2015 TELL Lifeline Phone Counselor Training Program

By The Savvy Team
January 13, 2015

TELL, one of Tokyo's longest-running and highest regarded non-profit support organizations, will be holding a training program for those interested in helping out in their community. Previous qualifications are not required to participate in the training, and flexible scheduling options are available.

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The TELL Lifeline Phone Counselor Training Program is available both online as well as with a new, flexible in-classroom schedule. It starts on February 21 in Tokyo and on February 14 in Kansai. The program offers a great chance for personal growth as well as an opportunity to provide confidential counseling and support to the community.

You don’t need to have qualifications or experience in counseling to be a caring listener. TELL’s comprehensive training program makes sure all volunteers are skilled and ready. Most importantly, the organization is looking for people that are:

  • Interested in supporting people in need in their community
  • Open to understand another person’s point of view
  • Willing to respect others and not judge
  • In touch with and able to cope with their own feelings
  • Interested in learning and personal growth

For more information and to discuss whether the Phone Counselor Training Program is right for you, please contact Mica Henderson at training@telljp.com or visit the TELL website.


Photo by Raoul Ortega.


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