4 Japanese Facial Sheet Masks For Your Beauty Routine

Moisture Magic In A Single Sheet

By Mariela Nikolic
September 19, 2017
Health & Beauty

The quickest and easiest way to achieve an extra boost of hydration for your skin at home.

Though originally an amazing South Korean invention, facial sheet masks have been a common beauty routine for Japanese women for a long time. The sheer amount of face masks products in Japan — from kabuki to Doraemon, and gyaru-inspired sheets to high-end quality products that cost more than a whole eyeshadow palette — Japan takes its facial sheet masks seriously and spares no effort to expand their quality, effectiveness, and variety.

No big surprises here, though! After all, no other beauty product can moisturize your skin, enrich it with serums, vitamins, and other essentials, and make it glow in an instant so easily. For us busy (read: long beauty treatments-intolerant) women who still desperately want that beauty boost in the end of a long day at work, these easy-to-use sheet masks are a gift sent from heaven. Just apply, sit back, relax, enjoy Netflix, and wait for the miracle to happen!

Though there are countless options on the market, we’ve put together our top four recommended facial sheet masks that will instantly leave your skin glowing and moisturized.

1. Lululun Rich Moisture Face Masks

Lululun’s products are the best-selling masks in Japan for a good reason. Containing 12 different moisturizing ingredients, these masks leave your face perfectly moisturized, while also boosting the skin’s elasticity and leaving a dewy facial glow. You’ll find them in various kinds, quantity, and formulations, but the one that we swear by for a casual beauty routine is the signature collection for everyday use: pink for regular moisturizing, blue for deep moisturizing, and white for brightening and acne care. The package comes with 32 to 36 sheets depending on the type for the bargain cost of ¥1,500 — and we call this a good monthly investment!

Where to buy: Local drugstores, Don Quijote, Ainz & Tulpe and other
Cost: ¥300 (for a package of 7),  ¥1,500 (for a package of 32-36)

2. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

This miracle sheet from SK-II, one of the most famous high-end Japanese cosmetic brands, is a bit expensive (we won’t lie!), but it’s worth every yen spent. Infused with a high concentration of Pitera (a formula full of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids) in a single application, this product will give you an instant natural skin rejuvenation. The mask not only contains all the serums your skin needs, but it will also improve your skin condition instantly. It replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool. The idea behind its creation was to give busy women the chance to replace visits to luxurious beauty salons with the same experience at home, at their own convenience. Last year, the mask won the best facial sheet mask award by the popular Japanese online cosmetic store and community @cosme.

Where to buy: Local drugstores, SK-II stores, department stores and online
Cost: ¥10,800 (for a pack of 6 sheets)

3. Muji Compressed Face Lotion Sheets

This is the ultimate DIY face sheet product! Made for consumers who want to experiment different lotions, these sheet masks come in a dry version, giving you the chance to infuse them in whatever lotion you may fancy. You can even take a step further and soak the sheets in tea or coconut oil. The sheets look like tablets when you buy them, but will transform into the typical sheet form once soaked in lotion.

Where to buy: Muji stores, some convenience stores, and online
Cost: ¥350 (for a pack of 20 sheets)

4. Quality 1st All In One Sheet Mask

In 2015, this sheet mask was awarded by @cosme for its 35 kinds of serums, including baby collagen, hyaluronic acid, and lecithin. This mask contains face lotion, serum, and milky lotion, making it the easiest beauty care you can ever think of. After cleansing, and after using the mask, you basically don’t need to follow up with any aftercare procedures — it’s that simple and convenient. We dare you to not call this ideal!

Where to buy: Loft, Bic camera, local drugstores and online
Cost:  ¥330 (7 sheets), ¥1,900 (50 sheets)

Do you have a face sheet mask you swear by? Tell us in the comments below!


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