Street Chic: Summer 2017 Best Sneaker Trends

That Will Make You Want To Get Laced Up And Ready To Go

By Emi Schemmer
June 30, 2017
Fashion, Seasonal Trends

Ladies, it’s official: the Sneaker Revolution is here and about to stay.

For the past few decades, we’ve seen sneakers go in and out of fashion, but never like before have we seen this iconic footwear item have such a strong comeback. Now, they’re on fashion week runways, in almost every issue of fashion magazines and are a regular attribute to celebrities’ fashion looks.  

This summer, sneakers have almost completely replaced heels, and we’d like to thank all fashion experts for this, because Tokyo, as we all know, is not the greatest city to walk around in anything but flats.

So, if you’re not into the kicks fashion movement yet, this summer, spruce up your collection and get ready to rock the city. Here are this season’s top sneaker trends that will make you both comfy and chic. 

The High Top

Converse All Stars Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. ¥7,020 at ABC Mart.

While the high-top has never lost its popularity in the fashion world, we’re starting to see some unique twists to the many already existing types to keep their relevance and reaffirm their solid presence. Paired with cropped jeans or a high jersey one piece, high tops are a purchase you can’t go wrong with.


Gucci Embroidery Sneakers. ¥86,400

From street style brands to high fashion brands like Gucci or Kenzo, embroidered sneakers are a great way to add that focal point to your everyday outfit. Perfectly matching with simple and basic fashion styles, let a pair of embroidered sneakers be loud and make that statement you’re after!

Pink and Bold

Nike iD. ¥12,800

Pink is everywhere in the fashion world right now, and now is the time that it has finally flowed down from our shirts to our feet. From soft hues of rose to vibrant and almost neon-shocking pink, this season you can find every spectrum of this hot color. Go for the wild and bold shades! 

The Platform

Zara Satin Platform Sneakers. ¥6,990.

Ok, admit it: You had a pair of those back in the good old days when the Spice Girls were still in fashion. Well, the trend is back, so boost yourself up a few inches this summer and grab a pair of platform sneakers. These kicks will give that extra edge to any outfit and still help you stand taller. Pair with skinny jeans, mini or long skirts.


Converse All Star, Silver. ¥8,640 at ABC Mart. 

From head to toes, glitter is the hottest fashion trend this summer, so go ahead and add some glitz to your outfit with a pair of sparklers on your feet. Dress them up with a pair of chic black trousers or go casual with a flowy skirt.

All Knitted

Nike Air Max Ultra Light Flyknit. ¥17,280

Knit sneakers are becoming a staple of big athletic brands like Nike, New Balance, Adidas and Reebok. They are the perfect summer buy as they provide great air circulation that you are able to go even sans-socks. These kicks will definitely give you more of the sporty look, but mixing and matching is what it’s all about anyway.


Vans Slip On Lace Pink. ¥4,309 at ABC Mart.

We’ve seen slip-on sneakers come into fashion for quite some time now, most probably because as opposed to the everyday flat, the slip-on sneaker adds an edgy touch to your everyday look and they’re just so easy to wear. Probably the best choice on the list to keep you simultaneously en vogue and your heels at ease. Slip them and be on your way.

Sexy Satin

Jil Sander. ¥66,960

Satin is a must-have for this year’s summer fashion trends and this includes our footwear (of all kinds). Rather than go the obvious and buy a pair of satin heels, challenge yourself to something new and brave yourself to a new pair of satin sneakers. They will take your stylish outfit and add that extra glam that will get you the attention you’re looking for! Perfectly matched with white trousers and skirts. 


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