Kids’ Karate Classes at Club 360

By Dinasha Cellura
April 28, 2014

Once our kids are ready to start after-school activities, we as parents are overwhelmed with selecting what we can only hope will be the best activity for them. In the case of physical activities, we want our kids to have fun while also learning discipline, coordination, and agility. The Shinkyokushin Karate program at Club 360 in Moto Azabu teaches all this and more in a safe, enjoyable setting.

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My son started in the program at age three, and I often wondered how he made it through an entire class session. You could see him struggling with attention and focus as the minutes wore on. But he will turn five this summer, and today is showing phenomenal achievement in focus, coordination, discipline and an overall respect for the martial arts.

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The kids are required to wear an official Shinyokushin dogi, or uniform, to class. They are kept in a secure and safe setting, and the teacher, Sam Gilbert (also known as Sam-sensei), watches their technique closely to prevent injury. In the case that one of the children does incur an injury, Club 360 is fully equipped to deal with the situation quickly, safely and professionally.

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In addition to teaching the kids karate skills, Sam-sensei also instructs his students to be honorable and to not misuse what they learn. I’ve never seen my son use his abilities outside of the classroom other than as dance moves to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song. As a parent, this kind of discipline on the behalf of the instructor sets my mind at ease.

Sam-sensei himself has been training in the art of Shinkyokushin karate since the age of eight and wears a black belt. He also teaches at international schools in the Minato-ku area, so he has plenty of experience working with children of all ages. For more information on Club 360, please click here.

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