Dine with Alice in Shibuya’s Very Own Wonderland

By Joanna Pearce
July 27, 2015
Food & Drink

Stepping into the Alice in a Dancing Land restaurant in Shibuya is like riding a merry-go-round of delight. You will be greeted by one of the playing card guards as you enter the disco-ball-lit restaurant. Your server will then offer you a pair of bunny ears to wear for the duration of your visit.

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One of five Alice in Wonderland themed restaurants owned by the Diamond Dining group in Tokyo, Alice in a Dancing Land serves up a menu of themed foods to satisfy the appetites of the many fans of Lewis Carroll’s much-loved character Alice here in Japan. There is also an outlet in Osaka (for a list of locations other than Shibuya, click here). With a wide variety of food on a menu that is accompanied by a reverse clock, you will certainly feel as though you have disappeared down the rabbit hole in here!

The food is as much for adults as it is for children. The platter of uncured ham (¥1,000) is delicately arranged in the shape of the Queen’s roses, whilst the Cheshire cat spaghetti Bolognese (¥1,000) can be enjoyed by younger guests looking for a taste of home. Pizzas and paella are also served.

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The playing card side dishes allow you to choose a dish themed around your favourite card suit. Will you raise the stakes on diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades? I opted for clubs and enjoyed mozzarella and tomato with basil sauce (¥400).

Alice’s homemade Caesar salad (¥880) is mixed together at your table while the waitress, dressed up as Alice, sings a merry song as she stirs the leaves. My eight-year-old guest was mesmerized!

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For dessert, we tried Alice’s homemade gateau au chocolat (¥650), which was a hit with the chocolate lovers. We also had the tea set with the Caterpillar’s green roll cake and the Hatter’s (¥800). This was my personal favorite, as it tasted as good as it looked!

This restaurant is an interesting place for people watching. It attracts a variety of people of all ages from all walks of life. Everyone has come out of curiosity and a fascination with the weird and wonderful world of Lewis Carroll.

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Sadly, you do have to return the bunny ears before you leave!

The Deets

Address: B1 Zero Gate, 16-9 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-3770-2750

Open: Daily, 11 a.m.–3:30 p.m. and 5–11 p.m.

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