7 Japanese Baby Products To Stock Up On For Emergencies

These should be in every mom’s emergency kit

By Alexandra Hongo
October 29, 2019
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Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

On the night when deadly Typhoon Hagibis was storming its way across Japan claiming the lives of dozens and causing unprecedented damage across the nation, thousands of us living in Japan stood paralyzed as we watched rivers overflowing and lands collapsing across the country. On the same night, Japan also experienced an earthquake and a deadly tornado, adding to the already utter fear that much of what we own could be wiped away in seconds. In preparation for the typhoon, news warned of blackouts, water outage, and limited access to food or daily supplies. Indeed, supermarkets ran out of products before most of them closed as the typhoon approached. 

At times like these, more than fearing for your own life, the fear of not being able to meet the needs of your baby in case your home runs out of electricity, gas, and hot water, becomes immeasurable. The only way we can lessen the damage caused by natural disasters is to be prepared. The following Japanese products can help any mom and her babies in case of an emergency, so if you’re caring for a little one, stock up on a few of those at home and rest assured that you’re well prepared for the next time nature shuts out our access to normal life.

1. Icreo and Rakuraku ready-to-drink liquid baby formula 

Glico and Meiji Liquid Baby Formula

Glico’s Icreo Akachan Milk and Meiji’s Hohoemi Rakuraku Milk are Japan’s first ready-to-drink baby formulas. They were released on the market earlier this year (Glico’s was first for the sake of accuracy) after the health ministry lifted the ban on liquid baby formula in August 2018. Glico’s Icreo comes in a package of 125 ml, while Meiji’s comes in a can of 240 ml. Both products can be stored at room temperature for six months (Glico) to a year (Meiji) and can be consumed whenever needed without the need for hot water. Apart from emergencies, these are also recommended for when traveling, leaving your baby in the care of other people, or for midnight feeding when your baby cries hysterically and you don’t have the time to cool down the milk bottle. 

Buy at: Akachan Honpo, Nishimatsuya, other baby stores, drugstores, and online. 
Price: Around ¥220 each. ¥2,398 for a box of 12 Icreo on Amazon or ¥5,095 for a box of 24 Hohoemi Rakuraku Milk on Amazon. 

2. Chu-bo’s disposable baby bottles 

Chu-bo Disposable Baby Bottle

This product is not entirely eco-friendly (although it doesn’t contain BPA), but it’s helpful when you don’t have access to clean water or sanitizing tools to wash your regular feeding bottles. It comes in a package of four individually wrapped sanitized bottles that can fit up to 250 ml of milk. The teat has three hole sizes, fit for newborns to babies over seven months old, and is adjustable to the baby’s sucking strength. 

Buy at: Akachan Honpo, Nishimatsuya, BabiesRUs, other baby stores, and online.
Price: Around ¥1,300 for a pack of four.

3. Water boiling kit 

Water Boiling Kit

For moms who need to warm up baby food or make formula when there is no electricity or gas, DIY hot water kits are a lifesaver. All you need to do is pour water (so, make sure you have a stock-up of that) into the enclosed insulation bag and wait until it’s ready in a few minutes. Shizuoka-born Try Company’s kit can warm up to a liter of water, but it’s faster if you warm up smaller quantities. It takes approximately 10 minutes to warm up 200 ml of water. Other similar kits include Morian Heatpack, which works on the same principle. 

Buy at: Buy online or at home supply stores such as Tokyu Hands. 
Price: Around ¥2,000. Morian Heatpack: Around ¥1,000. 

4. Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Cube formula 

Raku Raku Cubes

If you have your water boiling kit at hand, this cube-shaped baby formula saves you from measuring formula spoons, and you can prepare the exact amount your baby needs. Each package contains four cubes, which altogether can make 160 ml of milk. If you need less or more, adjust the number of cubes you use. There are many formula products on the market, but most come in packages of 13 g, which can make 100 ml of milk — if your baby drinks less or more, it’s harder to adjust, whereas this product allows you to make the exact amount your baby needs. Fit for newborns to up to one-year-olds. 

Buy at: Akachan Honpo, Nishimatsuya, BabiesRUs, other baby stores, and online.
Price: Around ¥460 for a box of five packages or ¥1,600 for a box of 16.

5. Pikimama baby sling 


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We don’t usually think of baby carriers as an emergency product, but they are, in fact, extremely practical if you need to hold your baby, make him feel comfortable and warm, and still move quickly while having freed both of your hands. Similar to Boba and Konny’s baby carriers, Pikimama is a simple baby wrap founded by a Japan-based mom who could never find the perfect baby sling. Offered in a variety of colors and designs, Pikimama’s wraps imitate a mother-to-child embrace but leaves you hands-free. Babies instantly fall asleep in this one, and it’s effortless to wear. Made of two connected pieces of cloth and free of any buckles or attachments, the Pikimama wrap can also be used as an emergency blanket. Pikimama’s wraps can be used from newborns to children up to 16 kg. 

Buy at: Pikimama online store
Price: ¥6,500-¥8,000 

6. Furufuru baby bottle wash kit 

Furu Furu Wash Kit
If you’re in a situation where you don’t have access to washing tools to clean your baby bottles (think an evacuation center, for example), this kit, containing a bottle and nipple brush, comes in handy. The special fiber threaded in the brush acts as a detergent, so all you have to do is put the brush into the bottle along with a bit of water, and shake for several seconds until clean. You get the same result as if you’ve just washed the bottles with detergent. The brushes come in a small portable case, which can easily fit in any bag. This product also comes in handy when traveling. 

Buy at: Akachan Honpo, Nishimatsuya, Babies“R”Us, other baby stores, and online.
Price: Around ¥800 

7. Eightex’s Carry Free portable baby chair harness 


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Simply attach it to a chair or your body, and you can feed your child wherever you are. It is also practical if you need to sit your child for a second while you do something else. If you’re forced to stay away from your home due to an emergency, take this harness with you as there may not be any chairs for your child there. Fit for babies who can sit without support (over five or six months, typically) until around three years old. 

Buy at: Akachan Honpo, Nishimatsuya, Babies“R”Us, other baby stores, and online.
Price: Around ¥1,700 

Aside from the products above, we would also recommend to stock up a bag of at least 20 diapers, water, a few pairs of clothes, and a blanket for your baby emergency kit. If you’re forced to evacuate during a natural disaster, these are always products that are lacking at shelters. Meanwhile, let us all hope that there will never be the need to do that.

What Japanese emergency baby products have been the most helpful to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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