5 Of The Best Japanese Makeup Remover Wipes

Strip That Makeup Off With A Single Wipe

By Mariela Nikolic
February 22, 2018
Health & Beauty

Removing our makeup should be equally as fun and easy as applying it.

For those of us who live for makeup and spend a considerable time putting a lot of stuff on our faces, makeup remover is as equally important as the makeup we use. It should do the magic of cleaning your skin in no less than a few wipes, clean everything, leave your skin room to breathe, and never ever leave oily traces on your skin or pillow. Luckily, we’re in Japan and there is a great variety of makeup removing cleansers on the market, the majority of which are of a very high quality. To help you navigate through the drugstore aisles, here are five recommended products to try in Japan regardless of the season. They’re easy to use, reasonably priced and available at most drugstores in the country. 

1. Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Wipes

These miracle wipes available at any Japanese drugstore will remove even the most resistant waterproof mascara in a single wipe and simultaneously moisturize your skin, making it a wonderful kill-two-birds-with-one-stone kind of product. If you need an extra moisture fix, use a second sheet to wipe your face one more time. The moisturizing effect will linger on usually until the next morning.

Price: Around ¥700, depends on the store. Refills available.
Recommended for: Anyone in need of an extra moisture fix 

2. Bifesta Brightup

People suffering from dry skin or any skin conditions similar to eczema will brighten up after using these sheets. Completely fragrance-, colorant- and oil-free, and containing moisturizing Vitamin C and lactic acid (dead cell softener), these wipes serve as a makeup remover and a skincare lotion. They are also large enough to cover your whole face and cleanse it thoroughly in a single wipe. Available at all Japanese drugstores and cosmetic corners at department stores.

Price: Around ¥450, depends on the store.
Recommended for: Sensitive skin types, anyone that suffers from dry skin or eczemas.

3. Bioré Oil-Free Wipes

One of the most popular makeup removers in Japan, Biore’s Oil-Free cotton sheets are recommended for anyone who dislikes oil-based cleansers but is especially useful for fans of eyelash extensions. Since eyelash extensions are very fragile, using oil or foam-based makeup removers will damage them instantly. Bioré’s oil-free sheets, however, will preserve the eyelashes extensions while removing your makeup (especially foundation) instantly. The oil-free sheets are also good for removing blackheads and keeping the skin moisturized.

Price: Around ¥700, depends on store. Refills available.
Recommended for: People with eyelash extensions and/or who use foundation heavily.

4. Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

Perhaps the most luxurious product on our list, Koh Gen Do’s cleansing sheets are pre-moistened cotton wipes that deeply cleanse the skin while also nourishing and protecting it. Oil-free, alcohol-free, completely organic and containing mineral-rich cleansing spa water, the sheets are fit for all skin types and will easily remove even waterproof makeup. Infused with six essential herbs, including rosemary, sage and lavender leaves — the sheets refresh and cleanse the skin resulting in a smooth and healthy-looking complexion. The wipes can also be used on other parts of the body and are highly recommended when traveling. Available at all Koh Gen Do stores, Loft, Plaza and other cosmetic stores.

Price: ¥2,098
Recommended for: The girl on the go, sensitive skin types, people with eyelash extensions and those wearing lenses. 

5. Softymo White Makeup Remover Wipes

Despite the product name, these sheets won’t whiten up the skin per se, but they will gently cleanse your skin and pores and remove any makeup quickly. Soaked in liquid rich in botanical cleansing ingredients, a wipe off with these soft sheets will leave your face clean and fresh without further rinsing. When using the sheets, gently hold them for a few seconds on the area you want your makeup removed for an even better effect. Available at all Japanese drugstores and cosmetic stores.

Price: Around ¥600, depends on store.
Recommended for: People in a hurry and those in need of a quick skin nourishment.

What are your favorite Japanese makeup removers? Let us know in the comments. 

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