Attention All Sweet Tooths! All You Can Eat Dessert Cafe Ron Ron Is In Town

Loosen up your waistbands — this Insta-worthy cafe is All-You-Can-Eat!

Have you ever struggled to choose which treat to get because you just wanted to eat every dessert option on the menu? All the cakes, the macarons, the creme brûlée, mouses, jellies, waffles, pancakes, crepes and some savory snacks too? Here's the sweetest solution to your dilemma.

The recently opened Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron in central Tokyo offers an all-you-can-eat selection of almost every dessert you can think of. And the best part? All the desserts travel around to your seat on a conveyor belt so you can pick up as many plates of delicious sweetness as you want. 

The pastel-themed cafe can be found in the Harajuku/Omotesando district, about a 5-6 minute walk from the Harajuku or Meiji-Jingumae stations.

Once you get to the cafe, depending on how busy it is (which it most likely will be), you’ll receive a waiting receipt with a QR code you can easily capture on your phone. The code will take you to a website with your waiting time on it, and if you enter your email address they will send you a message when your seats are ready. This saves you from waiting in line outside the store and allows you to check out some other stylish shops around Harajuku while you wait.

All the desserts travel around to your seat on a conveyor belt so you can pick up as many plates of delicious sweetness as you want.

When your time comes, head back to the cafe where you’ll be directed to a small vending machine where you can choose which course to get. If you have the Line app, adding the store as a friend will give you a ¥100 discount. If not, you can just order the regular all-you-can-eat package for ¥1,800. This package allows you to eat as much as you want for 40 minutes and also comes with an adorable jar of a hot or cold drink. (However, you can’t take the jars home.) If you get any thirstier, you can purchase another drink for an additional ¥500 or just grab a cup of cucumber or lemon infused water — those are offered for free.

After you choose your menu, you’ll be seated somewhere along the long conveyor belt table with sweet treats already circling around. The whole cafe is very Instagram-worthy so take heaps of snaps while you can, but don’t forget, you only have 40 minutes to eat as much as you can so if you’re there for the food dig in ASAP!

Grab a plate you want to try, or even grab a few!

There’s a huge selection so no time to waste, grab a bit of everything, sit it in front of you and eat it up. The majority of the desserts are for the sweet tooths but you’ll be able to find a few savory options likes potato chips, popcorn, egg salad cake, steamed meat buns and yakisoba bread traveling around the belt here and there, too. Don’t forget to layer your finished plates on each other and start your tower — no worries, no one will judge you no matter how high it gets. 

After a super satisfying 40 minutes of devouring in a sweet wonderland, the waitress will let you know when your time is up. The whole cafe is very photogenic so it’s a great idea to get some snaps on your way out too— there are a couple of selfie props you can use to pose in front of the pink interior as well as a big mirror to model in as well!

Cafe Ron Ron is the perfect place to take some quality retreat, spice up your Instagrams and reenergize with the ultimate sugar fix. Treat yo’self ladies, you deserve it!

The Deets

Cafe Ron Ron

Address: 6-7-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: Daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Cost: ¥1,800 for 40 minutes all you can eat, with hot/cold drink. ¥100 discount with Line friend add.
Fully non-smoking.

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