8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

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By Rachael Lucas
October 1, 2021
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Whether you’re an animal lover, want to help your waistline or the environment, here are great choices for tasty vegan food sent to your doorstep.

The number of vegan products in Japan available for consumers has been increasing steadily in recent years. Still, we might only find one good brand of non-dairy yogurt at one shop, then another good brand of fake meat at a different one and so on. It can be difficult to shop when we need to limit our trips out of our homes. 

However, the number of vegan online shops has been booming. Here are eight options to take a look at and try.

1. Next Meats

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

The harami (skirt steak) or kalbi (Korean barbecue short ribs), also available at some Ito Yokado and Aeon supermarkets, are available for home delivery. Both are made with light flavoring to allow you to easily pair them with your favorite sauces. If you don’t have a grill at home, they cook up lightning fast in a frypan. Other options are also available for purchase, including gyudon (Japanese beef bowl)—of course, all vegan. 

2. Tengu Natural Foods

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

This long-running vegetarian shop from food importers began in 1988 and has a website that’s available in both English and Japanese. The owners also run the restaurant Alishan Cafe in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture. Your order can be delivered anywhere in Japan, including to hotels (with permission from the facility). Try the OmniPork, also known as OmniMeat, Naturli block or spread milk-free butter or Amy’s vegan pizza or California-style veggie burgers. You can try some of the company’s own Alishan brand of products, which includes organic peanut butter, textured soy protein, cookies or gyoza using OmniMeat.

3. Bio c’ Bon

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

The popular supermarket chain from France focusing on organic items currently has physical shops in Tokyo and surrounding areas. The company has now opened an online shop with a vegan section and an excellent non-dairy milk section. Try the floral couscous or Isola Bio non-dairy milks. 

4. Luna Burger

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

Good news for burger lovers: this popular food festival truck has begun selling burger kits for home delivery. The kits include patties with two kinds of sauces and buns, so you only have to provide vegetables and any other desired toppings. 

5. Alchemist at Home

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

Don’t feel like cooking? Have no time? Try this easy meal service started by a wine bar in Niigata City, now changed to a burger bar due to ongoing cor0navirus-related restrictions. Foods list macros and are individually cooked, vacuum sealed and cool shipped. The site has vegetarian and vegan sections. The website is available in both English and Japanese. 

6. iHerb

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

A great source for vegan supplements, skincare, makeup, foods, snacks and much more. This site popular with foreign residents in Japan has frequent sales and free shipping with low minimum orders. The website is available in English and you can email any questions in English or Japanese to their 24/7 customer support service. Searches using the keyword “vegan list hundreds of results. Although shipping is international, it takes approximately five to seven days to arrive. 

7. Ambika Japan

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

This vegetarian and vegan chain of Indian grocery stores in Tokyo now marks its vegan options on the website. The site is in English and you can also mail in English with any questions. It stocks rice, spices, lentils, beans and dried fruits as well as boxed items like curries and dosa and idli mix. 

8. Marin Food

8 Online Shops for Vegan Food in Japan

The Marin Food vegan shred cheese sometimes appears in supermarkets, but you can also pick it up in the vegan section of its online store, along with hotcakes and margarine—great for lazy mornings. Check out the English information about the products here.

For all your vegetable shopping needs, check out Get Your Veg Fix In Tokyo With These Vegetable Delivery Boxes.

Does anything look tempting? Do you have any other vegan shops you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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