Fall 2020 Makeup Trends In Tokyo

3 Fabulous Fall Trends, 6 Perfect Products

By Tabitha Wilders
September 29, 2020
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Calling all beauty enthusiasts! This year, get your fall makeup inspiration and try out the trends using Japanese cosmetic brands. We’ve picked the top 3 trends that are both wearable and will flatter all skin tones.

Who else is totally done with summer 2020 and really looking forward to fall? I know I am. A new season means new trends and this includes makeup and beauty! You may have been enjoying going fresh-faced, simply because there’s nothing worse than our makeup melting away in the hot weather. And also, who wants to be caking their face with makeup when we’re going to be wearing our masks anyway? 

But now is an exciting timing to be experimental with your makeup and try out some new Japanese products to recreate some of the trendiest fall looks! Let me introduce you to 6 recently launched, recommended makeup products to help you ace your fall 2020 makeup game. Who else is ready to freshen up their autumn look?

Trend 1 – Bold, Dramatic Eyes 

During the hot summer months, it’s only natural for us to gravitate toward and stick to eyeshadows in neutral, light tones. Or maybe even get away with just a bit of mascara. But as we are now transitioning into fall, we can expect to see some new bolder, colored eyeshadow palettes stocked on the cosmetic store shelves. From mustard yellow to autumnal berry shades, it’s time to add a touch of drama to your eyelids! 

The Products

  • Suqqu – Tone Touch Eyes (16 Somekarashi, 17 Bisuou, 18 Momoshizuku), ¥3,700


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Savvy Makeup Tips

Sometimes, one color is all you really need. Blend one of Suqqu’s New Tone Touch Eye all over the eyelid and into the crease to really add the wow-factor to your eyes. If you’re a little scared of using dark eyeshadow colors and don’t want to go all out, try adding it to your lash line to really define your eyes and make them pop! Running low on time? Quickly brush the color into your eyes’ inner corners. Yes, this is totally trendy and it’s a quick and easy way for you to play around with those autumnal shades. 

Another great eyeshadow palette is the one by Excel Tokyo in Cherry Scarf. You’ll love the shiny, pearl effect of the eyeshadow, and guaranteed to be impressed by its high-quality texture. Not to mention, the colors really do look great on all skin tones. If a deep plum color is a little too much for you, then a little injection of this mauve color is the perfect alternative for creating a fresh, eye-catching look. Blend this color onto your eyelids with a bit of the sparkling yellow shadow in the inner corner of your eyes and you’ll be good to go. A touch of shimmer is never a bad idea.

Trend 2 – Statement Red Lips 

It’s a trend that makes a comeback every year and it’s one that never disappoints. You’ve guessed it! It’s all about that classic, red lipstick. Whether it’s a matte or a high-shine formula, this power product is something that we can always rely on to make us feel instantly put-together. Not only has the red lip proven to suit all, but you’ll also find that this trend will last you through the winter months too! 


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Savvy Makeup Tips

A classic red lip will always look best paired with minimal makeup. That means natural, fresh-looking skin and a touch of your favorite mascara. 

Many people often shy away from and feel nervous using red lipstick. The best tip? Go for a red lipstick with a blue tone. It’ll make your teeth look whiter and is known to flatter all. I highly recommend the Rouge Liquide Lumineux Étincelant by Clé de Peau Beauté. Trust me when I say that this flattering lipgloss is absolutely worth every yen and will give you that perfect captivating look.  

The Darringly Distinct Lipsticks by Three Cosmetics is a more affordable yet equally great red lipstick. It’s always a good idea to go for a matte formulation like this lipstick as it stays on longer and you won’t have to worry about it moving around underneath your mask. It’s also super light on the lips. Still feeling nervous? Take a little bit of the lipstick on your finger and press it onto the lips—this will give you a softer, ‘just bitten’ kind of finish which is definitely very modern! 

Trend 3 – Brown x Beige 

If you’re not too keen on the dramatic eyes or bold lip look, this final trend might be the one for you. This trend involves neutral brown eyeshadow x beige cheeks x persimmon lips. Whether you like chestnut, latte, or mocha brown, you will be able to create some very sweet, but elegant looks. Speaking of lattes, all I need to match this makeup look is a pumpkin spiced latte in hand… 


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  • Canmake Tokyo – Cream Cheek (19 Cinnamon Milk Tea, 20 Bitter Chocolate – Limited Color), ¥638 and Stay On Balm Rouge (18 Brownish Mandarin), ¥638  


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Savvy Makeup Tips

Who says that a brown smokey eye can’t give the same sultry vibe as a black one? For their 2020 Fall Makeup Collection, Lunasol offers some very chic eyeshadow palettes with a mix of brown, red, and beige tones. You’ll especially love the delicate, matte texture of their eyeshadows. Combine this with one of their fresh brown lipsticks, and you’ll be ready to head out to see the foliage. 

Canmake, Tokyo has also been hinting at this trend with its new beige cheek x kaki (persimmon) lip products. So firstly, why go for a cream blush? Well, especially as we head into winter where our skin can get quite dry, a creamy blush will leave a more dewy, illuminated finish to the skin. We all want to achieve that glass-skin and the Canmake Tokyo cream blushes do a great job with adding a little color and glow. What’s also great about this product is that it’s not too intense and you can build it up. Apply it with your fingers using a tapping and pressing motion (do not rub!) and let it melt onto the skin. One extra tip is to avoid mixing cream blushes with powder products—that’s a recipe for disaster, trust me. 

But anyway, let’s be honest. I’d buy these products just for their cute packaging… 

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