Community Building Events by Mori Living

By The Savvy Team
March 5, 2014

Living in a large city such as Tokyo can be isolating; we are so busy going about our daily lives that we sometimes forget to stop and say hello to our neighbors, let alone socialize with them. This, however, is less of an issue for Mori Living residents, who are able to take advantage of several exclusive events planned throughout the year. Much more than mere apartment buildings, Mori Living's residential properties are communities, and just like any community, there are plenty of opportunities for get-togethers with the neighbors.


Recently, Mori Living residents had the chance to take private golf lessons from one of two teaching professionals who work at Hills Golf Academy Toranomon. There were several time slots available, and each participant was able to take advantage of 30 minutes of one-on-one instruction from one of the pros, Yuko Oishi or Yuki Hayashi.


Oishi and Hayashi normally work out of Hills Golf Academy Toranomon, which is located just three minutes on foot from Kamiyacho Station. But the private lessons for residents were held in the Ark Hills Spa Annex, which opened in 2009 and includes high-tech golf simulators and electronic swing trainers. But like with most things, there is no replacement for professional, hands-on training. Oishi and Hayashi provided this to Mori Living golf enthusiasts of all levels, teaching everything from proper grip to correct swing form.


In addition to the lessons themselves, this recent event also included a golf seminar and party to cap things off. Like many Mori Living events, this was an opportunity for residents with similar interests to meet and get to know one another, which often leads to long-term friendships. Other events organized by Mori Living for its residents include guided tours of art exhibitions at Mori Art Museum, seasonal holiday parties, day trips to some of Japan’s top tourist destinations, and cultural events. For more information, please click here.

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