Japanese Self-Pleasure Toys for Women

Uniquely Japanese Sexual Wellness Products For Your Pleasure

By Rachel Crane
April 4, 2024
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Find your bliss with this guide to female sex toys for every taste and budget.

Even in an increasingly sex-positive world, the topic of female masturbation remains something of a taboo. This is especially true in Japan where, as one Japanese dual-national I spoke with noted, there is an extra layer of stigma around discussing female self-pleasure and masturbatory toys as well as porn for women.

Japanese Self-Pleasure Toys Women Iroha Kiko Mizuhara© Photo by Iroha

Nevertheless, Japan is the home of a dizzying array of female sex toys, and they’re becoming increasingly mainstream. For their 10th anniversary last year, luxury Japanese fem-care brand Iroha announced model and actress Kiko Mizuhara as a brand ambassador, bringing wider attention to the discussion of women’s sexual wellness in Japan.

self-pleasure is a form of self-care

In an interview with Iroha, Mizuhara described her belief that self-pleasure is a form of self-care, and we couldn’t agree more. So without further ado, here’s our introduction to some of the best Japanese self-pleasure toys for women, and where you can find them.

Brands and Products

From high-end luxury to budget fun, these brands cover all bases.


Iroha Self-Pleasure Toys
From left, Iroha Zen; Iroha Hanamidori; Iroha Fit; and Iroha Mai.

When it comes to luxurious Japanese sex toys for women, Iroha has no competition. A female-focused range from popular sex toy brand Tenga, Iroha specializes in beautiful self-pleasure devices inspired by ‘the essence of Japan’. All of Iroha’s products are designed by women. They’re so aesthetically pleasing you’ll be tempted to keep them on display. From affordable and discreet to elegantly cutting-edge, Iroha has something to suit everyone.

  • Price range: ¥1,800-¥16,000

Iroha Zen

Modeled on the shape of a matcha (powdered green tea) whisk, this vibrator is as quiet and gentle as its name suggests. Its soft, gently textured shape can be used for either clitoral or G-spot stimulation.

Iroha Hanamidori

This palm-sized external vibrator is made from ultra-soft silicon, mimicking the softness of mochi (rice cake). Underneath though, its vibrations pack a strong punch.

Iroha Fit

A semi-flexible internal vibrator designed in response to Japanese women’s concerns about the rigidity of traditional insertable toys. Kiko Mizuhara singled out the Fit as her personal favorite from Iroha.

Iroha Mai

Iroha’s most innovative product uses sound wave technology to create a softer and more natural internal stimulation than a traditional vibrator.

Wild One (SSI Japan)

Wild One (SSI Japan) Japanese Self-Pleasure Toys Women
From left, Denma Zero Shibuya; Orgamoon; and White Lover (blurred).

Wild One, from adult company SSI Japan, is another Japanese sex toy line with designs that embrace the country’s culture and consumer needs. More tongue-in-cheek than Iroha and other luxury brands, Wild One’s products promise maximum pleasure without breaking the bank.

  • Price range: ¥500-¥10,000

Pink Denma Zero Shibuya

Wild One’s best-known product, this classic massage-wand style vibrator comes very reasonably priced compared to similar toys. The Shibuya edition is colorfully packaged to celebrate the home of Wild One’s brick-and-mortar store (see below).


Another product designed with Japanese customers in mind, this toy combines clitoral suction and G-spot stimulation for women who want to enjoy both sensations in a smaller package.

White Lover

In a survey on X (Formerly known as Twitter), Wild One’s consumers voted for this textured, semi-realistic dildo as their favorite product from the brand. The name and color are a cheeky reference to White Day when men give gifts to women in return for those received on Valentine’s Day. It also comes in a larger 22cm size.

Japan Toyz

Japan Toyz Japanese Self-Pleasure Toys Women
From left, Cat Punch Removi Lift; and Cat Punch Chupabul Rotor.

Like Wild One, Japan Toyz produces a wide variety of products for both men and women.  While some of their offerings for men have a more parodic feel, their women’s toys boast sleek designs and innovative technology reminiscent of higher-end products without the hefty price tag. 

  • Price range: ¥2,000-¥8,000

Cat Punch Removi Lift

This dual-stimulation internal and external vibrator has a flexible design to help you reach all the right places. It also comes with a remote control for hands-free or partnered play.

Cat Punch Chupabul Rotor

A top choice from Japan Toyz’s popular range of suction toys, which are designed to mimic the sensation of oral sex. Nine different settings mean the toy can be precisely adjusted to suit all users.


Hitachi's Magic Wand
Hitachi’s Magic Wand

While female pleasure may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Hitachi, the Japanese corporation is the creator of one iconic high-end product that many consider the ultimate sex toy.

  • Price range: Approx. ¥21,000

Magic Wand

Ostensibly a whole-body massager for tired muscles, the Magic Wand also has a long-standing reputation as the finest external vibrator around. Hitachi acknowledged this aspect of the wand’s popularity when they released the Shibari G-Spot Ecstasy attachment, among others. If it’s high-quality, powerful stimulation you’re after, look no further.

Where To Buy

When shopping for sex toys, it can be helpful to see—and touch—products in person to make sure you’re choosing the perfect size, material and functionality for you. So if you’re feeling confident, here are three of the best Tokyo locations for in-person adult shopping.

Pop Life Department M’s (Akihabara)

Pop Life Department M’s (Akihabara)© Photo by Wikimedia Commons: Bject

This seven-floor mega-store claims to be the biggest adult outlet in the world, and it isn’t hard to believe. For this reason, Pop Life Department M’s has become something of a tourist attraction, but don’t let that put you off—the store maintains a mature atmosphere, and you’ll undoubtedly find what you’re looking for.

Mega Don Quijote (Shibuya)

Don Quijote Mega Store in Shibuya© Photo by iStock: Marco_Piunti

As any seasoned resident knows, behind the 18+ curtains of every Donki lies an impressive variety of Japanese sex toys. If the crowds of less adventurous shoppers do not put you off then why not slip into the adults-only selection of a branch like Mega Don Quijote Shibuya and see what takes your fancy?

Wild One (Shibuya)

Wild One (Shibuya)© Photo by Wikimedia Commons: Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan

If you’re hoping for a more discreet shopping experience, look no further than Wild One, home to the adult goods brand of the same name. The striking store sits on a quiet corner of Shibuya’s ‘Love Hotel Hill’ and fits right into the surroundings. Wild One is an adult shopping gem with a great selection of products and a surprisingly cozy interior.

You can check out more adult shops across Tokyo over on GaijinPot Travel.

Looking for more pleasure in your life? Why not get your hands on one of these uniquely Japanese self-pleasure toys for women and indulge in some self-love? If you recommend any of the products suggested here, let us know in the comments!

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