Coronavirus Outbreak: Japan Top 5 Useless (But Funny) Alternative Mask Ideas

And Some Real Tips Against COVID-19

In Japan and elsewhere, the coronavirus outbreak led to a shortage of masks—and for some of us to a good laugh in order to release the pressure. We gathered some of the most imaginative alternative mask suggestions that we could find on the Japanese internet. Enjoy, and stay safe.

It is known that if you are looking for advice, one should never ask Twitter or more broadly, the Internet. As much as social networks can be powerful communication mediums, they also tend to be a great source of disputable advice—especially on hot topics such as a coronavirus outbreak and a national shortage of masks.

Once again, the Twitter community in Japan did not disappoint when everyone was looking for alternatives to regular masks as a protection measure from the current COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we definitely don’t recommend you to resort to using these masks, here is our top 5 of what we could find when looking for “coronavirus prevention” tips. Looking for a rel alternative to face masks? Read this article!

1. A Dinosaur Mask To Scare The Coronavirus Off

The creator of this mask confesses himself that he is not sure it will protect you from the coronavirus, but still, it’s rather impressive work! With only ¥200 of material bought from a ¥100 shop, @ASTROONSEN managed to create a Tyrannosaurus Rex mask that will surely keep people far away from you. Regarding coronavirus, we can’t guarantee you anything.

Nonetheless, this mask is trending among kids in Japan who can easily make them: a perfect activity to occupy your children stuck at home with little investment. @ASTROONSEN was kind enough to actually give a how-to guide to anyone willing to reproduce it at home!

You can scroll through the thread to enjoy some other DIY mask creations.

2. Recycle Your Old Bras To Fight Coronavirus

Asahino Yumeno pulled an interesting stunt when she decided to use a bra and create a mask out of it. While she admits this tweet was mainly aimed at being funny, she still thinks a bra mask will constitute decent protection when in need.

It sure is really cute and a nice way to perfect your sewing skills. According to her, the feeling when wearing them is not that different from a real mask and it is fulfilling its primary mission: preventing you from sneezing on people as well as not…well, getting other people to sneeze on your face.

She is as well giving you a how-to guide, any old bra to recycle in your drawers?

Careful on your bra size though, it could lead to a DIY mask a little big for your face (but really artsy).

3. The Caffeine Junkee Mask

The day you will have to choose between your morning coffee and wearing a mask may come sooner than you think. When the mask shortage news started to appear on the internet, social media users started to share their tips to replace a mask with everyday utilities… The good and the bad (mostly bad).

One trending alternative for masks was using a coffee filter! It has the right shape, discreet color and it seems you can still breathe through it. Well.

4. A Space-Proofed Mask To Shine

Japanese idols are always foreseeing trends… Including mask shortages! Announced for March 25 in Japan, the 25th single of the Japanese idol band Nogizaka46 will be right on time to set a new mask trend in Japan.

Bonus: it can protect you from back sneezing attacks as well.

5. Cyberpunk: A Mask Ahead Of Its Time

Who said you could not be edgy on top of being (maybe) protected? Not this Tokyo-based artist!

Hiroto Ikeuchi is making incredible order-made cyberpunk masks and various devices with an undeniable Altered Carbon vibe, magazines are using them for photoshoots when they are not made for private clients. On Twitter, Ikeuchi’s work has been suggested as an alternative way of protecting yourself from the coronavirus.

Even though we are in love with Ikeuchi’s intricate designs, we have to put a hard pass on this one. Too big.

Bonus Mask: The DIY Mask Suggestion By Japan National Police Agency

In 2017, Japan National Police Agency’s Twitter suggested us to create our own mask using kitchen paper when in need.

Directions: Take one sheet of kitchen paper, a rubber band and voilà! Here you go with your 2 min DIY mask, a how-to guide that Twitter users dug out in these coronavirus times.

Wearing a mask has become as much as a way at maintaining safety as well as reassuring everyone around you, but it is not the only way to help to fight the coronavirus outbreak in Japan, and everywhere else.

We can’t emphasize enough on the need to clean your hands with an alcohol-based solution or wash them with soap for at least 30 seconds frequently—and especially after using the restroom or coming from outside. The World Health Organization has put together an advice list to follow with clear explanations and videos, you can also follow the local situation in English on the website of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

TLDR: Real Tips For Coronavirus Prevention

  • Clean your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing and avoid any physical contact when greeting people
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • When sneezing, cover your mouth with your elbow to avoid dispersion of droplets. If you use a tissue, dispose of it immediately
  • If you feel sick, seek medical assistance as soon as possible and preferably call in advance

Stay safe.

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