From Head to Toe: The Fluffiest Loungewear for Winter

Bundle Up and Thaw Out

By Alexandra Ziminski
December 22, 2021
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Wondering what present to get your best friend? Need something warm and comfy while you work from home? Cover up with these snug-as-a-bug Japanese room wear options.

Picture this: it’s mid-winter and an ice-cold wind is whipping at your frosted windows. You don’t have any reason, nor desire, to leave your apartment; some weekends are just made for putting on the coziest clothes you can find and snuggling up with a mug of hot chocolate. 

“Slip into a set of relaxing loungewear that—let’s be honest—are just glorified pajamas.”

It’s a blessing that Japan’s retail market excels at creating sleep-inducing, fuwa fuwa (fluffy) accessories and clothing designed for lazy days just like these.

What does fuwa fuwa mean?

There are several mimetic buzz words to look out for when searching for your ideal cotton ball outfit, so let’s explain a few before getting started: 

  • Fuwa fuwa means fluffy, airy, or light. It can be used to describe many things including pancakes, animals, clouds, and clothes. 
  • Moko moko also means fluffy but is used for heavier items such as a teddy bear or bulging coat collar. 
  • Mofu mofu is a combination of the two and encompasses the feeling of wanting to press your face against your new furry kitten. 

Starting off the top of my head

From Head to Toe: The Fluffiest Loungewear for Winter

My grandmother used to insist that half of our body heat escapes from our heads. While not strictly true, everybody knows that a little something on your noggin can do wonders to warm you up on a brisk early morning.

Hop to it with an accessory like this bunny headband or emulate a grizzlier animal with this bear warmer that extends to the neck. For something less intrusive, or an added extra, go for a simple fluffy scrunchie to tie it all together. 

A helping hand

From Head to Toe: The Fluffiest Loungewear for Winter

Gelato Pique Lap Cushion (¥6,380)

Instead of shoving your hands into your pockets or scrunching them up under your blanket all evening, opt for a lap cushion that you can insert your ice-cold fingers into. If you have something to do apart from watching Netflix all evening, it may be worth checking out some irresistibly soft gloves too.

It’s all about the bass and body 

From Head to Toe: The Fluffiest Loungewear for Winter

Cecile Set (¥3,490)

After making sure your head, shoulders, and hands are adequately covered, it’s time to go full-on ‘Arctic adventurer’. 

Before you brave the indoors, first layer on a snug waist warmer. Not only does it feel soft against your skin, but it’s also useful for relaxing muscles during dreaded period cramps.  This one from Gelato Pique is made from recycled PET bottles so you can focus on heating yourself up and not the planet. 

Next, slip into a set of relaxing loungewear that – let’s be honest – are just glorified pajamas. Have a little fun with the design as you won’t be entertaining any guests too soon. Play with your wild side, go breezy with some shorts, or keep it simple with a buttery fleece combo. Once you put them on, it’ll be hard to ever take them off. 

Now for the final coating, whether that’s the standard dressing gown we all know and love, such as this melt-on-the-couch wearable blanket, or an unconventional hoodie dress

You may exit your bedroom looking like the Michelin Man, but hey, you’ll be toasty. 

Ending on the right foot 

From Head to Toe: The Fluffiest Loungewear for Winter

Zozotown Slippers (¥1,980)

Carpets are somewhat a mystery in Japanese households. While bare wood floors are a blessing in humid summers, they can turn into polar ice caps in the winter. To protect you (and your extremities) from this chilly fate, it might be time to put some distance between your feet and the floor. 

Before we enter the sole territory, let’s look at protecting our legs. Leg warmers have been a craze in Japan since the early 80s. (Notably amongst high school girls.) They are also a great addition to wear under oversized PJ pants or with matching shorts for extra protection. These inexpensive embroidered leg warmers from 3 Coins are marshmallow soft and will keep the chill from nipping at your ankles. 

“While bare wood floors are a blessing in humid summers, they can turn into polar ice caps in the winter.”

On to socks. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the best socks to wear at home during winter are the ones that resemble leftover wool from a sheep’s shearing. You want something ridiculously over-the-top, so if your toes pop out from the duvet at night, you won’t get eaten by a frost monster. There are many great brands to choose from but you can’t go wrong with Tutuanna’s irresistibly comfy fuwamoko room socks

Last but not least – room shoes: the last defense. To avoid slipping and sliding all over your house in your new-fangled socks, you may want to double up with some indoor shoes. Try these from Zozotown or spend a little more and invest in some Uggs

Now, you’re all set for a day of remote work, binge-watching, or pampering while hopefully looking like you just rolled out of a cotton candy factory. Of course, if the urge to fall asleep overtakes you, there’s no judgment here. 

Where to buy 

Those cheap fluffy socks at your local Daiso might look tempting but just remember you’ll probably have to replenish them every winter. Take a look at these brands and stores that are popular amongst Japanese young women for a reason:

  • Gelato Pique: aiming to make their products as soft as gelato, you’ll be hard- (or soft-) pressed to find better fuwa fuwa sleepwear.
  • Tutuanna: known for their underwear, they also specialize in room wear to put on top. 
  • 3 Coins: if you want higher quality than a 100-yen shop but are still budgeting, 3 Coins’ socks are where it’s at.  
  • Snidel Home: treat yourself to well-designed loungewear that’ll last. 
  • Cecile: PJs, dressing gowns, slippers, and socks – they have it all
  • Zozotown: one-stop-shop for all fashion-related items with their eclectic room wear category harboring many wonderful brands. 
  • Uniqlo: keep it simple with their sheepish clothes to wear at home. 

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