Best Shops In Tokyo For Yoga And Gym Wear

Look The Part, Feel The Part  

By Tabitha Wilders
August 14, 2020
Fashion, Fitness

Whether it’s working up a sweat with cardio, stretching it out with yoga/pilates, or taking part in the latest, trendiest workout classes (Virtual Reality workout, anyone?), why not give yourself a fabulous new workout wardrobe?

We’ve been spending way more time at home and with the recent increase in Covid-19 cases, it’s probably best that we continue to do so. But being at home often means less moving, more eating (I say this whilst typing and serving myself a generous size bowl of ice cream…) Although our clothes might begin to feel slightly tighter, we all know that going to the gym is actually one of the places we should be avoiding right now.  

But before you give up your exercise plan, what about trying out an at-home workout? Or even stepping outside for a walk (just remember the mask and the 2 meters rule!). Even Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is recommending that we all go out for a daily stroll… so no excuses!  

I don’t know about you, but what really motivates me to workout is new workout gear. So listed below are 5 fantastic gym wear and yoga shops in Tokyo where you can do all your—necessary—activewear shopping and motivate yourself to kill that at-home workout! 



Lululemon is a popular brand worldwide known for its activewear. You’ll find their technical athletic clothes made for yoga, running, and working out all super trendy and very fashionable. It’s not the most affordable activewear out there, but if you think quality rather than quantity, you’ll definitely want to have a look at their collection! After all, you’ll be able to get a good wear out of them for many years to come.

Savvy Picks

Everyone needs a good pair of black workout leggings. So, everyone needs something like the Align Super High-Rise Pant Asia Fit in the Luluemon’s New Collection range. These pants that come in sizes XXS to XXL will give you a great silhouette whilst also allowing you to move freely and perform different movements. Big thumbs up!

The Look: All black combo

Take your fitness fashion inspiration from Japanese model Jun Hasegawa. She looks comfortable and cool while having fun with her little one.  


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GU Active

Best Shops In Tokyo For Yoga And Gym Wear - GU

If you’re after something affordable, comfortable, and minimal in design, GU Active offers the perfect gym wear shops in Tokyo, also available throughout Japan. You’ll find all your basic workout wear including tops, leggings, and sports bras here.

Savvy Picks

You may have noticed that when you enter a gym in Japan, you won’t find many training in a crop top or a pair of extremely short shorts. It’s definitely important to dress appropriately, and by appropriately, I mean to cover up. You may not want to workout in a sweater (who does?), but it’s always a great idea to wear something like the multi-tech pull-over from the GU active range on your way to the gym. It’s comfortable plus the light material makes it perfect for the hot summer months! 

The Look: Minimalist and Comfy

Our favorite organizing-guru Marie Kondo knows exactly how to dress simply and comfortably when it comes to taking part in some light form of exercise.   


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asos activewear

Best Shops In Tokyo For Yoga And Gym Wear

Do you find yourself sometimes frustrated with the Japanese ‘free size/one-size-fits-all’ sizing? 

Well, one place that doesn’t follow this sizing is asos activewear. You’ll find a variety of different workout gear on their website and yes: they cater to all sizes, so there’s something for everybody! 

Savvy Picks

Just look at how cute these leggings are! Coming in a set with a sports bra, the bright-colors, again, are perfect for the summer months and you’ll definitely be the center of attention. Not to mention, it will most likely help motivate you to actually do your workout…

Hiit seamless set with bra ($26.00) and leggings ($29.00)

The Look: Bright and Bold

What better way is there to get your workout fashion inspiration than scrolling through the Instagram feeds of fitness influencers? Japanese Personal Trainer and Fitness Influencer, Mai Tano, has 193k followers on Instagram and you’ll love her bold and bright gym wear looks!


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 Nergy Japan

Nergy Japan is an absolute go-to when it comes to online sportswear shopping. They offer just about everything for sports including yoga apparel, gym wear, and active sportswear. It’s also worth checking out their social media posts for workout fashion inspiration and tips. They’ll definitely teach you a thing or two on how to combine their clothing items with other popular sports brands such as Nike. It’s time to mix and match!

Savvy Picks

Want to look cute and sleek at the same time? Well, you can absolutely do that with these super cool botanical print leggings! You can either wear it with a simple black sports bra or go all out with the matching botanical print sports bra. Your call!

The Look: A Win With Matching Print

Who says that just because you’re a mother, you’re not allowed to go for a bold print and wear a sports bra? There’s no such rule! Just look at how Japanese tarento, actress, singer, and mother, Sae Yamamoto (better known as Suzanne) totally rocking the bold print leggings and sports bra combo!


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asics Japan

Last but certainly not least, domestic brand asics simply had to make the list of the best gym and yoga wear shops in Tokyo. Known for their traditional Japanese craftsmanship and for adding advanced technical finishes to each and every one of their products, you’ll be able to shop for sport-specific clothing and items, shoes, and general activewear. If you’re looking for clothing that’s a little cooler and with more technical details, then this brand is the one for you!

Savvy Picks

Do you prefer to train at night? No problem! This super sleek pair of white and coral sneakers use reflective material that enhances visibility in the dark. The GEL placed on the heel of the shoe makes it perfect for runners as it acts as a cushion so there’s no need to worry about the impact of landing (it will allow a soft and smooth landing!) 

The Look: Statement Shoes  

We all know how important it is to wear correct footwear when it comes to working out. You really don’t want an injury when you’ve only just begun! But rather than be basic with your sneakers, why not steal Japanese singer, actress, model, and mother of two, Anna Tsuchiya’s style and opt for a pair of bold, statement sneakers to complete your workout look. 


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