6 Online Workshops To Experience Japan From Home

Learn More About Japanese Culture From The Safety Of Your Sofa

Try out traditional Japanese art and cultural experiences run by field professionals, #StayAtHome style. Whether you want to take a tour of a sake brewery whilst sipping their sake, attempt some Japanese dancing, or join a Japanese cooking class, with these online classes you’ll conveniently be only a click away from learning something new.

In our current world of social distancing, activities aimed at keeping us home whilst still being able to have an enjoyable time, are becoming more and more in demand. Luckily for us, we live in the 21st century where technological innovations allow us to connect with anyone in the world! From the comfort of our own living room, we can learn, experience and accomplish a variety of fun activities and classes run by experts, artists, and educators of specific fields.

Online Workshops To Experience Japan

If you’ve been wanting to get more acquainted with traditional Japanese culture, this list is right for you. All of these workshops require no prior knowledge or experience and are all run in English. Some classes have a limited number of people who can join so book in early if you want the spot!

Here are half a dozen online workshops that will allow you to learn and experience more of Japan:

1. Virtual Sake Tour and Tasting


Sake Lovers Inc. is holding online tasting parties every Sunday with a variety of small craft sake breweries. This sake experience will include a brewery tour, storytelling of their history and passion for their craft, as well as detailed explanations about their sake and what kind of food it pairs well with. All you need to do to join is buy the brewery’s sake-tasting set online and sign up for the tour you want. They have detailed explanations of each brewery tour on their Facebook page

Cost: ¥5,000 per guest, plus shipping
Location: Online Zoom
Class Times: Sun. from 5 p.m. 
Duration: 60 minutes (approx) 
Class Size: 8-10 people (max)

  • Purchase the sake tasting set in advance
  • Prepare all your questions about sake and sake breweries in Japan

Book your spot directly on their website.

2. Green Tea Time

Online Workshops To Experience Japan

Arigato Japan wants to share the magic of green tea and its special place in Japanese culture. The green tea experience will include easy brewing techniques for a perfect cup of healthy tea as well as knowledge of why tea is so healthy, the different types of tea, green tea pairings, or the secret relationship between green tea and seaweed (nori). Enjoy sipping tea with the group whilst hearing and chatting about hidden secret tea spots, tea tips, and tea history. Don’t forget to prepare your green tea ingredients beforehand. Bonus point: you will get an exclusive resource package to continue the experience after your workshop! 

Cost: ¥1,500 per guest
Location: Online Zoom
Class Times: Mon, Tue, Thu. from 8 p.m. 
Duration: 60 minutes (approx) 
Class Size: Small


  • Your own green tea (tea bag, loose tea, etc.) 
  • A teacup and a teapot
  • Hot water
  • All your questions about tea and tea travel in Japan

Book your spot directly on their website.

3. Japanese Traditional Nihon Buyo Dance

Online Workshops To Experience Japan

Wasabi offers a traditional Japanese dance class run by a young Japanese Nichibu dancer who has played “Geisha” roles in the movies “Lady Maiko” and “Joker Game”, as well as NHK’s historical drama “Sanada Maru”. Nihon Buyo or Nichibu is a traditional Japanese dance most famously performed by Geisha. During the dance experience, you will learn the graceful movements of Nihon buyo in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Cost: ¥1,250 per guest
Location: Online Zoom
Class Times: Wed. anytime from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Duration: 45 minutes (approx) 
Class Size: 1-10 people (max) 

  • Comfortable clothes that allow easy movement 

Book your spot directly on their website.

4. Origami and Furoshiki Workshop with Specialist Instructor

Online Workshops To Experience Japan

True Japan Tours is currently offering a number of online cultural experiences you can enjoy as a group. You can gather a group of your friends from all over the world and enjoy the online workshop together for the one price. The Origami and Furoshiki workshop allows you to encounter two traditional Japanese art forms at once. First, try your hand at origami where you can learn first-hand how to make the perfect origami creation. Then, discover the little-known craft of furoshiki wrapping, the Japanese art of skillfully wrapping goods and products.

Cost: ¥4,500 per group
Location: Online Zoom
Class Times: From 8:30 a.m.~, 10:30 a.m.~, 6:30 p.m.~ or 8:30 p.m.~
Duration: 60 minutes (approx) 
Class Size: 1-120 people (max) 

  • 6-8 sheets of approx. 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (about 3 x 3 inches) square paper per guest (any kind of paper is fine)
  • 1 rectangular cloth at least 60 cm (approx. 23 inches) in length (dishcloths, blankets, and towels are fine to use)

Book your spot directly on their website.

5. Japanese Language and Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners

Online Workshops To Experience Japan

Be introduced to the first steps of the Japanese calligraphy world by an experienced calligrapher. Japan Wonder Travel is offering a workshop session where you will learn about the Japanese culture and history of calligraphy, followed by calligraphy practice. You will need to prepare a variety of painting utensils in advance, see below. The site also offers virtual tours of a variety of top travel destinations around Japan. 

Cost: ¥1,000 per group
Location: Online Zoom
Class Times: Mainly on Mon, Tue, Fri. from 10 a.m.~ or 4 p.m.~
Duration: 60 minutes (approx) 
Class Size: 1-5 people (max) 

  • Any kind of brush (paint or otherwise) 
  • Black paint or ink 
  • Sheets of paper to draw on 

(You may want to lay down plastic or newspaper, so you don’t get paint on your table.)

Book your spot directly on their website.

6. Online Cooking Classes with Air Kitchen Live

Online Workshops To Experience Japan

AirKitchen Live is offering private online cooking classes with hosts from Japan and around the world! You can learn how to cook traditional dishes and share an intimate cultural exchange experience. There are a variety of classes that also include a range of vegan recipes and other great feeds for those with dietary preferences. The class host will provide a list of all the ingredients and cooking supplies needed prior to the class, and then after you finish cooking you can sit down and enjoy the meal together. 

Cost: ¥1,500~ or $15~
Location: Online
Class Times: Various
Duration: Various
Class Size: Various

  • See each class for more details

Book your cooking class directly on their website.

Have you tried out any online workshops recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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