Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024

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By Tabitha Wilders
December 15, 2023
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The weather may be gloomy, but your look doesn’t have to be.

Whatever your perspective on winter weather—whether it be enchanting, cozy, dull, or somber—we can all agree on one thing: the winter season always brings along thrilling fashion trends. This year is no different.

This year, it’s all about incorporating wonderful pops of color into your outfits. A hint of pastel candy colors will provide that much-needed sweet touch to counteract bleak hues. Feel free to mix and match trendy items this winter, including classic knits and jumper skirts, which remain popular.

So, what winter 2023/2024 fashion trends will we wear, and how? Explore our compiled visual list of the top five Tokyo winter fashion trends that are sure to dominate our winter wardrobes. Don’t forget to check out the savvy styling tips and discover the color and pattern trends for this season.

1. Knitwear

Knitwear will always be a winter staple. It not only protects you from the cold but is also incredibly versatile, offering options for cool, casual, soft and feminine looks. This winter, pay special attention to knitwear with high necks and volume.

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Rabanne H&M

Embellished Mohair Blend Cardigan by Rabanne H&M | ¥14,999

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Lily Brown

Bijou Knit by Lily Brown | ¥19,910

Savvy Styling Tip:

For starters, bid farewell to boring neutrals and lifeless grays. The main color trend this season? Pink, pink, pink! Whether it’s a light or dark shade, any variation of pink is the go-to choice this year. We adore the vintage-inspired bijou, a pink knitted cardigan that adds a touch of femininity to any look. And, of course, a little kira kira (glittering) item will instantly lift your mood. One statement piece, like these knits, is enough to infuse a hint of luxury into a simple ensemble. Therefore, it’s best to keep everything else simple by pairing them with wide denim jeans or a jumper skirt on top with long boots.

2. Jumper Skirt

It’s something that all stylish people are wearing right now. Jumper skirts are nothing new, but they continue to be an absolute hit. A style that flatters all figures is a jumper skirt with a sharp v-neckline, as it can create a vertical impression in your chest area, making your body appear longer and taller.

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Misch Masch

Side Lace Up Jumper Skirt by Misch Masch | ¥12,100

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Randa

Tweed Mini Jumper Skirt by Randa | ¥13,970

Savvy Styling Tip:

While you can find jumper skirts that can be styled casually, we are particularly enamored with the more elegant options. Take, for example, the ones by Misch Masch, featuring a cute ribbon lace-up on the side, and the option by Randa that utilizes a tweed-like fabric and glitter to evoke a luxurious feel and enhance your mood. Not to mention, tweed is totally on trend this season. For both styles, consider pairing them with a basic-colored, thin-knit top underneath and sliding your feet into a pair of trendy long boots.

3. Short Length Coat

Last winter, a variety of jacket and coat lengths and styles were trending. Drawing significant attention, especially in winter 2023/2024, is the voluminous, short-length coat. Think big collars and short puffer coats.

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Lily Brown

Cropped Down Jacket (Yellow) by Lily Brown | ¥22,990

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Nave

Boa Cropped Jacket (Mint) by Nave | ¥39,930

Savvy Styling Tip:

Enhancing volume in your upper body can create an instantly sleeker appearance for your lower body. Transform your cropped jacket into the ‘it’ piece by investing in a cute, fluffy boa—a trendy material, especially in eye-catching colors like the mint one by Nave. Alternatively, opt for a pastel-colored cropped puffer jacket, ideally paired with wide pants and long boots. Both options complement a diverse range of outfits, from casual ensembles to feminine jumper skirts and dresses. For a touch of coolness, experiment with standing the collar up.

4. Wide Pants

So far, the trending winter fashion items have leaned towards a feminine, elegant and cute aura. However, there’s a shift on the horizon as men’s-like wide pants also take center stage this winter. The design and fit scream comfy chic.

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Dickies

Original 874® Work Pants by Dickies | ¥7,700

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Lily Brown

Folded High Waist Tuck Wide Pants by Lily Brown | ¥13,970

Savvy Styling Tip:

Flick through any magazine, and you’ll find that wide pants are sweeping the fashion scene, especially those with a cool waist detail. I am obsessed with the high-waisted pair by Lily Brown, which can be worn by folding the waist. Opt for a fitted, glitzy knitted top to balance out the masculinity of the pants. Complete the look by throwing on a short-length puffer jacket for a casual, off-duty vibe

5. Long Boots

Knee-high boots are back, baby! That’s right. Tall black boots are a must-have for this winter, and it’s the one shoe trend that, unsurprisingly, many are obsessed with. Knee-high boots are both functional and flattering.

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Kobe Lettuce

Long Combat Boots by Kobe Lettuce | ¥4,490

Top 5 Tokyo Fashion Trends This Winter 2023/2024© Photo by Diana Shoes

Simple Long Boots by Diana Shoes | ¥42,350

Savvy Styling Tip:

Getting yourself both a pair of low-heel, comfy knee-high boots and a pair of strong, thin-stiletto knee-high boots isn’t a bad idea at all. Long boots are incredibly versatile and easy to wear and style. Brown and beige are a must if you want to create a wintery look; these classic colors never go out of style, allowing you to wear them for a long time, as seen in the pair by Kobe Lettuce. Additionally, a black pair, like the ones by Diana Shoes, does an excellent job of adding a sharp touch to your overall look. Knee-high boots effortlessly complement and elevate the fashion trends mentioned above!

Which Tokyo winter 2023/2024 fashion trend is your favorite? Do you have any winter fashion tips to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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