Give An Artsy Twist To Your Quarantine With The UltraSuperNew Gallery

Online Art Is A Thing Now

Visiting art galleries is definitely on the list of things we are deeply missing right now. The UltraSuperNew Gallery decided to bring art to you using social media, and you don't want to miss it.

Art is everywhere, including the internet! The World Wide Web grew to become something totally incorporated in our daily lives and the concept of a visit to a virtual museum or an online curated collection almost seems obvious nowadays. Moreover, the internet allows young artists to express themselves through the medium of videos with YouTube or TikTok, pictures with Instagram, or even writings on a platform such as Wattpad.

Art is endless, would it be its expressions or the ways to enjoy it… But what about its creation? The process that leads to a new piece of art? I have to admit that I am a really curious person and I just love to know how things work, let alone how an artist can create from scratch. When I heard about “InStudio”—the latest concept developed by the UltraSuperNew Gallery in Omotesando—I just had to take a look at their Instagram feed.


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Welcome to the UltraSuperNew Gallery…

You will find the interactive space of the UltraSuperNew Gallery right in the heart of Omotesando, alongside everything that is new and vibrant in the city, a neighborhood used to set trends in Tokyo. The gallery is a concept itself, as it is supported by the UltraSuperNew creative agency—born in Harajuku, which now has a branch in Singapore—and actively promotes challenging the convention when it comes to art, seeking new narratives, and bringing creativity to life.

And because, as they say, they are “just big fans of people making cool sh*t“, UltraSuperNew could make awesome collaborations with Heineken or Tabasco in Japan. Their latest installation, “InStudio”, will give you a glimpse into something we usually can’t really eye on: the creative process of an artist.

…Meet Eirdis, Painter & “InStudio” resident

Give An Artsy Vibe To Your #StayAtHome With UltraSuperNew Gallery

Eirdis is an Icelandic and Chinese artist, she is using colors in her paintings to represent the complexity of human thinking and identity, creating an organic bridge into the subconscious. From April to May, Eirdis is using the UltraSuperNew Gallery as her own studio to create art! You can follow her adventures on her Instagram or the gallery’s Instagram, to take a peek in the subtle and secretive ways of a painting artist.

During this “InStudio” installation, she is showing everything in her creative process from the idea to the actual exhibition in the studio, uploading stories every day to her Instagram. The UltraSuperNew Gallery is also planning to compile these in order to post to their own feed, gathering an overall picture of the creative process of an artist.

Bringing closure into an art gallery

The big challenge for the gallery was to find a way of continuing their art promotion activity during quarantine, while protecting both artists and art-lovers… They come up with a trick that would avoid gathering people in a small space but still bring art to the public: transform the art gallery into an art studio.

The idea of an artist using the gallery space as their studio crossed our minds,” says Hanna Brieven, PR manager for the Gallery. “The main reason why we cannot use the physical space for an exhibit is that it will become a possible gathering space […]. However, a person alone in the gallery should not pose a problem.” Believe it or not, but when Eirdis contacted the gallery, they discovered that she was living… 5 minutes away by feet. It was settled.


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Eirdis is coming every day to the gallery—alone—and uses it as her painting studio and gallery. A couple of Q&A are also posted for viewers to understand even more her process and how she came up with her last art creations. Needless to say that social distancing, as well as all protective measures, are implemented during the process.

Never enough art?

We agree.

“Artist Interrupted” is another project managed by the UltraSuperNew Gallery, in both Tokyo and Singapore. Here, artists are filming themselves or their studio and will answer 3 everyday questions—a unique way to discover artists by the prism of their everyday life. The contents are currently being produced and should be live in May on Instagram!


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Are you an artist interested in the “InStudio” program? Feel free to reach the UltraSuperNew gallery directly on their website!  

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