Stars Over Tokyo June 2017

June invites your heartstrings to play a new tune

By Cathy Moe
June 1, 2017
Monthly Horoscope

June is the month to enhance a relationship. It’s named for Juno, the “constant consort” who influences commitment, fairness and fashion.

If you’re wondering why there are 13 signs in this zodiac — the additional Ophiuchus (Nov 30 – Dec 17) — you can read the explanation in our first horoscope of the series. Only interested in reading your own ‘scope? Click on your sign below.

CAPRICORN (Jan 19 – Feb 15)
AQUARIUS (Feb 16 – Mar 11)
PISCES (Mar 12 – Apr 18)
ARIES (Apr 19 – May 13)
TAURUS (May 14 – June 19)
GEMINI (June 20 – July 20)
CANCER (July 21 – Aug 9)
LEO (Aug 10 – Sep 10)
VIRGO (Sep 11 – Oct 30)
LIBRA (Oct 31 – Nov 22)
SCORPIO (Nov 23 – Nov 29)
OPHIUCHUS (Nov 30 – Dec 17)
SAGITTARIUS (Dec 18 – Jan 18)

CAPRICORN January 19 – February 15

Color: Tansu brown
Sound: Smooth water dive
Daily antidote: Walk before sunset

Although there are a million ways you could spend your energy, be choosy. It’s valuable. Capricorns want their efforts to last. If you’re appreciated, so much the better. June brings not so much a change of heart as a strengthening. Aspects with goddess Venus through June 9 set the pace with comfort and beauty. Then Mercury jumps in to assist your work profile. The Sun squares Chiron to define and heal your position in a sensitive situation. Soon after, the summer solstice on June 21 brings new possibilities. Truly a renaissance of spirit. Romance starts to pan out beginning June 26. Possibly at L’Occitane Café.

AQUARIUS February 16 – March 11

Color: Beachy blue-gray
Sound: Breathy voice
Daily antidote: Music for heart healing

Threads of wispy half-thoughts float by as June begins. Then Venus, the goddess of war (to match Mars, her counterpart) starts making power connections left and right. She’s especially influential in your chart, keeping you busy as you manage to stay comfortable. Since she governs beauty, love and money as well, if you get a few salon treatments in, so much the better. Mid-June, someone’s promises go missing. Mercury squares Neptune and they honestly can’t remember what they said. Then self-revelation is forced upon you June 19. A bonus, as the Summer Solstice June 21 pulls you out of your daily perspective. So think globally. A weight lifts from heavy responsibilities.

PISCES March 12 – April 18

Color: Sand dollar white
Sound: Mellow cooing
Daily antidote: Probiotic smoothie

Not every day is smooth sailing. One morning you zoom through mail, another, you may drift. June’s a bit like that. Venus does a dance with several planets to get things going. You’ll be silky soft one moment, standing up for your rights another. Venus isn’t just about beauty and comfort (although a mani-pedi may be in your future). She reminds you of your value and what’s important when all is said and done. Such as love, money, the arts and your body! Then, Mercury jumps up and challenges you. It’s alright. You’ve got this. The Summer Solstice June 21 is as good as spiritual inspiration can get. June finishes with a flourish bringing you energy to spare.

ARIES April 19 – May 13

Color:  Lustrous lavender
Sound: Crickets at night
Daily antidote: DIY project

Some things that happen burn right down to your soul. As a hot fire sign, you’re known for instant reaction and the ability to get things done. Venus keeps you busy in early June. She encourages pampering to your hair, nails and the sexy part of your wardrobe (like something you would find at Bastien Gonzalez or Peach John). Then Mercury challenges the vagueness of it all (as in: promises, love, the future). You may find yourself at the Sanno Festival just to prove a point. June’s overriding theme is: you’re stronger than you think. If you feel the stars are testing you — enjoy making romance beautiful on your own terms.

TAURUS May 14 – June 19

Color: Purple haze
Sound: Thunder rumble
Daily antidote: Wild thing pose

There’s a lot you can do with June, like sculpting something that responds to your touch. Venus, your ruler, encourages and entices. This goddess of goodness enters your sign the very first week. Find a place of elegant viewing for sweet palates, like Pierre Herme in Aoyama, or create your own zen repose at Bar Gen Yamamoto in Azabu Juban. No need to rush — there are too many parts of your life still under construction. Knowing this, you can kick off your work shoes and wiggle your toes as you choose whether to move towards love with Venus sextile Neptune or simply enjoy the Summer Solstice June 21 to discover what follows.

GEMINI June 20 – July 20

Color: Stonewashed sunrise
Sound: Wolf calling mate
Daily antidote: Guilty treat

You can’t be all places at once, but you can get close. Your stream of friends and admirers continues to grow in June. Venus, the social butterfly, expands your invitations while enhancing the tone. Whether you’re at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi for afternoon tea or Il Gusto Dolce Vita in Iidabashi for a quick “trip” to Europe, the key word is luxury. Of course, you’ll take it in stride — for this lifetime or another, you’ve earned it! Then let yourself enjoy the Summer Solstice June 21. Starry feelings align with what you’ve heard your thoughts whisper. Bit by bit, all the connections will click. You’ll  wear a smile to show investing in yourself was worth it!

CANCER July 21 – August 9

Color: Soft violet
Sound: Coin jingle
Daily antidote: Homemade soup

Venus is in a prominent position of your chart. You’re rewarded with beauty and bounty as June soothes any sore spots in your soul. It’s also a chance to go out on your own or invite your friends to join in. Missed the Marie Claire Festival? If you prefer quiet and peace, it can be found in Jiyugaoka. Seek out the nine Bodhisattvas at the Joshin-ji Temple, taking a walk along the Kuhonbutsu Ryokudo (Green Road). The Summer Solstice June 21 in Cancer is all yours. Mercury joins in, so your mind is clear and your thoughts productive. Not only that, they’re nurturing, something you excel at. A cooking class or film about the sea is likely to turn things around.

LEO August 10 – September 10

Color: Lemony light
Sound: Whale song
Daily antidote: Connect with a friend

Thank your lucky stars you’re a Leo! As the lioness, you really know how to create an impression. You have a way of setting trends, partly because your presence commands attention — and usually without trying! If you haven’t been enjoying your cronuts lately, scout out the sophisticated cafés and shops in Jiyugaoka. Venus likes to adorn you. She’s in a strong position to encourage you. As the Summer Solstice rolls around June 21, deeper thoughts are sparked. Light from longer days shows  avenues of action you may not have seen before.

VIRGO September 11 – October 30

Color: Peach cobbler
Sound: Swallowing pride
Daily antidote: Massage melt

Were you told your life belongs to you? Yet are your plans often put at the back of the queue as you get ready for work, take care of your children or choose whether you should cook for your lover or wear something sexy (or both)? Virgo’s theme is “I serve.” Maybe it’s time to change it up a little! For starters, you can restore your spirit at the Jindai Botanical Garden — roses are the fourth (heart) chakra healer. Or order yourself a hedgehog gelato cake at Glaciel Omotesando to restore your inner child. The Summer Solstice June 21 reflects the truth that nurturing comes in many forms, including serving yourself!

LIBRA October 31 – November 22

Color: Blueberry bling
Sound: Dolphin splash
Daily antidote: Reverse prayer pose

For someone who desires peace and serenity, the stars have been a bit tricky. Jupiter has been retrograde in your sign forever — well, since February — and that’s a long time to be thrown off balance! Thankfully, it goes direct the second week of June. You can feel lucky once more. Your ruler Venus makes beneficial connections, too. Treat yourself to views of what Venus would like for you. Gaze longingly at Magnolia Bakery’s pop-up shop treats, check out Lisette Tokyo’s French clothing or find the perfect zakka to make your day. It’s just the beginning. The Summer Solstice June 21 starts a new chapter which brings home and career into beautiful focus.

SCORPIO November 23 – November 29

Color: Crystal prism
Sound: Lightning crackle
Daily antidote: Crisp apple slices

The month starts with a prominence of aspects between the fire and air signs. As a water sign, where does that leave you? On June 9, there’s a helpful connection between Venus and Mars. It’s almost as if you can write your own ticket when it comes to love, romance and travel. Where would you most like to be? Under the covers at your favorite onsen? Walking through the mystic forests of Miyajima? Exploring a torched marshmallow on a stick? For all the sacred and kawaii that life can bring you, look for things to settle down soon, creating a more solid shape. The Summer Solstice June 21 is a hint of new directions you’re about to take.

OPHIUCHUS November 30 – December 17

Color: Teardrop rainbow
Sound: Sparkling soda pouring
Daily antidote: Trust yourself

June begins with Venus in high aspect to other planets. She puts the glitter in glamor, while admitting you need nature (as in “natural”) to keep your bearings. In the midst of summer’s mutations, remember your light DNA is set to go off at precisely the right moment. That means you don’t actually have to figure it out ahead of time. As you choose your (new) path, your greatest asset is being true to yourself. That way, you end up where you are meant to be. The Venus sextile Mars aspect June 9 reminds that there are still treasures to be found. This includes relationships. Then the Summer Solstice June 21 asks you to make a choice. Not what is most popular, but what you like the best.

SAGITTARIUS December 18 – January 18

Color: Calico kitten
Sound: Tearing paper of the past
Daily Antidote: Bow pose

Venus reminds you to seek out indulgent events in June. In other words: what you consider the lap of luxury. Of late have you been lost in your work, never finding blue sky between the clouds? Isn’t it time to let your thoughts drift off a little? On June 9, Venus sextiles Mars to put relationships in balance. Although you may have plenty of long-range plans, what you have been called to do may seem to run just opposite. As in, getting in the way. Remember this is an efficient universe, so don’t consider your energy wasted. Everything you put in, you will soon be able to pull out. The Summer Solstice June 21 shows where you are ready to commit and what still needs to feel right as you move forward.

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