One Harbour Road & Dim Sum Specials At Grand Hyatt’s Chinaroom

This Season's Special Collaboration And All-You-Can-Eat Menu

By The Savvy Team
May 7, 2017
Food & Drink

This spring, taste Hong Kong's Harbour and enjoy plenty of exquisite dishes in the heart of Tokyo.

If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, you’ve probably been to or at least heard of One Harbour Road, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong’s iconic Cantonese food restaurant along Victoria Harbor that has won the hearts of locals and tourists alike — and even Michelin guide inspectors. But if you haven’t been yet, we’ve got good news: One Harbour Road is currently here in Japan on a special promotion at the Garnd Hyatt Tokyo’s Chinaroom, adding a local touch and a new vibe to its already impressive lineup of unique Cantonese style dishes.

The collaboration, which runs until the end of May, invites two of the top chefs from One Harbour Road at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to partner with Chinaroom’s executive chef Katsumasa Koike to showcase authentic Cantonese dishes from the famous restaurant — but cooked with Japanese ingredients. Or in other words — the hotel is on a mission to create a culinary experience that takes the best of both worlds and puts it together in a harmonious, non-pretentious — yet relaxing and elegant ambience perfect for a meal with the family or friends.

On a recent lunch rendezvous at the hotel, the Savvy Tokyo team stopped by to check out the latest edition on the Chinaroom menu — and ended up staying longer than we’d planned.

A Taste Of One Harbour Road’s Signature Menu

The One Harbour Road collaboration menu is available both for lunch and dinner, with each course containing just enough items to make you pleasantly satisfied, though not heavy. The lunch full course (¥5,600/person) contains a total of nine items, from appetizers from the Hong Kong’s signature menu (deep-fried black mushrooms, osmanthus honey sauce as a start) and soup, to several main dishes in small portions, including the absolutely exquisite honey-roasted barbecue pork (also straight from the Hong Kong branch), deep-fried, dark vinegar Kurobuta pork and crab meat and egg white rice; a dessert and Chinese tea. The menu includes a good variety of vegetables and seafood, including the Wok-fried Prawns and Fungi in marinated mushroom sauce, and the Steamed Spicy Scallop, Shrimp and Chive Dumplings, which manage to create both a spicy and mild harmony, which results in nothing but a pleasant melt in the mouth — and a crave for more (we say this from experience).

The dinner menu (¥15,000/person) invites you for a longer stay and includes 11 savory items for a full course and promised ultimate gastronomic satisfaction. Apart from several appetizers and other items from the lunch menu, the course also includes Fried rice with abalone in an earthen pot — food for the eye and stomach alike, the Hong Kong favorite Braised Boston lobster with Chinese yam, quinoa, and Stir-fried diced Japanese beef and vegetable in a crispy basket. Finish off with two desserts: the beautifully-presented Deep-fried sesame dumpling filled with egg yolk custard and Chilled milk pudding with ginger. The collaboration menu recreates the authentic One Harbour Road taste, while also incorporates unique Japanese-only ingredients in a unique presentation available only here at Chinaroom. It’s not only exquisite in taste, but also lacks the usual oily flavor Chinese food has, making it a great meal option even for the health-cautious folks in town.

All-You-Can-Taste Dim Sum  

Apart from its ongoing collaboration menu, Chinaroom also offers an array of other regular culinary experiences and special promotions, the currently most popular of each is the “Touch Of Heart” all-you-can-taste Dim Sum, offered as a special lunch set. The course includes a chicken salad as a start, Chinese herbal soup, assorted dim sum, steamed dumpling with caviar and bird’s nest, Abalone pie with foie gras, Shrimp dumpling with truffles, a dessert, and all-you-can-taste dim sum from some 26 kinds, including a daily-changed one option. The dim sum comes in small portions, allowing you to taste everything at your preference — from braised pork and steamed fish ball, to even milk-flavored Chinese bun. If you’re a Chinese foodie craving varieties — this is your one stop to everything you need to satisfy your taste buds. Additionally, on weekends and national holidays, Hong Kong-style food carts with dim sum are served around the restaurant for diners to order from without leaving their seats. The course costs ¥4,500 on weekdays and ¥5,200 on weekends and national holidays, including one complimentary welcome drink. Reservations in advance are highly recommended.

The Restaurant

Though specializing in authentic Cantonese dishes, Chinaroom is not a typical Chinese restaurant at a glance. It strikes you more as an international, formal, yet casual restaurant, fit for a special dine out, a business luncheon or even a casual afternoon tea with friends. The red and black ambient put together by the renowned New York-based designer, Tony Chi, creates an elegant and relaxing ambience, perfect for any occasions. In addition to its spacious main dining hall, the restaurant also features three private dining rooms, as well as three intimate booth tables that could be used for business and family gatherings — not to mention a romantic date on a quiet evening. It’s a place that offers authentic Chinese food, as well as a number of seasonal and unique collaborations to keep you regularly surprised and culinarily inspired in a stylish, elegant ambience in the very heart of the city.

This season’s menu, especially, will surprise you — and bring back good memories from former trips to Hong Kong. If never experienced, though, make sure you taste it here, in a Grand Hyatt Tokyo style — you’ll know why it’s special.

The Deets 


Address: Grand Hyatt Tokyo 6F, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: Lunch 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Weekends and National Holidays – 3 p.m.)  Dinner 6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

The One Harbour Road collaboration menu is available until May 31.