5+ Products To Help You Stay Fresh And Dry During Japan’s Humid Summer

The Ultimate Summer Must-Haves

Don't be that person everyone is staring at on the train.

It’s that time of the year again: the humidity and heat are unbearable, the trains are packed, and the smell coming from the helplessly perspiring people in your close proximity isn’t the most pleasant. But wait, could that be you? As much as we hate to admit it, we’re all on the same boat here: the minute you leave your apartment after taking shower in the morning, you’re already sweating as if you’ve run a mile after being chased by a giant reptile. But we all know that this isn’t an excuse to be stinky, sticky and, as a result, grumpy all day, so we’ve put together a list of our own recommended summer products to help you survive the Japanese summer fresh and clean. Our advice? Buy in bulks and share around! There’ll be plenty of people who’d appreciate that.

1. Fernanda, Fiancée & Vasilisa body sprays

Fernanda, Fiancée and Vasilisa are three of the leading body spray brands available on the Japanese market and if you’re buying a spray this summer, let it be one of those three. These brands check all the requirements for a perfect body spray: aren’t sticky, are affordable, fit for sensitive skin and come in many different fragrances to choose from. As body mists contain more water and less oil (unlike perfumes), the body mist fragrance typically doesn’t last on the skin as long as perfumes. However, these three body sprays last a little longer than most other products, making them a great option for a quick fix during the day when your regular perfume has started to wear off.  

How to use: Spray all over your body including your hair. Be careful to spray too close on clothes since it can stain the clothes.
How much: Fernanda ¥1,512 (100ml), Fiancée ¥1,296 (50ml), Vasilisa ¥1,296 (100ml)
Buy at: Most cosmetic stores, drugstores, Don Quijote and online

2. Les Merveilleuses Ladurée body lotion

Generally speaking, body lotions are even better than deodorants as they penetrate the skin deeper, thus having a longer lasting effect. If you’re wondering what body lotion to start with, go for Les Merveilleuses Ladurée — this gem is popular for a reason. It contains almond and jojoba oil leaving the skin smooth and radiant and thanks to its pleasant fragrance, your body will feel and smell well throughout the day. For an even longer lasting effect, combine with body spray. Les Merveilleuses Ladurée’s body lotion comes in five fragrances: rose, lavender, violette, blackberry and tea.

How to use: Apply wherever you want on the body except for the face. Concentrate where the skin is a bit thinner (armpits, wrists, neck, hands, arms, ankles, behind the knees and ears)
How much: ¥3,000 (190ml)
Buy at: All Laduree stores (Isetan Shinjuku, Laforet Harajuku, etc) and online

3. Sweat pads

This is one of those only-in-Japan products and yes, it sounds crazy (and sort of weird), but they do the work — quite well actually. I highly recommend these pads for people who have to wear suits or dark colors during the hot sweaty days. Once attached to your clothes (under your armpits), the pads begin to soak up your sweat, thus keeping away any possible perspiration away from your clothes. When you feel like you’ve sweated enough, simply replace the pads with new ones. These pads come in a variety of colors, shapes, fragrances and you’ll also find some with cooling effects, too, which are the best! You can get them as cheap as ¥100 from Daiso, or get more hype ones from Don Quijote or other drugstores.

How to use: Peel off the plastic sheet and attach it to the clothes under your armpits. Do not apply it directly to your skin.
How much: Usually several hundred yen but depends on the actual product.
Buy at: Most drugstores, 100-yen stores and Don Quijote

4. Shiseido Seabreeze Deo&Water  

The Seabreeze Deo & Water has been around since the 90s, which tells you a lot. A long-seller that’s also constantly innovating, this old gold product is a deodorant water which contains antiperspirants, making sure that you not only not smell bad, but also don’t sweat much during the day. On top of that, it also has cooling effects so you’ll feel fresh and dry throughout the day. This product comes in seven different fragrances and can be applied several times during the day without feeling heavy on the skin. 

How to use: Spray directly on the skin (can also be rubbed in after applied)
How much: Around ¥600 to ¥800 (depends on actual products and stores)
Buy at: Drugstores, Don Quijote, Convenience stores, and online 

5. Gatsby body wipes … for men

There are plenty of body wipes on the market, including a wide array specifically for women, but I would strongly advise you to buy those that are marketed for men. The wipes for men have a stronger fragrance and longer-lasting drying effect and also are much larger in size, which makes them more convenient to use (I really don’t know why these for women are that tiny). These wipes are extremely useful at any given time of the day — whenever you feel sweaty and stinky simply wipe those body parts where you feel uncomfortable and you’ll notice the difference instantly. You’ll find various kinds of wipes on the market — from citrus-scented to such that’ll make your body cold as an iceberg. Having one of those in your bag will make a huge difference in your daily summer life.

How to use: Wipe your body (especially neck, armpits and arms) after being out in the heat
How much: ¥350-¥550 (Actual price depends on the product)
Buy at: Convenience stores, drugstores and Don Quijote

What are some of your stay fresh and dry, anti-bad BO summer trips and tricks? Share them in the comments!

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