Stars Over Tokyo July 2017

This month — dance with the stars

By Cathy Moe
July 1, 2017
Monthly Horoscope, Lifestyle

July offers you the chance to take a step back and consider what makes you the happiest.

If you’re wondering why there are 13 signs in this zodiac — the additional Ophiuchus (Nov 30 – Dec 17) — you can read the explanation in our first horoscope of the series. Only interested in reading your own ‘scope? Click on your sign below.

CAPRICORN (Jan 19 – Feb 15)
AQUARIUS (Feb 16 – Mar 11)
PISCES (Mar 12 – Apr 18)
ARIES (Apr 19 – May 13)
TAURUS (May 14 – June 19)
GEMINI (June 20 – July 20)
CANCER (July 21 – Aug 9)
LEO (Aug 10 – Sep 10)
VIRGO (Sep 11 – Oct 30)
LIBRA (Oct 31 – Nov 22)
SCORPIO (Nov 23 – Nov 29)
OPHIUCHUS (Nov 30 – Dec 17)
SAGITTARIUS (Dec 18 – Jan 18)

CAPRICORN January 19 – February 15

Color: Magnolia blossom pink
Sound: Cracker crunch
Daily antidote: Lovebird embrace

There’s magic in July. Venus and Chiron take the lead. Healing old wounds is a snap with this dynamic duo. Part of this reflects your willingness to open up. Shaking off pressures left by others, you can rebuild your dreams. Stock up on tasty treats and find time to explore the beauty around you. A visit to Rikugi-en can bring you back in touch with your own secret garden self. July 7 is a day to take center stage or call on someone who keeps crossing your mind. Take a leap of faith July 18 when Venus trines Jupiter. Let your mantra be “I’m ready to receive!” The month takes shape and molds to your desires, without you having to hold your breath!

AQUARIUS February 16 – March 11

Color: Seagrass green
Sound: Jacuzzi bubbles
Daily antidote: Virtual shopping spree

As an air sign, you tend to think about your next step. Your former ruling planet was Saturn, serious and responsible. Now it’s Uranus, spiritualizing change as it backs the electrical revolution. July undoes what was foisted upon you. July 7 is a day of love and romance. Don’t let hesitation keep you from hearing what’s said. You can make headway on July 18 as Venus and Jupiter expand what you’ve dreamed of. As early as the day before, you may not have believed it! Balance play with progress at work on July 24. Recognition is a sweet reward. You’re sexy July 26. A surprise pops into your life the last day of the month

PISCES March 12 – April 18

Color: Jade dragon
Sound: Sadness lifting
Daily antidote: Reverse umbrella

Money and love have a positive spin. Not a bad way to enjoy July! Venus pulls in a streak of beauty. Chiron helps balance your budget. Has it been tricky to pin down your schedule? A Pisces’ nervous system is especially sensitive. Why not give yourself a chance to rebuild from the inside out? Stop by We Are The Farm for a chisan-chisho experience. July 5 brings luck, helping to stock up your psychic reservoirs. After obstacles on July 17, Jupiter brings a better offer — the very next day. Feeling stretched so thin you can’t come unstuck? Take a chance and invest in yourself. It makes all the difference, especially the last day of this month.

ARIES April 19 – May 13

Color:  Outrageous orange
Sound: Air conditioner “on”
Daily antidote: Power nap

Venus brings beauty, while Mercury and Neptune hold a kind of fantasy energy over July. You may find yourself wandering through Shinjuku Gyoen or wonder how you ended up with one too many melonpan in your lunch. But what about your ruling planet, Mars? His focus kicks in on July 17 and things start to get interesting. Initially, you may be requested (or required) to change your schedule, regardless of agreements others have made. The quickest way through this is with the least resistance. Keep your juicy optimism up, as right after this, Jupiter and Venus gift you in ways that balance all your sacrifices!

TAURUS May 14 – June 19

Color: Butterscotch pudding
Sound: Crowd cheer
Daily antidote: Gratitude

July begins with Venus still bestowing her favors. You hear more of what you’d like to hear. Ruffled feathers are smoothed and your ego is restored. But what about things that slipped through the cracks, started by others, and partially saved by you? July is all about releasing yourself from tending to everyone else. It’s time to recognize you need some gentle handling, too. Whatever happened to time off in the summer? Friends, work buddies, lovers may ask for more than you have. Take a quick, secret trip after the Mars square Uranus aspect July 17. Your path could change quickly, and in the most relaxing direction.

GEMINI June 20 – July 20

Color: Strawberry shortcake
Sound: Kitten paws padding
Daily antidote: Heart melt

While so many are up in arms, July could be your month to chill. This may be a concept not easily embraced. When is the last time you were able to take a nap uninterrupted? Or write a mail not co-opted by dancing merchandise in your margins? You may still travel or create a bundle of expression, but July’s focus is embossed with calm and serene. Most of this month is blessed, with July 5 and 17 offering hiccups. Get yourself to the other side. The gloss and sheen will repair your overworked nerves. Pamper yourself the third week as Venus makes a transit to oppose Saturn. The last day of this month holds a surprise.

CANCER July 21 – August 9

Color: Twilight silhouette
Sound: Sushi roll rolling
Daily antidote: Hope

Mars in your sign opposes Pluto as July begins. You may find you’re moving heaven and earth to make something happen. The potential outcome needs your input. This is not about ego. This is about caring and a willingness to be involved, which you already are. Since you’re not going anywhere except straight to the source, you may as well do all you can to shore up your reserves. Venus helps as she heals the past to restore color to your dreams. July 17 offers a quick change that opens new vistas, which you can enjoy the very next day. Consider a trip to Odaiba if the walls at home are closing in on you. The last day of July is favorable for finances and work.

LEO August 10 – September 10

Color: Antique lace
Sound: Gregorian chimes
Daily antidote: Belly laugh

Lioness that you are, you’re a “big cat” person. Sleek and powerful, you can go on the prowl with the best of them. July offers starlit skies and late nights with friends. Just remember to take your cat naps! Even a short rest will have you purring again. As unplanned as it may be, take yourself out for summer bargains. Much of this will be in the clothing, jewelry and make-up arenas. Anything that reminds you’re a force to be reckoned with! On July 17, Mars and Uranus switch things up. It’s likely to be in the “masculine energy” department. Sail through it and enjoy the rewards as Venus trines Jupiter the very next day. Happy Birthday to late July Leos as you pounce on the fun you’ll be having!

VIRGO September 11 – October 30

Color: Metallic apricot
Sound: Wisteria whispers
Daily antidote: Bay breeze

Small breezes make big ripples in July. The energy around you cleans itself up. You’re free to see beauty blossom in quiet corners. Look for it July 1 and 2 at Hotel Chinzanso’s Garden as you dine and watch the fireflies. Venus sextiles Chiron to soothe and restore dreams and romantic pursuits. On a budget or busy until mid-month? You can still check out Setagaya’s firefly festival. This coincides with Venus and Mars blending their perspectives to take a spiritual leap. Ready to move forward in an important area of your life? Stability, security and a true sense of purpose strengthens starting July 26.

LIBRA October 31 – November 22

Color: Floral fusion
Sound: Bonsho bells
Daily antidote: Cloud busting

Got matcha? Jupiter in your sign is likely to revitalize. Your body is your temple and you’re taking it seriously. Jupiter’s transit definitely pushes for a spiritual upgrade, although it’s in the form of fun, travel or writing a diary to help humanity. Part of this is the strength Venus shows behind the scenes. You can do some psychic healing, stand up to the bullies and enjoy summer parties with your name on them. After mid-month, you’re balancing responsibilities to make your future secure. Fill up flex time with beauty treatments and wardrobe upgrades. The last day of July may entice you with a beautiful view.

SCORPIO November 23 – November 29

Color: Peacock blue
Sound: Nori seaweed crackle
Daily antidote: Mango salsa

July has your greatest desires in mind. It is not indulgent to put yourself first. Someone has to take care of you — and you know what you like best! July 1 and 5 put in a request for transformation. You may be itching for a revamp, without knowing exactly how to go about it. Mars and Pluto do the pushing. They ask you to give up your Twinkies and embark on a spirulina journey. Then, Venus shows up to offer secrets to soothe your skin by. Have you tried exfoliating with azuki beans? What about a nice komenuka (rice bran) scrub? The thrust here is, look great, feel great. Accept those invitations. Let yourself shine like the sacred star you are.

OPHIUCHUS November 30 – December 17

Color: Electric gold
Sound: Waterfall chimes
Daily antidote: Cut cords

As the new sign of the zodiac, you’re powerful because you’ve been hidden away. Your magical healing powers are still intact. Sad that not everyone believes it? That’s the way it is with pioneers. You normally don’t know you are one until you’re in the midst of doing what makes it so. Mars and Pluto show their strength in July. It’s up to you to keep them balanced. Opportunities flow with the Venus/Jupiter trine mid-month. Take a deep breath and enhance your Venusian qualities. She may seem to take the easy (aka flirtatious) path, but in essence, she does her spiritual warrior gig in her own way. The last week, Uranus asks you to define priorities to make quick changes.

SAGITTARIUS December 18 – January 18

Color: Brass reflection
Sound: Zippy zipper
Daily Antidote: Milk & ice cube facial

If July holds low expectations, you’ll be all the more pleased with its results. Born in December or January, July is rarely your main milieu. If you take a step back to survey, you may be handed your choice of dreams. Mars opposes Pluto. Power and transformation are yours. Walk this balance beam, trust your instincts. Not working? Then step out and have a few adventures. Go down that street you haven’t had time for, have that massage you think you can’t afford. One thing leads to another. Painting outside the lines creates the watercolor you deserve to own. Your strength is that you’re in it.

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