SuperOrganic Foods Takes Natural to a New Level

The term “organic” is often considered to be synonymous with safe, healthy agricultural products, but few people know what it truly means, especially in the context of Japan. When it came time to start feeding my infant solids, I decided that I wanted more than just blind trust in a label on the package; I wanted background information and reassurance that the produce was grown toxic-free before feeding it to my infant.

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I opted to start a farm box delivery to my home with the goals of both eating seasonally fresh produce and having a reliable source of organic food to prepare. There are many farm box delivery services to choose from in Tokyo. After a bit of research, I decided to try a company called SuperOrganic Foods. SOF is a grassroots, locally run company providing toxic-free produce to customers across Japan. It was easy to sign up via email in English, which was a plus.

Beyond the ease of set up, I learned a bit more about growing organic in Japan, and what standard SOF holds to its label “SuperOrganic.” According to SOF ambassador Yoko Ciganer, the standard “organic” labeled produce in Japan can contain any number of thirty approved agricultural chemicals, used typically because of Japan’s extreme climates. Yoko added that the seeds used to grow and harvest “organic” crops in Japan could often be genetic hybrids modified for short-term harvesting.

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“SuperOrganic” is a registered brand of Hokkaido Valley L.L.C. and is completely free from use of such chemicals and modifications. The SOF founder, Rika Oishi, sources and works directly with multiple farmers in Japan to ensure they meet SuperOrganic standards, soil test once every three years for radiation, and do not use agro-chemicals, chemical fertilizers, modifications or additives. SOF works with over 30 farmers in the Hokkaido area for crops in the summer, and from Kyushu and Shikoku during the winter months.

I receive my SOF box once a week delivered to my door at a time that suits my schedule. There are affordably priced small, medium, and large size boxes of seasonal vegetables from which customers can choose. A list of standard and optional vegetables is sent in a weekly email, and customers can replace items in their boxes with an equivalent item from the optional list. There is also a list of optional add-ons that often include seasonal fruit, organic meats, eggs, jams, and cooking pastes.

There are many health and immunity benefits to eating seasonally fresh, organic produce, but one of the greatest joys I’ve found is in the creativity of preparation. It is so rewarding to savor the colorful, sweet, and true flavors of a farm fresh 0rganic meal.

For more information on SuperOrganic Foods, please check the company’s official website.


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