6 Japanese Products For Your Period

When It's That Time Of The Month. Again.

By The Savvy Team
July 16, 2020
Health & Beauty

Use these Japanese products (coupled with loads of chocolate) to make your time of the month a bit more bearable.

You’re bloated, cramping, and have what seems to you a very passionate wish to lash out at every living thing within a one-meter radius. No matter what country you’re in, periods are no party. Thankfully, there are a number of great products available in Japan that are specifically designed to make your period easier, letting you carry on your fabulous life wherever you are.

1. Sanitary Wet Tissue


These subtly fragranced sanitary wet sheets from drugstore fave Sofi are suitable for intimate areas, keeping you clean and saving you from feeling self-conscious especially on a particularly heavy day. They’re alcohol-free, safe on delicate skin, and packaged with a generic girly design that means you can leave them in your desk for any time use. Sold for approximately ¥200 at most drugstores.

2. Ms. Crayonhouse Silk Cloth Napkin


Chemical substances that are often included in conventional sanitary napkins can cause discomfort and itching for those with sensitive skin. This new silk-cotton sanitary napkin (¥2,090) from Omotesando-based organic specialty shop Crayonhouse is a great way to avoid any extra irritation, plus introduce a bit of luxury to your sanitary kit.

Silk is used for the surface touching the skin while the reverse side is made of warm flannel material that ensures proper insulation. Yes, you do have to go through the process of washing the napkin but this is a small price to pay because, let’s face it—wearing what feels like an adult diaper isn’t exactly good times either. Plus, it’s environment-friendly!

3. Nukudama Warming Cushion

Ms Crayonhouse

      Silk Cloth Napkin                                                        Nukudama Warming Cushion

Designed by an acupuncturist, the Nukudama (¥5,500)—also from Crayonhouse—was created to help relieve menstrual pain by warming the belly area. Containing gettou (月桃), a fragrant Okinawan anti-oxidant used for centuries in Ryukyu medicine, as well as organic brown rice, Okinawan roast salt, and sand, you just need to warm the cushion in a microwave and place it on the pain for sweet relief.

4. Summer Haramaki

One of the most annoying thing about periods, aside from the pain, mess, and mood swings, is the bloating. Often for a whole week, you’ll end up looking like you’re trying, and failing, to digest a car tire. These silk haramaki (¥1,080) work simultaneously as control pants and comforters at the same time, and they make your stomach look pretty while they’re at it too.

5. Menstrual Mooncup

The mooncup’s origins go all the way back to 1932 (don’t let that put you off) but have only taken off the past years as an alternative to pads and tampons. It basically works as a reusable silicone cup that collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it. You have to take it out every 4 to 12 hours and empty it before popping it back in again. The stand out benefit of a mooncup is that you can wear it pretty much all the time, even during physical activity—including swimming. The SckoonCup (¥5,370) comes in a pair with a cute cotton bag.

6. Nagi Period Panties

Japanese Products For Your Period Panties

Once hard to find in Japan, reusable period panties are starting to appear in shops such as Bio’c’bon around Tokyo. The Nagi period panties are made in Japan, available in 3 different styles (standard, slim and full) and 4 colors on their online shop. You can wear them all day long like a regular panty, simply soak them for 20 min in lukewarm water before putting them in a washing net. You can put them together with your general laundry—just avoid the whites. The first investment (¥5,775) is nothing compared to the comfort of using “regular” underwear during your period!

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