5 Things to Expect from a Trip to Expo City

Japan's Largest Entertainment Complex Means Business

By Anisa Kazemi
September 25, 2016

Newly opened Expo City (Suita, Osaka) is in my opinion an absolute must-go. Whether it's to ride Japan's tallest ferris wheel, shop 'til you drop, interact with rare species or take your Pokemon-Go addiction to the next level, Expocity is the place for you.

Killer views

I’ll leave it up to you to define the use of “killer” here. From the top of Japan’s tallest ferris wheel (and Japan has an infinite number of these) at over 120 meters I guarantee absolute amazement. Trust me, this view is definitely an Instagram-worthy occasion. Whilst at Nifrel, staring deep into the eyes of a white tiger, will give you an entirely different thrill sensation. In short, Expo City delivers scenic eye-candy at its best.5 Things to Expect from a Trip to Expo City Osaka

Empty pockets

Unlike an amusement-park, where you pay a one-off entry price, each individual attraction at Expo City needs its own admission ticket. On the one hand, this is great if you’re only interested in one or two of the attractions. However, if you want to experience everything, be prepared to spend money everywhere.

The Lalaport shopping centre is especially dangerous. With an incredible selection of both Japanese and international stores such as Loft, Plaza, Abercrombie and Fitch, ZARA, Adidas and Hollister, you’d have to be on your very best behaviour not to blow your budget.5 Things to Expect from a Trip to Expo City Osaka

To spend an entire day there

This is for several reasons. First, Expo City is far from Osaka’s main tourist areas so just commuting there and back will take time out of your day. Second, there is soooo much to do: Red Horse Wheel, English Village, Pokemon Expo Gym, Nifrel, 109Cinemas, Orbi, Entertainment Field and Lalaport Shopping Centre included. Third, it’s new and it’s popular and it’s crowded. So, be prepared for people jams and long waits. For a quieter visit I recommend arriving early when the park opens at 9.30 a.m., and on a weekday.5 Things to Expect from a Trip to Expo City Osaka


Especially if you’re a kid (inside or out). Expo City caters to all children. Whether it’s to fish for a stuffed Nemo at the games arcade, roll in a ball pit or watch model trains, Expo City is the perfect place to take your little ones for a special occasion. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they break out Spongebob’s infamous F.U.N song midday. Or is there an Anpanman equivalent?5 Things to Expect from a Trip to Expo City Osaka

Breaking your diet

From a KFC buffet, to traditional Japanese soba, to creamy Italian gelato to a Gundam cafe, Expo City’s restaurant scene covers all the major food groups. Though do be aware that places will have long waits. Again, I recommend arriving early and dining at an earlier lunch time (11 a.m.) or purchasing a bento or similar from one of the many take-away vendors at the complex.5 Things to Expect from a Trip to Expo City Osaka