6 Jacket And Coat Trends You’ll Love This Winter

'Oversized' is the magic word this season

By Emi Schemmer
December 13, 2018
Fashion, In Season

The change of season is upon us and with it a return to reality dressing. And on top of the agenda? Outwear!

After a beautiful and mild autumn in Tokyo, winter is finally almost officially here (we just hit less than 10 degrees in Tokyo), which means it’s time to dig out your warmest outerwear from the back of your closet — or head to the nearest department store and get yourself one that’s in line with the latest fashion trends.

This winter is all about full coverage. Oversized parkas, puffy jackets, coats layered overcoats, animal prints, shiny-high gloss finishes, shearling details, leathers, and even something from his closet. Outerwear this season is everything but simple, casual, and conservative, so gear up and get ready to have fun with mixing things up with your outermost layer. Here are six essential and stand-out outerwear looks to fall in love with this winter.  

1. Nothing is ever too X-Large: Oversized jackets, coats, and accessories

Despite it already having dominated the catwalk for a few years now, one of the top fall-winter trends you may have noticed on a multitude of runways has been designers featuring items that were XXL: extra, extra long and extra, extra large. Most designers have opted for coats and jackets with lengths past the calves and below the ankle, sometimes even just slightly over the ground. With oversized jackets and coats, we are also observing winter looks being assembled with oversized handbags, accessories and matching oversized scarves. You get it: the general rule is the bigger the better!

2. Puffer jackets on the go: The puffier, the better!

Puffer jackets are nothing new this season. We saw them last winter as a must-have winter essential and this year, yes, they are back: puffier, bolder, more eccentric, and charismatically colored. High-street puffer jackets are all the rage at the moment, with many fashionistas and it-girls wearing them 24/7. Nothing, in fact, is synonymous with the winter season more than the puffer jacket and for those of you who jumped onto that trend wagon last year – lucky you, you are already set for this season. When you choose your own, fear not — go for the craziest, boldest, fiercest and most fun puffer jacket that will perfectly express your fashion style and persona. 

3. A multitude of layers: Jackets over jackets, coats overcoats

Remember that time when Joey Tribbiani wore all of Chandler’s clothes? Well, he was looking far ahead in the future because now that’s actually a thing. Sort of (the latest trend even managed to generate quite a few hilarious memes online). Another major fashion trend we are seeing this season is mega-layering. Straight off the runway, we are seeing styles of three to five layers all worn together, no matter how long, how over-sized, or how embellished. Really, it is almost a wonder how anyone is able to walk around with so many layers on! (Well, if Joey could do it…)

Deconstructed and almost messy, appearing more like a pile was tossed onto your body, seems to be the way to go with this outwear look, but one thing we know for sure is that you can play with layers all you want and still stay very much in style while keeping cozy during the next few winter months.

4. Borrowed from him: Menswear-inspired clothes

“Boyish” fashion continues to carry through from next season to next, but this winter, get ready for classic men’s style overcoats as part of your fall-winter wardrobe. Large shoulders, boxy bodies, and lots of lengths make for some intriguing coats to pull over your lovely dresses come the cooler months ahead.  

Vintage sports coats, trenches with prominent lapels, and double-breasted blazers are some of the key styles you are seeing walk through the trendy neighborhoods of Daikanyama, Minami-Aoyama, and Uehara. Don’t be afraid to show some swagger in the streets this season!

5. Fabulous faux furs: From animal print to eye-catching pop colors

While fur coats appeared on fall-winter runways, proving once again to be a key trend, popular media and animal activists continue the heated discussion and outcry to ban the product once and for all. The good news is that there are a number of designer brands who are taking the next step in discontinuing the use of fur in their collections, while others are looking into various alternatives that mimic the look and feel of fur so well that it’s almost impossible to know the difference. This fall-winter season, designers like Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent use faux furs or shearlings in ways that still look elegant, classy, and very stylish. Acne, Max Mara, Cavalli, and even Dries Van Noten are some of the other designers who are finding clever and unique ways to use faux fur materials to support the movement of animal and environmental rights.  

6. Add some shine: High gloss jackets will make you shine this winter

This year’s winter trends are full of intergalactic, futuristic, out-there designs made of fabrics that shimmer, shine, and reflect in just about all directions and angles. Iridescent, metallic, super glossy and shiny finishes that make up the fall-winter fashion trends are full of interesting designs made of foil-like metallic fabrics, tassels, fringes, ruffles and more. 

While the extreme shine can be found just about on everything, it is the coats with the dominatrix edge made with patent leathers that really capture our attention. While last season was all about plastics, the key pieces of fall-winter is to be defined by their glossy finish rather than fabrication. It doesn’t matter if it’s latex or leather, it’s all about the glossy glimmer – and it looks great.

Once again, the best part about this winter for outerwear is that you can wear them however you like. Long or short, cinched waist or oversized, bedazzled or plain but in stand-out colors — you decide. 

So there you have it! Kick off your winter look with the first important purchase of the season — a great jacket or two or maybe three that you can wear around the city and feel not only stylish and fashionable but also cozy and of course on point!

Bonus: Our favorite places for outerwear this season:

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