4 English Dance Classes In Tokyo

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By Elsa Messi
April 11, 2017
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Unleash the dancing queen inside you.

Dance may be a universal language, but let’s be honest — it’s pretty tough to learn a routine without understanding a word of what the instructor says between movements. So unless you’re an amazing visual learner (who can swing and watch simultaneously) and know your Japanese left from right, you’ll find this guide to four Tokyo dance classes taught in English useful. 

1. Gaston Gurevitz

Gaston Gurevitz is a gregarious Argentinian dancer and choreographer who will entertain you, dance with you, move along with you and make your day every time you meet him. He specializes in a fusion of Latin-inspired contemporary, modern jazz and ballet — aka “Gaston style” — and has lived and taught dance in Tokyo for over a decade.

Just attending his classes is an experience in itself, and you’ll surely get the best of in creative moves and great exercise. He starts off his classes with a great stretching session before moving on to creative choreography.

Students of all levels are welcome to his drop-in lessons and no prior registration is necessary. Classes are held in the Arts Building at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Yoyogi. Though well-known as a dance teacher in Tokyo, Gurevitz doesn’t have a website. Class schedules and information can be found on his Facebook page, or you can email him directly for any inquiries you may have at gaston74@hotmail.com

Address: Arts Building, National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, 3-1 Yoyogi Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku. Cost: From ¥3,000 per class.

2. Pole Dance Tokyo

Established by Lu Nagata in 2006, Pole Dance Tokyo is not only the largest pole dance studio in the capital, but also the only bilingual pole and aerial dance school in Japan. The highly competent teachers have an impressive resume, having won numerous awards including Miss Pole Dance Japan, Miss Glove Championship 2015 and Asia Pole Championship 2016.

The classes are taught in a warm, relaxed setting and are suitable for complete beginners and the experienced alike. The studio holds 12 poles and four aerial silk hoops providing each student with their own apparatus for a maximum workout. Classes include pole dance, spinning pole dance, sexy pole choreo, high-heels pole dance, open pole, aerial and many more.

The studio teaches pole dancing as a form of art and fitness. Men (and kids) are welcome. If pole dancing isn’t your thing, there are classes in burlesque, aerial silk, aerial hoop, acrobatics, contortion and even strength and flexibility. All can quickly whip you into shape in a much more fun environment than your local gym.

Address: B1 Tokai Annex Building, 3-16-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku | Cost: ¥2,500-¥3,240 (first-time visitors only), ¥11,880 (membership, valid for two years), trial and observation classes welcome | Web: www.poledancetokyo.com

3. Studio Architanz

Located in Tamachi, Architanz (“architect” plus “tanz,” the German word for “dance”) comprises three dance studios and an architectural design office. It offers premium contemporary and classical ballet dance classes in pristine surroundings.

The contemporary classes are suitable for every level, while ballet has three levels of lessons geared to the beginner, the experienced and and the advanced dancer. The instructors are reputable, accomplished, professional and still maintain a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Studio Architanz holds various dance events and one-off workshops. Fees vary depending on if you want to drop by for an occasional visit or become a regular member.

Address: 4F Toun Bldg 1-13-10, Shibaura, Minato-ku | Cost: ¥2,500-¥3,000 per single class, or ¥14,000-¥36,000 for a set of multiple visit tickets | Web: http://a-tanz.com

4. Tokyo Swing Dance Society

If you love old time rock ‘n’ roll, jazz or just want to do a little Lindy Hop with fellow swing dance enthusiasts, then the Tokyo Swing Dance Society is your only bilingual option.

Established by two passionate Japanese fans of the genre in the late 1990s, the Tokyo Swing Dance Society is a group of professionals who meet regularly in various places across Tokyo to offer a number of bilingual classes for people of all levels.  

More than just jiving, these classes will give you the technique, coordination and confidence to conquer the true art of swing in a social and energetic environment. Both pairs and singles are welcome.

Information on classes can be found on the packed events calendar on their website. You’ll know your hop, swing, jitterbug and shag moves in no time. One of these events might also make a great date night if you can talk your partner into trying it out!

Address: Varies depending on class | Cost: From ¥2,000 (varies per event) | Web: www.impetus.ne.jp

For more Savvy Tokyo fitness and wellness information, see here.


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