5 Japanese Beauty Queens To Follow On YouTube

Learn All About J-Beauty On Your Laptop Screen

From simple makeup tutorials to complete makeovers — here are five YouTubers that have a few Japanese beauty secrets to share.

International beauty gurus like Desi Perkins, LusterLux and Manny Mua are undeniable favorites, but Japanese beauty queens on social media are following their paths by serving their own looks, reviews and originality on their channels. While there are too many channels to browse through, we’ve put together a short list of five of Japan’s most popular YouTubers to dive into for the best J-makeup and beauty secrets.

1. RinRin Doll

If you haven’t recognized her yet from Japanese beauty magazines, runways and Tokyo Fashion’s Instagram — meet our Harajuku queen RinRin Doll. Her channel is well-known for its pastel looks, bubbly vibe and posts about her beauty transformation and travels. She presents the latest products on the market and seasonal looks that are hot around Harajuku’s streets and does makeup tutorials that are just so much fun to watch. She has both a Japanese and English channel and adds English subtitles to her posts in Japanese, so it’s a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone kind of channel — you get to study Japanese, too!

Subscribers: 159k (Japanese channel), 4k (English channel)
Known for: Harajuku fashion

2. Usatani Paisen

Usatani, the famous model from old-school Ranzuki magazine — aka the gyaru bible — is now one of the main models for Ageha. Her channel fills you with various fashion tips, reviews and makeup tutorials, and she also does complete character transformations that are quite inspiring — if you don’t mind the high-pitched voice, that is. If you’re into gyaru makeup and fashion, this is your channel. Japanese-only and no subtitles, but the visuals are for the most part enough!

Subscribers: 218k
Known for: Gyaru fashion

3. Fukuse Yuuri 

Fukuse Yuuri, aka Marilyn, started her own channel because she had a major complex about her looks. Her message is therefore quite straightforward: “this is how makeup can change your looks” — and also, how much fun it is to play around with it. Yuuri is very inspired by the foreign makeup market and often shows a lot of looks that Huda Beauty or Patrick Starr would do. Her tutorials, despite being in Japanese, are very easy to follow as she shows the exact products she uses and how to apply them. The before-after effect is a must-see and you will be inspired to raid the closest cosmetics store after seeing her videos.

Subscribers: 443k
Known for: Foreign makeup styles

4. NanaChannel

NanaChannel is a channel you’d go to if you’re into a slightly more modest and mature, yet eye-catchy makeup. The best part is that Nanami, the channel’s beauty guru, uses affordable and accessible beauty products such as Canmake. Apart from regular makeup tutorials, she also frequently posts skin and mouth care vlogs, which are equally useful and inspiring. She feels like the older sister you never had, which really gets you into her videos and inspires you to go after her looks.

Subscribers: 109k
Known for: Mature, natural makeup tutorials   

5. CH Hoshinoko

Fashion, makeup, food, family fun and being a beauty mom — if you’re into any of these or possibly all of them, then this is the channel you should follow. Our girl Hoshinoko covers all of these aspects of her life so well that you almost feel like you’re part of her family. Her makeup tutorials and recipes are easy to follow despite being all in Japanese, and she also covers home interior, so her channel pretty much has the full package. 

Subscribers: 126k
Known for: Stylish mom-friendly tips

Have we missed something? What is your favorite YouTube beauty channel for? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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