Exclusive Farm-To-Table Brunch, Free Flow Champagne & New York Vibe At Arbor In AoyamaTreehouse

This new face in town might be the key to changing Tokyo's brunch scene

Tokyo's newest private members space has an exclusive brunch offer open to the public — and you shouldn't miss it!

For any child who has one — or has ever dreamed of having one — a treehouse represents a place to escape the outside world. To be creative. To dream. To express one’s thoughts, or to simply be alone with them. Now, one creative company is trying to build that same experience, but for adults, right here in the heart of Tokyo. A place to pause and disconnect — to regain the strength to go further. 

Located directly above Aoyama Itchome station, this new innovative place called AoyamaTreehouse is a private member space equipped with refined facilities to work, meditate, relax, eat, drink and gather. Designed by renowned New York-based studio Roman and Williams known for their innovative work on restaurants, hotels, retail spaces and more in New York and across the world, the expectations for this new gem in town are, frankly speaking, high. (If only we could all become members even for a day!) 


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Exceptional brunch experience for all 

Luckily for the general public, however, starting from this May 25, this high-end private space just opened one of its doors through its inviting restaurant Arbor, which now welcomes members of the public for its unique farm-to-table brunch service offered on weekends and holidays. 

Inside Arbor, AoyamaTreehouse’s restaurant.

The stylish brunch is not only healthy and packed with beautifully presented dishes inspired by French cuisine and cooked with Japanese ingredients, but also runs from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. (with last seating at 2 p.m.), offering plenty of time and space to people on lunch meetings, families who want to spend the day uninterrupted, and of course — long dates with your significant other or even yourself! 

With an expansive dining area characterized by light wood and bright colors typical for Roman and Williams’ New York-style vibe, Arbor offers a relaxing space to take your brunch slowly and feel as cozy as you’d be back home, while also making you aware that you are dining at a very exclusive area.

Visitors preferring to dine outdoors can make good use of the restaurant’s beautiful open-air terrace (one of Tokyo’s largest alfresco outdoor dining spots, in fact), a gorgeous space decorated with garden plants and seasonal flowers.

Arbor’s terrace offers one of the largest alfresco dining experiences in the capital.

French finesse with a Japanese twist

Arbor has a farm-to-table theme and its chef, Hokkaido-native Makoto Irie, honed his craft working at the renowned French restaurant Pierre Gagnaire. At Arbor, he creates contemporary French recipes with a Japanese twist, incorporating fresh, delicious vegetables into his culinary creations, which also include a selection of vegan and vegetarian options.

The brunch starts with a tray of six assorted appetizers, which diners select from a menu of 10 (can we emphasize this enough?!) options.

The menu will change slightly each week depending on the vegetables that are in season at the farms Irie works with, but options might include creations such as Hokkaido yogurt with homemade granola (pictured above), kale salad with avocado and mint-sesame dressing, or sautéed white asparagus seasoned with vadouvan.

It’s hard to go wrong no matter which dishes you choose, but the most difficult thing is eliminating four of the enticing menu items!

The main dishes are equally mouth-watering and fresh, and usually include options for whole wheat pasta, red or white meat, fish, and at least one vegan dish, all presented stunningly on your plate. 

The spicy paella made with Hokkaido lamb (pictured below) is a specialty of the chef and full of flavor, while the lotus root patty with truffle and porcini is a vegan indulgence that will make even meat eaters jealous.

You can choose one from six main dishes, which include options from whole wheat pasta, fish and meat to vegan plates and more.

Brunch is finished off with a delicious dessert and coffee — or a selection of herb teas fresh from Arbor’s garden kart — perfect for lingering in the beautifully designed space on a weekend morning. 

The basic brunch menu (¥7,000) includes one welcome cocktail or mocktail, and the highly recommended free-flow option, which includes everything from Pol Roger champagne, to wine and beer to exclusive cocktails and mocktails like Amazake Punch and Cucumber Tonic, is available for ¥15,000.

As we headed out of Arbor on the day of our visit, I kept thinking that Tokyo’s dining scene has changed significantly since I first came here many years ago. Tokyo has always been somewhat more of a night time city than a morning one, but it looks like slowly we are finally getting our dose of that breakfast and brunch culture that New Yorkers love so much.

Arbor may just be one of the best spots yet to experience it for yourself!  

The Deets

Arbor at AoyamaTreehouse

Address: Aoyama Building 2F, 1-2-3 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: Every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays between 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Cost: ¥7,000 (Regular brunch plan), ¥15,000 (Free flow brunch course)
Recommended for: Families, special business meetings, Celebratory ladies’ day out dates and groups who wish to enjoy a refined brunch experience in the heart of the city
Web: www.globaltreehouse.com/lp/brunch

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