David’s Deli, Mita

By Cheryl White
November 12, 2014
Food & Drink

One cold winter’s day, feeling sad and a bit under the weather, I had the good fortune to stumble upon a local restaurant and delicatessen called “David’s Deli”. A restorative bowl of chicken and matzo ball soup and a deep dish of what can only be described the best hummus ever, underscored the fact that I had found a local eatery to visit time and time again.

davids deli1

The fare at David’s is based on the food from Israel and the Mediterranean. Most of the ingredients are imported to ensure the authenticity of the dishes. There is also an on site bakery which supplies the day to day needs of the restaurant. The home baked pita bread puts the other pita suppliers in town to shame. It is soft and puffy, the perfect partner for the house hommus or the Babaganoush. Made freshly everyday these appetisers are topped with a generous dollop of tahini and are delicious.

The bakery also makes fresh pies and cakes for those with a sweet tooth. Baklava, tahini mousses and bitter chocolate cake sit invitingly beside lemon meringue pie and apple strudel. Fresh bagels are also a revelation for those of us who have only ever tried the store bought bagged variety.  Plain, onion pepper, cinnamon raison, spinach, poppy seed, maple walnut and basil and sesame are just some of the tasty bagel treats on the menu.  The chef also bakes burekas daily, small pastries with fillings ranging from mixed mushrooms and lamb mince to various vegetarian mixes which make a great option for a take away lunch.

davids deli3

The restaurant is housed over two floors and can easily accommodate families and larger groups. The take away counter is handy for those in a hurry. I also use their take aways to augment my humble attempts at catering at home for parties and dinners. A large variety of fresh salads such as tabouli, tomato and eggplant, and Israeli cut salad are available both to eat in and to take out. Phone orders are appreciated if you need larger quantities.

Of course no Israeli restaurant worth it’s salt would be without the traditional gefuilte (poached boned minced fish), Kasha Varnishkes (bow tie pasta served with buckwheat grouts- or seeds- and onions), chicken pate and regel krusha ( a speciality dish of jellied calves foot which this writer cannot vouch for). All are made to authentic recipes and come highly praised by the local Israeli community. Some dishes, like the regel krusha, are not always available so it would pay to check ahead if you wanted to try it.

If you decide to eat in either for lunch or dinner there are several hearty entrees including schnitzels and kebabs and falafels. The shredded beef served on a bed of hummus is highly recommended. But on cold winter days when you are feeling in need of a lift nothing beats the David’s Deli soups. Traditional chicken with matzo balls, rice or noodles are tasty choices but don’t over look the middle eastern spicy vegetable soups and goulashes. Fortunately there is something for everyone at David’s.

The Deets:

Address: 5-13-13 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073

phone : 03 5441 1211

Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (daily)

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