Celebrity Facial Care With Peninsula Tokyo’s Margy’s Treatment

Treat Yourself To A Royal Facial

By Alexandra Hongo
July 27, 2017
Health & Beauty

The Peninsula Tokyo’s new facial treatment is fit for stars and us alike.

In a city like Tokyo where beauty treatments are more commonly offered than onigiri and tea, you’d find it difficult to settle down on that one deal that you’d swear by no matter what. At least that is how I used to think of beauty salons — to me, they are more or less similar: the quality is outstanding, the service is impeccable, and the results are almost always pleasing. But when on a recent visit to The Peninsula Tokyo’ Spa where I discovered the latest facial treatment in town, Margy’s Monte Carlo, my perception of beauty changed. You know, like that bolt of lightning that hits you when you realize that what you’ve just tried is what you’ve been looking for this whole time.

Launched in Japan exclusively at The Peninsula Tokyo this June, Margy’s Monte Carlo is a deluxe anti-aging facial care treatment popular in Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong and other cities among members of Royal families, celebrities, businesswomen and other rich and famous people, but also those who are willing to save a bit for a treatment that’s truly worthwhile. Created by Swiss’ Margy Lombard, a renowned cosmetologist and beauty expert with over 30 years of experience — and one of the pioneers in introducing collagen and hyaluronic acid in facial care — the treatment’s key principle is that it relies solely on natural products to sustain the ingredients our skin needs, but due to aging or pollution, is no longer able to produce.

When I tried Margy’s Super-Lift Haute Couture Facial treatment for the first time last month, I was already somewhat prepared for what to expect. I had attended a press preview earlier in the year when I observed a model transform from the beautiful woman she was before the treatment to the soft-skin, gorgeous-looking lady she turned into post-treatment who everyone wanted to touch out of curiosity. But I was nowhere near prepared for the transformation I was about to undergo when I lied on that bed at the beauty salon waiting for a one-on-one beauty treatment by Margy-taught therapists.

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The 80-minutes long treatment began with a deep facial cleansing, quickly taking away all traces of the long day I had been through. My skin was then hot steamed allowing my now fully cleansed pores to open, getting ready to absorb the next round of three natural masks and lotions that my therapist assured would fill me up with natural collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A and E.

The first in the series of masks was the four algae patches placed on my forehead, cheeks and chin zone. Unlike other masks, these are left to completely dissolve into the skin, using a collagen-infused lotion from Margy’s own premium collection. Following that, Margy’s famed Prestige Facelift Mask made of pure collagen was attached to my face and decollete, covering all parts of the face, including the eyes and mouth, areas which are usually left uncovered. But according to my cheerful and chatty therapist, the eyes and mouth areas, where the skin is the most delicate, are naturally most prone to wrinkles and thereby should be cared for with extra love.

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The last step of the treatment was the application of the Extra Rich Firming Mask, Margy’s signature product, which visitors to her salon buy in stocks whenever traveling away from Monte Carlo, as Margy shared with Savvy during her visit to Japan in April. It’s no wonder — the mask, the effects of which stretch from deep moisturizing and instant lift up to providing that skin glow you can usually only dream of, is truly that one beauty product you’d wish to take home (which you can do directly from The Peninsula for ¥21,900). During the treatment, the mask covers your face and decollete while letting it rest for 5 to 15 minutes, achieving instant lift up and radiant skin results — for which I had my fair share of doubt until I saw my face after the mask was taken off and completed with a facial lift up, neck and shoulder massage for ultimate relaxation.

The before (left) and after (right) effect of Margy’s treatment.

To maximize the lift up effect, the treatment is also accompanied by intense lift up hand massages, that not only support the absorption of the masks and lotions but also results in that so-badly-wanted slimming of the face by releasing any piled up under-skin swelling.

One thing that surprised me during the treatment was that my therapist never used water to wash off the masks or lotions. According to Lombard, cold water has negative effects on the skin when overused and is better to either rest the natural products dissolve into the skin or cleanse them with a warm, steamed towel. By doing this, the skin rests unstressed and the pores close naturally, thus absorbing all the goodies to the maximum. 

Following my treatment, I took a moment to rest for another half an hour at The Peninsula Spa’s Relaxation Room, listening to soft music and sipping a herbal tea. I looked at the mirror and — for the first time in a while — really enjoyed looking at my own reflection. The results were clear, my skin was glowing and I had no need to put makeup on despite my upcoming dinner later in the evening. And this, ladies, has never happened to me before.

The Deets

Margy’s Monte Carlo: Luxury Facial Treatments

Address: The Peninsula Tokyo, The Peninsula Spa, 1-8-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6270-2299
Cost: Super-Lift Haute Couture Facial (120 min) ¥33,000 (First-time visit), Firming Anti-Aging Facial (60 min) ¥29,000 (First-time visit)

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