Jean-Michel Basquiat for Francfranc

By Fashion Headline
July 31, 2013

Jean-Michel Basquiat has teamed up with interior store Francfranc from beyond the grave to produce a line of home accessories that showcases his colorful, playful style. The products, which include mugs, plates, cushions, blankets, book covers, pencil cases and more, are now available in select Francfranc stores, including the Shibuya and Ginza locations, as well as Lounge by Francfranc in Aoyama.

Francfranc JMB 1

The items bear several of the artist’s most iconic works, such as his drawings of dinosaurs, robots and airplanes. There are also renditions of some of his more whimsical creations, such as a rug with the image of a half-eaten banana, and a trumpeter on a coffee mug.

Francfranc has previously released collections using art by pop artist Andy Warhol and top New York creative agency Jed Root.

Francfranc JMB 2

Born to a Haitian father and Puerto Rican mother in Brooklyn, New York in 1960, Jean-Michel began spray painting on the walls of the New York City subway and slum areas while still in high school. After dropping out of school, he made a living selling t-shirts and postcards in front of the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. He and his work steadily began to gain notoriety, until he was exhibiting in solo shows at various galleries. In the early ’80s he met Andy Warhol at a restaurant in Soho, and the two later collaborated on a series of paintings. Jean-Michel died of a heroin overdose in 1988, when he was just 27. In 2010 the 50th anniversary of his birth was commemorated with a documentary film called “Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child,” which features archival images of the artist himself.

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