks your Sunny Maid Service team can help you with. 

Sunny Maid Services maids smiling in the kitchen

After explaining the service and being introduced to the team, everyone set to work in a fast and efficient manner. For my booking I requested our shower room, kitchen and toilet room cleaning and I was so happy with the results. My team was cheerful, focused—and with clean and professional uniforms.

Please note, you need to provide the cleaning supplies, vacuum, and so on, and this system actually works well for me as I am sensitive to some cleaning supplies. You can use the same cleaning items you are already comfortable with, but the team can also make recommendations of what might be needed for future cleaning sessions.

No impossible challenges for the Sunny Maid Service teams

My home is an older Japanese style building that we are remodeling ourselves, so it gets dusty easily and the spaces are a bit quirky. My team was undaunted and set it straight away! At the end of the allotted time, I was very pleased with the results. When your helpers finish up you can check and confirm everything is as you expected which is highly reassuring.

Sunny Maid Service takes care to explain safety and security measures. During this time of course everyone is wearing a mask and sanitizing to take precautions. You can read all of their safety protocols on their website.

All the service plans can include a variety of tasks—cleaning of course, but also laundry, tidying and meal preparations.

And when you’re in a hurry…

In addition to their spot plans and more regular scheduled plans, I was excited to see that Sunny Maid Service has an “Express Plan” which can be booked one-off in case you have sudden visitors coming or last-minute preparations needed. You can book it until 2 p.m. on the same day and get everything in order for your big night!

The express plan can include a wide range of help:

  1. Vacuuming + floor cleaning (up to 2LDK)
  2. Bathroom + washroom + toilet (up to one area for each category)
  3. Kitchen sink, gas stove
  4. Window cleaning (numbers of windows are equivalent to a 2LDK space) + cleaning the entrance
  5. Garden cleaning (weeding ・ watering)
  6. Ironing + laundry (hanging and folding; about 6 dress shirts for ironing, about 7 kgs of laundry)
  7. Helping to pack for moving

We all need to include self-care and support into our life plan, perhaps now more than ever. I was pleasantly surprised by the Sunny Maid Service system and the team that came and helped at my home. My energetic and friendly team did a great job, even surprising me with an extra clean stove area including the exhaust hood, which I had not expected! 

Sunny Maid Service offers high quality, professional domestic help, and a well organized, comprehensive system for sign up and contracting services. After my trial, I believe they delivery on the promise posted on their homepage:

Sunny Maid Service

Imagine improving your quality of life

by letting go of some of your household duties.

Make the most of your valuable time.

Make time for yourself, and for your family.

We at Sunny Maid Service offer peace of mind,

emphasizing convenience and superior quality services.

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More info on Sunny Maid Service on their LinkedIn page.

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