6 Of The Best Foundations From Japanese Cosmetic Stores

Find The Most Suitable Base Cosmetics For Your Skin

By Mariela Nikolic
January 9, 2018
Cosmetics, Health & Beauty

Six of our favorite foundations on the J-market that guarantee a perfect complexion for every skin type.

Japan is a wonderland when it comes to cosmetics — there’s too much of everything and everything is good. At least that’s what we’re led to believe. But finding a foundation that is good for different skin tones is, believe it or not, rather challenging. The reason is that most Japanese foundation are heavily pink or yellowish in the undertone, which doesn’t necessarily look good when applied to non-Japanese skin tones. The following selection, however, has products that are fit for any types of skin, so if other major products have failed you so far, it’s time to try the following six.

1. Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Aqua Foundation

Koh Gen Doh isn’t a cheap brand, but its quality is superior and its color range covers all skin tones from the fairest to the darkest. Their most popular base makeup, Maifanshi Aqua Foundation, comes in 12 colors variations, so there’s plenty to choose from. This foundation guarantees that perfect glow you’d get right after a facial at a high-end salon. The light-diffusing minerals brighten the complexion and close the pores while also feeling weightless on the skin. It contains SPF25 and PA++ and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and other facial issues you wouldn’t mind covering up. It provides the perfect coverage and can be applied both during summer and winter.

Buy at all Koh Gen Doh stores, It’s Demo, Plaza, Loft, Lumine and other cosmetic stores. ¥4,968

2. Albion Gel Mask Foundation

Gel Mask Foundation offers a range of six colors. The bottle is airtight, which means that every single drop will serve its purposes until the very end. It contains the usual SPF25 and PA++, yet the foundation provides a deeply hydrating gel mask feel upon application. The foundation will give a soft, bouncy, clear and long-lasting finish throughout the day.

Buy online at @cosme store, Lumine and other cosmetic stores. ¥6,000

3. Rmk Liquid Foundation

Rmk is known for its perfectly formulated, easily applied and highly moisturizing foundations. Their famous liquid foundation comes in nine colors. The formula appears thin at a glance, but rest assured that the coverage won’t fail you. It gives a natural finish and a sense of transparency and you won’t feel a thing when applying it to your skin — it’s that light. The silk essence and shea butter will tend to your skin with moisture, shine and smoothing properties.

Buy it at Rmk stores, Lumine, Ginza Six and other major cosmetic stores. ¥3,996

4. Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Cream Foundation

From stick to liquid foundations and radiant to brightening powder foundations, Clé de peau beauté is a brand that has it all. Known for having an exceptional quality luster high coverage foundations and an impressive range of colors from very fair to dark skins, Clé de Peau beauté is well worth the investment. One of their most popular products, the Radiant Cream Foundation, has a satin formulation, which gives you an impeccable coverage and flawless radiance. The brand has developed an innovative technology to improve skin conditions with long-lasting effects. We understand why a number of celebrities, among which Kim Kardashian West and Lauren Conrad, swear by this brand.

Buy at Ginza Six, Shibuya Hikarie, Omotesando Hills and other cosmetic stores. ¥12,000

5. Covermark Essence Foundation

Another brand that offers many different kinds of formulas, Covermark is one of the few brands in Japan that creates foundations for sensitive skins. Their Covermark Essence Foundation is the perfect fit for acne-prone and oily skin types. This foundation is rich in moisture and botanical extracts, ensuring both smooth and hydrant effect. The formula is light, but gives you a natural semi-matte finish.

Buy at Odakyu Department Store, Takashimaya, Tokyu department store and major cosmetic stores. ¥5,400

6. Shiseido D-program Medical Liquid Foundation

A Shiseido brand dedicated to product development for sensitive skins, D-program is famous for its base makeup formulas that prevent acne and cover acne scars and other common skin issues. The Medicated Liquid Foundation has a moisturizing formula which keeps the skin soft and hydrant with long-lasting effects. Continued use corrects acne and covers acne marks resulting in a smooth, soft complexion. Contains SPF25 and PA++ and is completely fragrance-free. Best thing? It’s perfect for all seasons, even the sweaty Japanese summer months.

Buy at Togoshi Ginza, Aeon, Elizabeth Cosmetics and other major cosmetic stores. ¥3,500

What is the foundation you swear by? Share with us in the comments.

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