8 Savvy Japanese Items To Improve Your Efficiency

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By Haruka Masumizu
November 29, 2016

Doraemon would not exist if we had those wacky products in his time.

“Made in Japan” continues to be a synonym for product quality and efficiency, though the often wacky and ultra kawaii packages may occasionally leave you puzzled when trying to figure out their actual purpose. But as bizarre as some items on the market may be, it’s always amazing to learn how practical they are. Here’s a list of eight popular Japanese items that will make you more efficient and add some fun to your daily life.

Pilot FriXion Pen


Have you ever tried to erase something you wrote with an “erasable” pen, only to find it’s not that erasable? Pilot FriXion Pen (¥330) leaves literally no evidence behind thanks to its unique ink. Use the rubber ball attached to the top of the pen, and witness the ink disappear (or actually become transparent) instantly. The rocket science behind it is that the color becomes transparent as a result of temperature change caused by the friction. The ink is also refillable which makes FriXion eco-friendly! FriXion ranges from pens to highlighters in various colors and it’ll be your forever best friend when trying to get that kanji right.

Pita Calendar


So you think those holes on the walls are not very attractive, but still need to hang your calendar? The Pita Calendar (¥5,000) allows you to attach it to any types of wall with the power of static electricity, be it a wooden or painted surface, a window, a mirror, a refrigerator or even the ceiling. As you don’t even need to use tape, you can keep the wall clean without any traces left behind. And you can still keep track of your daughter’s ballet classes and your PTA meetings.

Sun-Star Stickyle Pen-Style Scissors

Sun-Star Stickyle Pen-Style Scissors (¥600) (they couldn’t come up with a shorter name) is a handy pair of scissors that can be folded into the shape of a pen, which makes it easy to fit into your pen case. While carrying around a normal pair of scissors in your pocket may be dangerous, the sleek shape of those pen-style scissors allows you to do so in a safe and convenient way.

Bangs curler & Clips Ribbon


Do you find it difficult to curl your bangs with an electronic curler? This cute bangs curler (¥580) will save you the trouble and give you extra ten minutes time in the morning! All you need to do is to sandwich your bangs and curl them around this device. On the other hand, for those who want their bangs away from the eyes, yet don’t want to leave clips traces on your hair, the Bangs Clips Ribbon (¥400) will be a perfect solution — if you don’t mind the Hello Kitty look.


Micro Bubble Foamer

It’s rather difficult to find a good foamer that creates quality micro bubbles to perfectly cleanse your pores. Compared to most face washing nets, this Micro Bubble Foamer (¥1,000) creates 7 times (!!!) better quality bubbles in no more than 20 seconds just by putting your own face washing soap into it! It’s close to being magical.

Egg Mold — Funny Side Up

Apart from getting bonus points for finding the perfect name for this product, the manufacturing company of Funny Side Up (¥1,296) also deserves a handshake for making children smile and actually focus on their breakfast. Funny Side Up is an egg mold that allows you to shape your sunny side up into a cute frog, skeleton, or cat by simply cracking 2 eggs into the eye holes. Get a bit more creative by adding some bacon and tomatoes and you’ll find yourself smiling at the sight of your kids eating that whole thing for a change.

Cling Film-Friendly Pen

When you wrap some leftovers with a cling film and store it in your freezer or fridge, you might find it difficult to remember how old it is, whose leftover it was, and what it contains. You can now use this special pen (¥160) to write whatever your heart desires on the film without getting the ink blurred. And you can also use it to write heartwarming messages to your family if you’ve cooked something and left it for them — or make those “I’ll haunt you for life if you eat my chocolate!!” warning signs bold and clear.

Basupo — Toothbrush Cup

Basupo (¥600), equipped with an adhesive disc at its bottom, allows you to store your toothbrush cup on the wall without having to worry about rubbing the sink to remove trace circles anymore! It also lets remained water drip out, so it’s more hygienic — and creative.

You can purchase any of the above products at Loft shops throughout Japan. Look at the beauty, stationery and kitchen, bathroom sections.


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