5 Top Spring 2020 Fashion Trends In Tokyo

The Best Part? You Can Combine All These Trends Into 1 Outfit!

From new color trends to lighter clothing, it's time to put away those winter jackets and refresh your wardrobe for the new season!

It’s that time again… The time to take a look at this spring’s best fashion trends in Tokyo and get a huge shot of inspiration! Under the given circumstances, it’s safe to say that a lot of us are currently spending more time indoors. And what is probably taking up a large chunk of our day would be internet surfing (correct me if I’m wrong, and don’t worry we’ve all been there).

Well, if you’re already on the laptop, why not take this opportunity to go online shopping and refresh that wardrobe with some (or all) of these spring fashion trend items? 

Now is definitely not the best time to travel far or frequently, and although you may not be able to show off your style to the outside world, let me remind you… it’s all about self-satisfaction and dressing for yourself! Rounded up, here are 5 spring fashion trends that you’ll not only find in shops and online, but are also being worn by Japanese celebs on Instagram. Get your credit card at the ready!   

1. Mint And Pistachio Green

To bring an instant spring feel to an outfit, this year, mint and pistachio green is your go-to color. This soft shade of green is both timeless and versatile (it can be worn casually or add some sophistication to an outfit) making this color an absolute winner. 

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 Mint Shirt

Linen Like Blouse by Lowrys Farm | ¥4,950

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 Mint Skirt
Double button skirt by Cecil McBee | ¥5,489

Savvy Styling Tip

Pistachio, like many other color trends, can seem a little tricky to wear at first. However, after a little trial and error, it’ll become easier to incorporate into an outfit. You can decide to go bold and opt for a head-to-toe all in pistachio look, but for those who like to keep things simple, it is recommended that you add a pop of this color to a larger, neutral palette.

For a casual look, try wearing this color with a pair of light-washed jeans and for a casual but not too casual outfit, a pair of pale beige skinny pants with some great accessories will do the trick. And finally, you can’t beat a black faux-leather skirt when you want to add a little sophistication to your outfit!

As Seen On Instagram

Popular model, Nicole Fujita looks luscious in her puffed sleeve pistachio green top—it screams girly, cute and fun!


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2. Back Lace-Up Tops

Those who appreciate the details added to clothing will definitely enjoy this trend. Right now, you’ll find that a lot of the tops have back lace-up detail which can add a little something different and sexy to your look. Look out for the ones that can be worn at the front as well as the back!

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 1

2 way knit vest by Heather | ¥3,850 (available in ivory, black, beige, green) 

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 Lace Back 3

Low gauge lace-up pullover by WEGO | ¥1,759 (46% off ¥3,299)

Savvy Styling Tip

This top should be the focal point of an outfit. With a shorter hem, try pairing it with a simple high-waisted skirt, pants or jeans to add the illusion of longer looking legs. If your back lace-up top is longer, you can make it look totally chic by wearing it with a long, flowy print skirt. 

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3. Long Floral Skirts

You may remember from the ‘7 Fashion Trends To Rock in Tokyo This Winter‘ article, that dark romance was a key theme and dark floral print was everywhere. Well, let me tell you, this spring, floral print is here to stay!

This time it’s in the form of long, flowy skirts with smaller floral detail and is not limited to just dark shades, but lighter shades too.

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 Long Floral Skirts

Floral flare skirt by LEPSIM  | ¥4,950 (available in navy and green) 

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 3. Long Floral Skirts

Floral tulip skirt by Olive des Olive | ¥5,390 (available in lavender and ivory) 

Savvy Styling Tip

What’s great about long floral skirts is that you can really dress it up or play it down. Dress it up with a cute blouse, back lace-up top and a pair of heeled ankle boots. For casual, throw on your favorite oversized sweater and opt for your comfy sneakers.

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4. Long Beige Trench Coat

Now that it’s spring, it’s finally getting a little warmer outside—hooray! However, temperatures do still drop, especially in the evenings, meaning that having a coat on you is essential. Right now, the long beige trench coat is the must-have staple coat that everybody needs in their wardrobe. The trench coat is known for staying in fashion, making it an absolutely timeless piece.

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 4. Long Beige Trench Coat

Monster Parker by Lowrys Farm | ¥6,490  (33% off ¥9,790)

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 4. Long Beige Trench Coat 2

Washer Satin Trench Coat by Free’s Mart | ¥11,990

Savvy Styling Tip

A trench coat does look good on everybody. Just throw on this coat on your shoulders and you’ll instantly feel put together! My recommendation is to go a little oversize with the coat and wear a nicely fitted shirt and straight leg or skinny pants to look extra sleek.  

As Seen On Instagram

Not only does model Miyu Ikeda (a.k.a. MICHOPA) pull off the trench coat, but she is also absolutely nailing it with a pair of seriously cool platform heels. 


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5. Converses

Last, but certainly not least, let’s discuss shoes. Do people still wear converses in 2020? The answer is yes!

I believe that they will never truly go out of style and have made a serious comeback this season. Currently, nº1 in ranking and the most sold item at earth music&ecology, converses come in a variety of colors and styles. If you’re in Tokyo, you’ll definitely spot someone walking around in converses.

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends In Tokyo 2020 Converses Lead

CONVERSE x earthALLSTAR LIGHT OX by earth music&ecology | ¥6,679 (20% off ¥8,349) (available in ivory, gray/beige, brown, lavender) 

Savvy Styling Tip

The thing I love most about converses is the fact that they literally go with everything. Short skirts, long skirts, tights, leggings, pants, jeans, shorts (have I missed anything out?), they seriously are the ‘it’ shoes. As mentioned above, long, floral skirts are trending, so my tip would be to combine converses + floral skirt + long trench coat. Talk about looking stylish!

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