10 Products From Japanese Stores To Help You Fight Hay Fever

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From air purifiers to fashion masks, here are 10 creative products that will help you enjoy the spring and sneeze less often.

Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming and we’ll soon be trading our winter clothes for lighter jackets to welcome the most beautiful time of year — spring! But millions of people in Japan also welcome the warmer months with fear as they gradually get confronted by constant sneezing, itchy eyes and streaming noses caused by the pollen we breathe in during spring.

According to 2019 pollen forecasts, the hay fever peak will begin as soon as the end of February and will continue until early April. While probably the best way to fight spring allergies is to get a prescription from your doctor, here are 10 easily available products on the Japanese market that will help you fight your allergies this season.

1. Pitta Mask

First introduced in 2014 as a mask that not only blocks pollen but also one that you can wear in style, the Pitta Mask is now an Asian fashion staple. These light and comfortable face masks are made of a soft and stretchable polyurethane material that blocks 99% of the pollen around you; are easy to wear and feel soft to the skin — and most importantly, don’t leave you struggling to catch your breathPitta masks also come in a wide range of colors to match your fashion looks and are available for both men, women and kids. 

Price: Around ¥350-¥500 
Where to buy: Drugstores, convenience stores 

2. Kafun wo Mizu ni Kaeru Mask 

The creative minds at DRC have developed a mask that changes pollen to water. Although not differing from a regular mask at a glance, these high-tech versions come in three kinds: a regular mask that transforms pollen into water (left), a more advanced one that transforms heavy doses of pollen into water (center), and a third type (left) that turns pollen and house dust into water. The advanced mechanics in the mask turn unsanitary proteins into water thanks to a special chemical reaction to the attached silver titanium, without wetting the mask. This further has a hydrating effect on your throat perfect for the stuffy spring season. Not recommended for people with silver allergies. 

Price: ¥1,000-¥1,400 (for a package of three masks)
Where to buy: Drugstores, convenience stores

3. MoriLabo Kafun Barrier Stick

This colorless lipstick-like-product was developed by a team at Japan’s Forest Research and Management Organization who found out that an extract from Todo pines from Hokkaido has an exceptionally high air purification effect. For this product, all you have to do is coat the exterior of your mask with the stick and the extract will do its magic as a barrier against pollen. The stick has a refreshing forest scent and can be used for up to 45 days. 

Price: About ¥1,000
Where to buy: Loft Shibuya, most Welcia stores 

4. Zoff Air Visor 

Popular eyewear store Zoff has released a special hay fever series glasses that fully cover your eyes so that no pollen can enter your system. The glasses come in a number of different colors and sizes (including a special Disney collaboration version for the kids). They are specially designed so you can wear them with face masks too. Glasses for children are also available. 

Price: From ¥3,000. From ¥6,000 for prescription glasses.
Where to buy: Any Zoff stores across Japan

5. Sanyo’s Pollen Protect Coat

Released last year by Timeless Work Sanyo, a company known for introducing the Duster Coat to the world, the Pollen Protect Coat is made of materials that pollen can’t really stick onto. Simple as it is, apparently it makes a huge difference! Offered in a variety of colors, sizes and both for men and women, this coat literally has your back covered – in every sense of the phrase. 

Price: ¥14,580-¥74,520
Where to buy: Matsuya Ginza, Odakyu Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Minatomirai Tokyu Square1, Sogo Yokohama, other department stores and online

6. Blue Pure 411 Particle + Carbon Air Purifier


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Blue Pure is a new compact air purifier that uses high-grade filter technologies that powerfully cleans out any pollen and viruses from the air within a 360-degree radius. The product is very easy to use and super convenient to place even in smaller rooms or areas. It also catches dust, pet dander, mold spores, allergens and bacteria‚ in addition to smoke and other unpleasant odors.

Price: ¥18,000
Where to buy: Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera and other electric stores

7. Balmuda The Pure

This product with a very straightforward almost-Medivieal name is a powerful air purifier that uses a patented fan that absorbs and filters polluted air, cleans it up and releases fresh air. Its manufacturers swear that 99.97% of even the finest particles can be caught through their superb filter system and can quickly eliminate any concerning odors. The simplistic design suits any room and interior.  

Price: From ¥52,000
Where to buy: Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera and other electric stores

8. Ihada Aller Screen 

This spray by Shiseido Medical can be applied directly on your makeup, face, hair or body and can block pollen and PM 2.5 particles. The spray has a natural essential oil scent of eucalyptus, geranium and peppermint. 

Price: Spray type 50g (¥900), 100g (¥1,600)
Where to buy: Most drugstores across Japan

9. Hana Noa Nasal Douche

An old favorite on the Japanese market, the Hananoa nose cleanser is a simple product with a single mission: to clean the insides of your nose and get rid of all that pollen, viruses, dust and bacteria that get attached to it when you breathe. The product comes with a special bottle, which you put in your nose, press the liquid in and spit it from your mouth. It may take you a little while to get used to it, but this one really makes a difference. Use it every time you go back home. 

Price: ¥840
Where to buy: Drugstores 

10. Pollen Plus Nose Throat Candy

While the guys at Lion obviously had a very creative marketing team to pull this one through, the actual good thing about these candies is that they have a very strong mint powder that will easily unblock your nose. It will certainly not prevent pollen allergies but have one or two when you’re tired of breathing through your mouth and need a quick break. 

Price: Around ¥200
Where to buy: Convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores

Do you have any recommended products against pollen allergy? How are you coping with it every season? Give us your hints in the comments below!