Guam: Something for Everyone

Long thought of as a “poor man’s Hawaii,” the beautiful island of Guam is a hidden gem in the Pacific waiting for you to discover....

By Cheryl White
March 19, 2015 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Ryozan Park Otsuka’s Innovative Workspace for Parents

Ryozan Park Otsuka, a new office space in Tokyo, is offering parents a fresh alternative to traditional childcare options with a combined work and play...

By Kirsty Kawano
March 9, 2015 | Families, Lifestyle

The 2015 Emerald Ball Tokyo

If you’re looking for a fun yet glamorous way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day weekend in Tokyo, then get ready to kick back your heels...

By The Savvy Team
March 5, 2015 | Lifestyle

Beyond Honolulu: Destination Haleiwa

The North Shore of Oahu is world famous for its huge surf and beautiful beaches. Just over an hour away from downtown Waikiki, it is...

By Cheryl White
March 5, 2015 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Run Tokyo with Namban Rengo

If you enjoy running and like to have some company while doing it, then book your Wednesday nights, lace up your running shoes, and join...

By Katharina von Tschurtschenthaler
March 4, 2015 | Health & Beauty, Lifestyle

Kurokawa Hot Spring Village, Kyushu

The charming hot spring village of Kurokawa in Kyushu is such a gem that I had a dilemma about whether or not I wanted to...

By Joanna Pearce
February 12, 2015 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Rich Land, History and Culture in the Oki Islands

Spectacular views, horses and cows grazing in the distance, fascinating rock formations and delicious seafood are just some of the things you can find on...

By Bonnie Waycott
February 6, 2015 | Lifestyle, Out & About

Honolulu: The Savvy Insider’s Guide

Due to its relative proximity and some cultural similarities, Hawaii is a popular destination for those traveling from Japan, but many people stick to the...

By Cheryl White
January 29, 2015 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Okinawa in the Off Season

Okinawa in the winter months makes for an affordable getaway. Airfare and hotels are much cheaper, and the tourist attractions aren’t as crowded. The average...

By Teresa Ann Koide
January 22, 2015 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Spend a Night at Gatsby’s Mansion

Admit it. You were secretly (or, perhaps, not-so-secretly) jealous of Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio when you saw them dancing, drinking, and partying the night...

By The Savvy Team
January 19, 2015 | Lifestyle

2015 TELL Lifeline Phone Counselor Training Program

TELL, one of Tokyo's longest-running and highest regarded non-profit support organizations, will be holding a training program for those interested in helping out in their...

By The Savvy Team
January 13, 2015 | Lifestyle