5 Japanese Cushion Foundations for Summer 2022

Summer Staple For Soft, Seamless Skin

Are you in search of a lightweight foundation but still want high level coverage? And one that doesn’t feel suffocating to your skin? Then, cushion foundations might just be what you’re after.

Originally a Korean beauty staple, cushion foundations bridge the gap between skincare and makeup and offer many benefits such as a brighter complexion and tighter skin. You can think of a cushion foundation like a liquid foundation in a sponge—it’s soft and bouncy with a potent foundation formula, conveniently encased in a compact to prevent spillage, and can easily be applied using an applicator or your fingers. In short, it’s a game-changing product and using a foundation that doubles up as skincare and makeup just seems like common sense. 

Ready for a cushion foundation that delivers a finish that’s ideal for the warmer weather? Check out the ones we rate (links included) and make sure not to miss the extra savvy cushion foundation tips at the end! 

1. Haku Shiseido Cushion Compact 

5 Japanese Cushion Foundations for Summer 2022© Photo by Shiseido

Medicinal Beauty Liquid Cushion Compact by Haku, Shiseido | ¥3,520 (case sold separately, ¥1,100) 

The Haku Medicinal Beauty Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation, part of Shiseido’s Haku series, has been No. 1 in sales for 16 consecutive years. As it contains active whitening ingredients, this is an excellent skin care product that doubles as a foundation for covering skin concerns such as dullness and age spots. This cushion compact fixes color unevenness and gives a great finish of bright and transparent skin. 

  • Color: Ocher 10, ocher 20, ocher 30, pink ocher 10
  • SPF/PA: SPF 30/PA +++

2. &be Cushion Foundation

5 Japanese Cushion Foundations for Summer 2022© Photo by &be

Cushion Foundation by &be | ¥3,520 

Perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin, this hybrid cushion foundation is fragrance-free and mineral-free. It offers high coverage, but at the same time, leaves you with a natural finish (no cakey look, thank you!) If you want smooth, flawless skin that’s not too thick in texture, this is the one for you. The &be Cushion Foundation doesn’t leave out the good stuff either as it contains moisturizing ingredients that prevent dry skin caused by environmental factors such as air pollution. The best part about this foundation is that it can easily be removed with only soap-type face wash and hot water. Could we ask for a better cushion foundation? 

  • Color: Light beige, beige
  • SPF/PA: SPF 24/PA +++

3. Cosme Decorte AQ Skin Forming Cushion Foundation 

5 Japanese Cushion Foundations for Summer 2022© Photo by Cosme Decorte

Skin Forming Cushion Foundation by Cosme Decorté AQ | ¥11,000

If you’re after a foundation that can be used for all seasons, the Cosme Decorté AQ Skin Forming Cushion Foundation might just be the one for you. It’s very popular for its high quality and included tone-up ingredients. It spreads wonderfully onto the skin and fills it with moisture. Pores and uneven colors will also become unnoticeable. Plus, the foundation contains natural, essential oils that give off a relaxing scent. 

  • Color: 0, 201, 301, 302, 303, 351
  • SPF/PA: SPF 30/PA +++

4. Fujiko Dual Cushion 

5 Japanese Cushion Foundations for Summer 2022© Photo by Fujiko

Dual Cushion by Fujiko | ¥2,200

“I want a foundation that covers but also leaves me with glossy skin.” Well, the Fujiko Dual Cushion will do just that. The upper part of this dual structure cushion foundation focuses on coverage, while the lower part on the glossy finish. Don’t be concerned with layering, as it will still leave you with natural looking skin. This one’s great for sensitive and itchy skin as it’s alcohol-, mineral oil- and paraben-free.

  • Color: Natural color, healthy color 
  • SPF/PA: SPF 50/PA ++++

5. Clé De Peau Beauté Teint Cushion Éclat Naturel

5 Japanese Cushion Foundations for Summer 2022© Photo by Cle De Peau Beaute

Teint Cushion Éclat Naturel by Clé De Peau Beauté | ¥11,800

Last but certainly not least, the Teint Cushion Éclat Naturel Foundation by Clé De Peau Beauté is currently ranked second on @Cosme’s cushion foundation ranking. You will start to see your skin shine the moment you put it on. It’s resistant to sweat and doesn’t stick to masks, so in other words, it’s perfect for the upcoming season. One quick thing that does need to be mentioned is that the covering power is not that high, so it is recommended to apply extra concealer in problematic areas. But other than that, don’t be too surprised if you receive a few compliments here and there from others when you have this foundation on!

  • Color: Pink ocher 10, pink ocher 00, ocher 30, ocher 20, ocher 10, ocher 00
  • SPF/PA: SPF 25/PA +++

Bonus: Dr. Gio Cosmetics Cushion Foundation 

5 Japanese Cushion Foundations for Summer 2022© Photo by Dr. Gio Cosmetics

Dr. Gio Cosmetics Cushion Foundation | US$34.99

Dr. Gio Cosmetics is an inclusive Korean cosmetic brand that makes great beauty products specifically for people of color. Full of moisturizing ingredients, the cushion foundation formula is lightweight, covers blemishes and is buildable for dewy-looking skin. It also includes brightening and anti-aging ingredients and lasts 48 hours. Although the company is based in South Korea, they ship globally. 

  • Color: DG-01, DG-02, DG-03, DG-04, DG-05, DG-06
  • SPF/PA: SPF 50+/PA +++

Savvy Cushion Foundation Tips:

First time trying out a cushion foundation? Or perhaps you think you could do with a few extra tips? Whatever the case, listed below are a few extra Savvy tips to help you get the very best out of your cushion foundation.

  • Regardless of whether you want light or heavy coverage, gently press down once or twice into the cushion. Then, twist the puff on the surface of the cushion to distribute the product evenly on the puff. 
  • Start on the center of your face and work your way out, using a light tapping motion. This will give you control and the most natural-looking finish. The only rule is to never swipe.
  • The cushion puff is fantastic, but when it comes to blending, your hands and fingers are your best tools. The warmth of your finger will also take away any excess foundation that your skin doesn’t absorb. 
  • Want more hydration? Lightly spray a facial mist onto the cushion puff before pushing down and applying it to your face. 
  • Last thing: Don’t forget to double cleanse your cushion puff regularly to keep it clean and fresh!

What are your favorite cushion foundations? Do you have any extra tips? If so, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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